Starlight on the Mirrors

He assigned me the task of....

”What do you think the time is, Nyx? ” Orion was glaring at me. I avoided looking into his eyes while I answered. He was really angry at me but I did not have any excuse to make here. I found things that we should be discussing rather than how I should be sitting in my bedroom at this hour.

Orion took his time lecturing me about how Im always doing things recklessly and that Ive got to become more reliable now that Ive been left on my own. But I could not waste my time listening to him while I have pieces to be sorted, so I looked down all the way home alongside him trying to recollect everything of this evening so I could write it all down as soon as we get home. I also had to try to remember the remaining of the dream, that might contain more clues that I might have overlooked otherwise.

”Nyx, please don throw yourself open to dangers deliberately. I know that you
e powerful and strong-willed but that is no reason to be reckless. I don want to you to go to places where I cannot save you. ” Orion confessed with a tender look on his face, I could see that he was genuine in his worries and it made me even more angry that he hides all the facts from me when we both should work together as allies

”I do not believe that Id ever need anyone to save me, Orion. You should know that I can save myself, ” I corrected him. ”But the way you
e worrying about me going alone into the woods where youve often walked these last years tells me that theres something that I should know. What is it, Orion? ”

Orion sighed. ”Fine. Whatever. ”

That is no answer, I yelled. But I did not ask him anymore. I wondered if I should push him a little, but decided otherwise. He left me in front of my house and turned to his prestigious castle that was situated on the upland in the middle of the town. I lived at the edge of the town, near the shores. The nights are best when you look at it from here. The sky is always full of stars and the cold ocean breeze soothes one no matter how anxious they are.


The next day, I started my morning shift with the florists, and spend the evening at the Diner. The Diner was just opposite to the Apothecary- one of the most interesting places of this town. They sell special kinds of ingredients that most people in this town don even buy, they are said to have costumers overseas and they only fetch products on special orders. I remember getting them suspicious on me for buying Ricinus and wormwood, so I make sure to use disguise for these purchases.

The Diner is not usually crowded so most of times I use the opportunity to sit back and read the books I have found in the Bookstore. Miss Ivy was the owner of the bookstore that I worked in, she is an elegant lady who knows too much about books and probably about this town that most people here are ignorant of. She has been in the town for last 40 years and despite being a resident of Kingdom of Effloresce she had settled in here.

I had all the time to go through the book about the mythical creatures of some cultures that are said to have existed in this world. It talked about Griffin, Nessie, Gnome, Fae and so many others. These never existed here but somehow these people know of their existence, so sure that they write about them in books. Little did they know that these really do exist in worlds that are so different from theirs. I have never seen fae myself but heard of them from Miss Ivy.

While I was invested in all this, I got called upon by one of the compeer so I shut close the book and got back on my duty. Three new people got in, I lead them to the empty table. One of them asked if there was a man named Mr. Preston in the town and his address if there was one. I asked them if they were outsiders and it they told me they were. Asking more felt like intruding so I decided not to and told them his address.

I left their table and got occupied. After a while they left, it was almost midnight when I left for home. The sky was dark with no moon and the way home felt somewhat eerie so I was pacing up, I had chills down my spine, I felt like Im being followed by someone. Or something. I was not sure but I had this feeling before, that day at the flower shop. I stopped and turned around but there was no one, I looked around but it was too dark to see anything.

I walked on faster, when I reached home there was a letter slid in through the door, I looked into it, it was from Orion.

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