Immortal Calendar, year 114.

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In the Three Thousand Demon Realms, in the Netherworld Domain.

“I was so stupid, really.”

Looking up at the ceiling that was somewhat familiar yet still strange, Luo Wusheng let out a sigh.

“Just at that moment, I actually thought I could become the protagonist of this crappy world…”

“Hehe, awakened with the Divine Demon Saint Body at seven years old, chosen by the Demon Sect Leader as a candidate for the Holy Saint, becoming a Foundation Building cultivator at ten, forming the golden core and achieving the Golden Core cultivation realm and became the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint at thirteen, and this year, just upon reaching adulthood, i already has the cultivation of the Great Perfection of the Golden Core stage, just one step away from the Nascent Soul stage.
In addition to being handsome, suave, and charming, in a normal novel, even if not the protagonist, I would definitely be an important character with a high degree of immersion.”

“Now, tell me, which crazy author would use such a character as a cannon fodder NPC in an Xianxia novel?”

“… Okay, I was wrong.”

“Because this damn thing isn’t an Xianxia novel, it’s a fucking yuri novel!”

Luo Wusheng was speechless.

Just now, he had awakened his memories from his past life.

Then he looked at his current life from the perspective of his past life’s memories.

Innate talent, surpassing other Holy Saint candidates to become the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, acting as he pleased, with a solitary personality, and now, with the aura of a transmigrator–

This wasn’t the protagonist? If this isn’t the protagonist, then I…

Then he embarrassingly discovered that he really wasn’t the protagonist, but rather, a pitiful cannon fodder character!

Comparing his memories from two lives, he finally realized that the world he was currently in was actually the world from a novel he had read in his past life.

The title was “Miss Sword Fairy, Please Save Me.”

It’s a Yuri Xianxia Novel with romance and comedy as it’s subplot.

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As is well known, male characters that appear in yuri novels are generally not important characters, and their ultimate fate is understood by all.

And Luo Wusheng, The Holy Saint of the Demon Sect’s, appeared only a handful of times in the book, he was forever living in the conversations of the protagonists, and then… easily died in the Demon Purging War of the year 115 of the Immortal Calendar.

And he was also part of the first group of people to die on the Demon Purging War.

I remember at the time when this section was read, the comment section was full of “Is this all the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect is?”, “Is this the fate of men in yuri novels?”, “Such a badass protagonist template, but unfortunately living in a yuri novel.”

In short, the atmosphere surrounding him was full of unwillingness.

Luo Wusheng couldn’t believe that he had crossed over into such a tragic cannon fodder character.

Is there anyone more miserable than him, a cannon fodder who has a protagonist template fate?

“The Demon Purging War of the Immortal Calendar Year 115… Doesn’t that mean i only have less than a year left to live?”

“No! I can’t just die like this!”

“System? I know you’re there, come out and save me… System daddy?”

Luo Wusheng’s face looked a bit ugly.

He realized that he was actually a transmigrator without a system to rely on!

This meant that he had to rely on himself to get rid of the tragic ending that was destined for his character.


Luo Wusheng took a deep breath.

After confirming that he had nothing to rely on, he became somewhat calm.

First, he surveyed the environment he was in.

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Eerie white flames illuminated the pitch-black room.

The black bricks that flickered with a bloody light were used to make the walls, and while the room was simply decorated, it was filled with all sorts of strange rocks, some crystal clear like stars, others shrouded in a mist of blood like ghosts, and every one of them could make a person’s eyes light up and stir up their desire to collect them.

Luo Wusheng remembered the hobby of this Demon Sect’s Holy Saint in the novel – collecting rare stones from all over the world.

It was also because of this hobby that he had his first encounter with the true main character of the book.

Knock, knock.

At this point, a knock on the door brought Luo Wusheng’s drifting thoughts back.

“Even the Holy Saint Senior Brother has a troubled look on his face? Could it be that you’re thinking of me, Senior Brother?”

The door didn’t open, but the girl in the white dress was already crouching three steps away from him, her hands propping up her chin,

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