smiling at him.

The girl’s voice was soft and seductive, and Luo Wusheng was almost rendered boneless by her calling him “Senior Brother.”

Luo Wusheng quickly understood the girl’s identity.

In the Three Thousand Demon Domains of the Demon Sect, there was only one person who dared to appear in his Holy Saint’s room like this.

Bai Xiaoyao, the Demon Sect’s holy maiden and the master of the Three Thousand Demon Domains, was his junior sister.

But for Luo Wusheng at this moment, the other party had an even more important identity.

One of the protagonists… to be precise, one of the main character’s harem members.

Luo Wusheng scrutinized the holy maiden junior sister.

A peerless demoness, her frown and smile showed off her allure, yet between her brows was also a sense of holiness that made it difficult for people to have impure thoughts.

A naturally born demoness, a naturally born holy maiden.

Too bad she was just a concubine.

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But to be honest, as a member of the main character’s harem, she also became one of the rare survivors of the Demon Sect after the Demon Purging War… Alas, if the plot had continued to follow the original work, he was afraid that he would have been unable to escape the calamity like the other members of the Demon Sect.


Luo Wusheng felt a flash of inspiration in his mind.

He seemed to have some idea about how to get rid of the fate of being a cannon fodder a year later.

“Senior Brother Holy Saint isn’t talking today… But it’s rare that he didn’t directly tell me to get lost.
Have you gotten used to me coming to visit you, Senior Brother?”

Bai Xiaoyao narrowed her eyes slightly, her thoughts unknown.

Recently, she had visited the Netherworld Domain quite frequently, and each time she would stay in her senior brother Holy Saint’s residence for a while before leaving.

At the beginning, this senior brother Holy Saint would always make her leave, but in the past few days, he had been better… Well, last time he had used his domain master privileges to throw her out.

But Bai Xiaoyao didn’t care.

As a demoness of the Demon Sect, she had her own little calculations in her heart.

The demoness was very confident that her senior brother, who was not good at socializing and only knew how to cultivate and collect stones all day long, had an emotional quotient as low as a block of wood, and would never figure out why she had been coming to see him every day recently.

Of course, she couldn’t be coming to maintain some kind of brother-sister relationship.
She was here for…

“Do you want the Blood Spirit Jade?”

Luo Wusheng suddenly spoke up.

The demoness was startled, almost unable to catch her breath, and looked at the handsome young man in disbelief.

Impossible… How could Senior Brother Holy Saint know her purpose?

But Luo Wusheng shook his head and smiled, “Recently, you’ve been coming to see Senior Brother quite often, and although you haven’t revealed yourself, you’ve been sitting in different positions and choosing different times to observe the changes in the Blood Spirit Jade… Do Senior Brother need to say more?”

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The demoness was shocked!

Her wooden-faced senior brother actually smiled… No, the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect actually knew her purpose!

Bai Xiaoyao’s goal was indeed the Blood Spirit Jade in the hands of her senior brother, who collected rare stones from all over the world.
Although they were both Demon Sect Holy Saint and Holy Maiden, but they had made no close relationship in their daily lives, and her Senior Brother attached great importance to those rare stones and gems, so she definitely couldn’t get them through normal means.

So the demoness had another plan.

She would find an opportunity to steal the Blood Spirit Jade and forge a stone with the exact same appearance and energy fluctuations to replace it.

Although the plan was simple, the demoness believed it was completely foolproof against her senior brother..

She thought her plan was flawless.

In fact, according to the original plot, she did succeed.

Holding the Blood Spirit Jade in her hand, Bai Xiaoyao looked towards Luo Wusheng with a hint of complexity in her eyes.

“I never thought that Senior Brother Holy Saint could hide so deeply that even I was deceived by his usual behavior…” The enchantress sighed, then looked at Luo Wusheng and pursed her lips.
“Senior Brother guessed it right, my goal is indeed the Blood Spirit Jade.”

“Then take it.”

Luo Wusheng smiled at the girl in front of him.

Her pitiful appearance relaxed a bit, and her beautiful eyes seemed to have taken on some wonderful color, appearing very alluring.

She’s really beautiful…

Too bad she’s a lesbian.

“…By the way, you didn’t want the Blood Spirit Jade for yourself, did you?”

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Luo Wusheng suddenly spoke up.

Bai Xiaoyao’s delicate body trembled, and she stiffly lifted her head to look at her Senior Brother.

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