ne with common sense? People who should not come to the Royal City?” Miss Kirin’s voice also sounds serious.
“Did the spies get any unexpected intelligence?”

“Have you not seen the intelligence reports that the spies have sent in recent days?” Night Crow is not surprised by Miss Kirin’s response, so he nods his head.
“You know, I’m already overwhelmed dealing with the demonic monster cases on my plate.”

“The current location is not suitable for discussion.
You can go back and read the spy’s reports for specific events…” Night Crow seemed to think of something and his tone became playful.
“But there is a funny story that I can share with you.”

“A funny story?”

“Ten days ago, the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, Luo Wusheng, took on the task of becoming the head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, which had been vacant for a year, and set sail on the same day.
He just arrived in the capital today, and I saw him heading straight to the Demon Artifact Pavilion after entering the city.”

After Night Crow finished speaking, he realized that the group of catchers in front of him had no reaction at all.

So he continued, “When I first got this information, I thought the spy had messed up.
I couldn’t believe this fake news… but the spy on the ship confirmed it.”

“At that time, I just felt that this Demon Sect Holy Saint must have something wrong with his brain.
Guess what happened next?”

The answer was still silence.

Night Crow rolled his eyes under his mask and thought that this was such a boring group of people.

But he had no choice but to continue.

“Yesterday, the spy sent a new report by using a hawk.
Three days ago, the Demon Sect Holy Maiden, Bai Xiaoyao, also took the same ship and came to the capital, working as a small clerk in the Demon Artifact Pavilion!”

“The Demon Sect Holy Maiden would not do anything meaningless.
It seems that something will happen in the Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

“Now there are several spies secretly monitoring the Demon Artifact Pavilion, and one spy has been in contact with the clerk in the Pavilion for several days.
I think we will soon get some information.”

Night Crow finished speaking, but found that the group of people in front of him remained motionless.

After cursing a few words in his heart, he once again merged into the shadow.

“Since you’re not interested, I’ll talk to other Golden-ranked members about this.
Their reactions will definitely be more interesting than yours,” the voice grew quieter as Night Crow left the area.

However, what he didn’t know was that if they took off their masks, the expressions on the faces of these catchers would be much more entertaining than anyone else’s.

Including Miss Kirin, all they could hear echoing in their minds was one question.

Is he really the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect?

What were all their doubts and speculations before?

“…Did I really tell the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect to go to a mental hospital to get some help?”

One Catcher was trembling all over.

“And what about me? I told him to go to the Heart-Nourishing Pavilion!”

Another catcher’s hands and feet were icy cold.

This group of catchers, who had previously been filled with imagination about Luo Wusheng’s insanity and later thought he was being ostracized by his peer in the Demon Sect, had faces that were now red with embarrassment.

But they all silently turned their gaze to Miss Kirin in front of them.

As they thought about their boss, who had also died waiting for the arrival of their comrades, they seemed to find it easier to accept the situation.

Miss Kirin also remembered what she had said to this group of underlings earlier.

After a slight hesitation, she shook her head.

“You all really disappoint me.
I gave you hints, but not a single one of you realized that he is the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint.”

The eyes behind the masks of the catchers widened.

What’s going on? Did Miss Kirin already realize that he was the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint?

“Who in today’s Demon Sect has achieved the level of mid-stage Golden Core cultivation state under fifty? And who, other than the Holy Saint who won the fierce competition for the title, would have the courage to come to the capital alone and rebuild the Demon Sect’s Demon Artifact Pavilion?”

Under Miss Kirin’s words, the catchers seemed to be lost in thought.

Miss Kirin nodded satisfactorily.

She herself was starting to believe in the nonsense she had made up.

“Your investigative abilities are still inadequate.
After the case of the demonic monsters is over, all of you need to redo your lessons.”

The wailing at the city gate was deafening.

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