high class manner. It was now ten past seven and Jason couldn see Marla

anywhere. As he was searching amidst the crowd a Ford

Mustang pulled up at the entrance. It was yellow with two black stripes running from the front to the back. Jason checked from a distance a bit curious on who would step out of the car. To his surprise, when the doors opened it was Marla who gave out the keys for the car to be taken in to the underground parking. She was nothing like the Marla he had seen at the office.

She had let her braids fall to one side exposing half of her

face and her neck which showed off her tan skin colour.

She had on some make up which highlighted her eyes and

her face with lip gloss that made her lips to glisten in the

light making them look so inviting for any man who looked

at her. Around her neck she had on a silver necklace that

ran down over her exposed upper chest through to

between the beginning of her cleavage with a crescent

moon shape at the end of it. She had on a red off shoulder

dress that exposed her shoulders and went down all the

way to her feet. On her right side, the dress had some

slits of about 1 cm wide that ran from her hips to her feet

exposing some of her thigh skin slightly. To her left there

was a long slit that went from her feet to just around her

waist line which exposed her beautiful skin as she walked. The dress hugged her body but allowed room for stretching around all her curves making sure everyone

could see every single curve on her. Her breasts which

were partially covered by the dress were firm and held up

by the dress teasing every man who laid their eyes on

them. She had on a pair of silver earrings with the shape

of stars and in her hand she held a white purse while on

her feet she had on 9 inch heels made of glass which she

walked in gracefully.

Jason couldn deny it. Marla was absolutely gorgeous. She was a beauty to behold and he found himself more than attracted to her. He slowly walked to where she stood.When she saw him she smiled revealing her milky white teeth.

”My oh my! Mr West,who knew you can clean so well she

said as she got closer to him.

e talking about cleaning up,have you looked at yourself. Like damn girl ” Jason replied as he went in for a

hug. He could smell her cologne as he wrapped his arms

around her waist and pulled her in for a tight hug. As they

let go she gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

”You look stunning,to be honest,l wasn expecting this ”

Jason said as he admired her beauty

”Stop trying to flatter me ” she said as she smiled

”Im being for real. Don judge me for admiring such a

beauty ” he said

”But everyone is looking at me,l think I might have

overdone it a little bit. ” Marla said as she had noticed some eyes were on her.

Jason put his arm around her waist and pulled her close so that he could talk into her ear.

”One thing lve learnt in life

is that wherever there is light,shadows will be found as

well. Some eyes envy while others admire. But what really

matters is what you see and want for yourself ” Jason then leaned back and made one quick scan at her beauty, his

eyes then raised to meet hers and he said with a straight

face, ”As for me,l see a gem worth to be appreciated ”

”Thanks for that, it realy means a lot ” Marla said as she


”Good. Now, shall we? ” Jason asked as he stood by her

side with one arm around her waist and gestured for them

to go into the hall as the show was about to begin.

Marla took in a deep breath and finally said, ” Lets go ”.

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