The Un-Welcoming

”Wake up Hugo! Wake up Hugo! Its time to wake up! ”

Was all Hugo could hear as he gradually opened his eyes. That was until he remembered what today was, it was Orientation Day. He then immediately got up and got ready. He grabbed his jacket and just before he left, he looked at himself in the mirror. He acknowledged the mark on his right cheek, just how he has been doing since his parents wanted him to start living on his own. The mark symbolizes the type of prestige his family is, and he questions himself if he could live up to their mere standards. That is why he is going to the academy districts, so that he can meet those expectations.

He bolts out the door. He then looks around for rental transportation of any sort but can find any. The nearest train station is about a half hour walk, shorter if he runs. So, he starts running, and as he starts running, he checks the time. That was when it finally occurred to him what his biggest obstacle was, the time the train was going to leave. He was going to miss the train, that is if he didn find a method to actually get there sooner.

As he continued to run down the serene streets, he sees someone on a bicycle. Suddenly the streets are no longer serene as Hugo began to shout.


The stranger looks back at him and stops.

”Can I… borrow… your bike? ” Hugo asks as he gasps for breathes

”What? No way! I have a train to catch. ” replies the stranger

”Then just catch the next train then, I can miss my train ”

”Sorry man, I got to go ”

Just as the biker was getting ready to book it, Hugo suddenly grabs him by the shoulder and throws him off the bike

”What the hell!? ” The biker yells as he hits the ground

”Sorry man I really need this, I cannot miss orientation ” Hugo shouts back at the now bike less biker

As Hugo pedaled for his life, he eventually makes it to the station with just minutes left before his train leaves. He then began to push through the thick crowd just as they pushed against him. When he made his way to the top of the stairs, he saw his train. Its silver metal coat resonated with the glowing blue aura it emitted. He then walks his way onto the train, taking his place among the people there with him. He looked around and admired his future colleagues. All of them with their own uniqueness.

”Please find a place to sit or something to hold onto as we prepare for your launch towards the Academy District: Falcon ”

The announcement didn give much of an interval to prepare. Once the train launched, it was faster than a bullet. Though through the windows of the train, they made the images of the scenery clear. The city the train left from was already far enough to be seen in full sight. Hugo reveled in the moment, excited for his soon arrival at the academy district. It wasn that much longer though until they could see it floating in the distance. Turbines lifting the ginormous platforms off the ground, buildings towering from the middle while surrounded by smaller buildings. It was a floating school campus, high in the sky away from the interruptions of those on the ground. This was where the passengers aboard the train were going to begin their next chapter in life.

As they all got off the train, Hugo gazed at the surroundings. They were on a giant floating school platform, and thats where they were going to be staying for the time to come. Hugo and the crowd of train passengers all herded together as assistants directed them towards the orientation area. As they made their way through the roads of the dorm section, all the soon to be freshman could do was admire how grand the place they were at was. It only amazed them more when they would remember that there were more academy districts than this one just as grand, if then not better. As Hugo neared the orientation area, he noticed a giant statue. He was unable to make out who it was designed after, but its design definitely was meant to catch ones eye. The metals that it was carved from seemed valuable and extremely rare.

After a bit of a trip around the campus, they arrived at their destination. The area which their orientation was being held was a giant open field with a stage and rows of chairs for an audience. Hugo filed in line as the students conformed into neat lines to fill the rows. Once seated, someone walked onto the stage. He had a more than average formal demeanor to him, after he cleared his throat, he began his speech.

”Good afternoon students, I hope you all enjoyed your trip here. I am your director Belrogue, if you have any…. ”

His voice trailed off in Hugos mind as it seemed to be just another standard orientation speech.

”Psst, yo. Whats your name? ”

Hugo looked over to the left of him to see someone around his age dressed in more than casual attire for this sort of event.

