Orientation Day

Its called the Day of Ends. On the daybreak of the thirty-first day of Atlass arrival, the world ended. Every possible natural disaster happened in that instant. Tsunamis and monsoons flooded the lands while volcanoes burned the sky and oceans. Cities were wiped clean of the map with the survival of humans seeming damn near impossible, but they did. Very few did though. At this point in time, we think it may have been somewhat near eighty percent, but thats speculation. Although it was a tragic day, it did leave us with something. Once dawn struck the sky that day all destruction ceased, as if an intervention occurred. Then it is said that once the ashes cleared from the sky, the Atlas shimmered in a divine light, before vanishing forever again.

Once the Atlas left our planet the ash that filled lungs cleared and the lava that spewed from the Earth cooled. It took time but people recovered, everything else though was lost. Technology, history, and architecture were all wiped away. We were effectively reset back to the stone age, this time though we had two things. The first was the knowledge and stories of our past the survivors held. These have been held and shared to us all to help maintain peace and prevent the wars humans so desperately fought back then. They also help keep us connected in many ways. The second thing is a gift the Atlas left us. Unnatural abilities we didn develop on our own, like the ability to fly through the air or conjure beams of pure energy. There are far more than those I gave, but that is just a small example. We call them ”Stats ”. There are a multitude of them each coming with their own unique properties. Not everybody though was lucky enough to be gifted these Stats.

Luckily though, someone has come forward to help lead us. Its been three hundred years since the Day of Ends, and we haven progressed that far civilization wise. We have lived well off lives considering our situation, but we are capable of much more. This one who calls himself The Patriarch, has knowledge and lots of it. He said that he wishes to build domes around the planet, for his reason why is to help situate us. He has technology none of the people in my village has seen or heard of, hes quite mysterious. As for his word though, he has provided us counsel and furthered our development. He has even given us new knowledge on what our abilities are capable of. He is wise in the way he speaks and generous in his share of knowledge. He makes the future seem bright and with that he plans to begin his construction on the domes around earth within the next decade. I won be alive to see their completion even though I wish to be, but I am certain of one thing, the stories that will unfold once they are complete are sure to be great ones.

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