Saint, and not let the Holy Saints Be poached away by the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

“It’s not necessarily true.”

The gaze of everyone present turned to the sudden voice of Bai Xiaoyao.

The four staff members looked a bit excited.

Could it be that the Holy Lady was going to speak up for the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

Lin Qingfeng frowned, “What do you mean, Xiaoyao girl?”

Bai Xiaoyao did not respond, but looked at the four staff members, “Where is my senior brother now?”

The four staff members looked at each other in confusion, and in the end, Hu Dingtian stood up.

“Replying to the Holy Maiden, the Holy Saint is currently refining artifacts on the fourth floor of the pavilion.”

“Refining artifacts?”

Bai Xiaoyao’s eyes flickered.

“I have never heard that the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect is an artifact refiner.”

Lin Qingfeng snorted, thinking that these people were trying to deceive him, “If you don’t want to let me in, I will have to force my way in and personally invite the Holy Saint out.
I believe that as long as we can reach an agreement on the guest officer matter, the Holy Saint will not mind my impoliteness.”

His spiritual power surged out, revealing the aura of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

Bai Xiaoyao was lost in thought at the moment.

(Should I take action myself? Originally, I wanted to see how Senior Brother would deal with it, but now he’s in seclusion, and I can’t let this guy disturb him…)

Just then, a thunderclap made everyone’s thoughts freeze.

Everyone looked up at the sky.

They saw black clouds surging from all directions, centered around the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

The clouds gathered thicker and thicker, with five-colored lightning flashing inside.

At this moment, everyone near the Demon Artifact Pavilion raised their heads, staring in shock at the terrifying thunderclouds.

Including the two Golden ranked members of the Six Gates who were secretly observing.

“What… What’s happening? What’s happening?”

“That’s!- That’s the five-colored tribulation lightning that only appears when advancing to the Nascent Soul realm!”

“Is someone crossing the tribulation at the Demon Artifact Pavilion? Is someone advancing to the Nascent Soul realm?”

Cultivators near the Demon Artifact Pavilion exclaimed from time to time.

(Is the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint advancing to the Nascent Soul realm?)

This was the first thought that flashed through Lin Qingfeng’s mind.

An 18-year-old Nascent Soul?

The four staff members went from being shocked at first to ecstatic.

“So the Holy Saint isn’t just studying refining techniques on the fourth floor, but secretly breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm!” Hu Dingtian was full of excitement, as if he had broken through himself.

“I told you, even the Holy Saint wouldn’t be researching refining techniques with little hope all day on the fourth floor.” Li Xing, who always acted like a jerk, also had a sudden realization.

Xu Yuchun, who usually would argue with Li Xing, couldn’t say a word at this moment.
She looked up at the fourth floor of the pavilion with a look of longing.

“Not good!” Old Wang was the fastest to react and quickly said, “We need to leave this area quickly to avoid being affected by the tribulation lightning!”

But someone reacted even faster.

Two masked figures suddenly appeared above the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

It’s Kirin and Night Crow.

“Retreat a hundred feet,” said Kirin, as her spirit power surged to the level of the Nascent Soul stage, picking up everyone within a hundred feet of the Demon Artifact Pavilion and throwing them outside the range.

After completing this, Night Crow and Miss Kirin looked at each other, and the latter’s figure disappeared in an instant.


Using the teleportation power of the Nascent Soul stage, Miss Kirin appeared directly on the fourth floor of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

Luo Wusheng, who had just released the restriction on the fourth floor, twitched his mouth at the sudden appearance of a familiar face.

“Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, Luo Wusheng, don’t you know that cultivators in the royal city can’t summon their Heavenly Tribulation at will?” As she said so, Miss Kirin’s voice was somewhat cold.

“Ahem, of course I know,” Luo Wusheng answered with an unpleasant expression.

“Then why do you still intentionally break the rules?” Miss Kirin was feeling very disappointed.

She used to have a good impression of Luo Wusheng, but she didn’t expect him to be the kind of disciple of the Demon sect who didn’t follow the rules of the royal city.

“Um… it’s not me who’s summoned the lightning tribulation…” Luo Wusheng raised his hand innocently, showing a small square that emitted terrifying fluctuations.

“It’s this thing that’s causing the tribulation to appear…”

Miss Kirin fell silent upon hearing that.

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