”Its Hugo ”

”Nice to meet ya, Im Blitz, short for Blitzgander ”

”Nice to meet you Blitz ”

”I was just trying to get used to most of kids around here before they all, you know, form their own gangs ”

”Fair enough ”

Just before Hugo could ask a question for his new companion, the crowd begins to cheer in response to the director Belrogues words. After a moment of cheering, the director suddenly tenses up and his voice becomes more of one for issuing authority. The kind of voice that no one can simply just tune out from their mind.

”Now, I know all of you are excited to begin your studies within these school grounds, but I have a very important announcement. You see this year, I wanted to make sure everyone who normally doesn get a chance to study on these grounds, to have a chance. This was to give them a chance as well as create a diverse class of students so that you may all learn from and help each other grow. Of course, though, when I meant everyone, I meant everyone. ”

There was a pause. A short one, but with the tense serious tone and the slight confused murmuring among the students, it felt longer than just a short pause. It felt as if the director was trying to hold back, or better yet, prevent something from occurring. After the tense moment of waiting the director began to continue

”You see, for the- ”

The director was interrupted by a crash. Something had landed in front of the stage, indiscriminately knocking everyone back. Hugo was sent flying backwards. He opened his eyes to find himself lying on his back, dumbfounded by what had just happened.

”Hugo! You, ok? ” Blitz asks as he recovers from his own knockdown

”Never better ”

”What the hell was that? ”

”The hell if I know! ”

The dust cloud began to settle along with the panicking students and teachers. Just as the dust and dirt began to settle, it started to shift. Two large spine-like tentacles emerged from the cloud and started what appeared to be analyzing the area. After that, two more did the exact same which caused the crowd to go back into a frenzy. Guards began to ready themselves for combat just when the director shouted.

”Students please calm yourselves! ”

His voice was filled with held back anger, but that alone caused everyone to stop screaming and stiffen up. His demeanor was far more menacing than it was of his former formal one.

”You see, for the past ten thousand years, we have all lived in accordance with our place in the Status Quo. The prestigious rich live down on the surface of Earth. Us who are of the upper to lower middle class, live here in the Stratosphere layer. Then there are those who live in the Mesosphere who live in poverty, are criminal in nature, and the biggest notoriety of them is the fact that they are Stat-less ”

He paused for an anger held breath while the students absorbed the words, he put on them. They all were in unison when it came to one thing, one thing they all chose to deny until it was a given in front of them.

”For a long time, we have lived with these rules unchanged due to the success they have held for us. They have caused no harm from what has been seen, but I wish to expand the variety of students to have here regardless of background. Which is why today, I introduce you all to our three new students from the Mesosphere! ”

With final statement being said by the director, the tentacles everyone seemed to forget about began to slither once more. They waved through the air quickly and as they did, they finally lifted the great cloud of dirt and dust. There were three that were unveiled, each of them with drastically different but similar in nature appearances.

The one on the left wore a cloak, black and torn, with metal blade horns coming out of his hood. He had no face from what the crowd could see, just a mouth with pearly white teeth. He also had the tentacles coming from his back, and there even seemed to be another pair of two on top of the established other four.

The one on the right wore clothes with tufts of fur on them. The crop top she wore had fur around the neck and shoulder sleeves. Her jacket also seemed to be made of fur like material. The one thing that definitely stuck out about her though was her hair. On top there seemed to be what looked like in design natural cat like ears, but it was only a style. Finally on her waist there was a fox mask that seemed to have unique properties to it.

Lastly the one in the middle stuck out the most. He also wore a crop top but with no jacket. His arms were revealed in their full glory, they were fully metallic with what appeared to be vents on his forearms. He wore a fur hide around his waist, which also helped reveal the fact he had metallic legs. Then there was his face, you couldn see it. It was covered by a metal plated mask in the shape of a moths face, it even had two little antennae.

Blitz and Hugo stood there in shock for what they were witnessing.

”Woah, what are they? ” asked Hugo rhetorically

”They? ” said Blitz ”They are monsters. ”

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