Sin City.

The Ghost of Europe

General point of view

” Ill get you for that, ” Athena told Jason after trying to think long and hard about what just transpired.

”Get me for what exactly? ” Jason asked

”For your little stunt. You know..the one that you just did. ” She responded. Never had Athena met a man like Jason before. She knew he took great pleasure in teasing her. Yet again, he was so bold that she questioned what he can do instead of what he can do. He was always in control,took charge of any situation despite the circumstances. All these made her want to spend more time with him to get to know him better.

Jason finally responded, ”I don to stunts Athena ”. He then continued as he lifted his thumb for her to see, ” everything I do, I do it with a reason ” his hand then dropped back to the table.

”So whatever you… ” She started before her phone started

to ring. She picked it up and answered. ” Hello.yes,Im

around. Ill be there in a few. ”She hang up the phone and looked at Jason who had an enquiring look. ” Its the office. Alpha has set up a meeting with one of our biggest clients and he has asked me to be there in five minutes. Im sorry I have to leave so suddenly, ” she said as she she started to leave. ”But I have relieved you off your duties in the office so you can probably have the rest of the day off. ”

She headed to the booth exit only to be stopped by

Jasons words,

”Hey ” he called out, ”thank you for the lunch. It was tasty ” he finished with a teasing wink at Athena. At the utterance of his last two statements,it was when Athena realized that he still had her underwear. She turned around and walked slowly to where he sat and stretched out her hand,

” My underwear please ”she said

Jason gave a chuckle and responded, ”You only get it when

I want you to have it back. ” She was about to say something when he cut her off and continued by saying, ”if

Im not wrong,you should be going to that meeting and

times running out on u. Tick,tock, tick,tock.. ”

Athena had no time to argue, literally. She would rather continue with this argument later. She turned and left. Jason opened another tab and ordered for a margarita to

drink down as time passed and as he enjoyed the privacy

of the place. As he sipped down his drink his phone rang

and the name Tyler popped up. He picked it up and as he

eyed his surroundings he said hello

”Tyler,Im still around Sin City, just had lunch with Athena. I can say it went well, actually it went perfectly. ”He then kept quiet for a brief moment and continued, ”nows not the time Tyler. Ill tell you when everything is in place. Trust me. ”After another brief silence he said, ”Ill let you know when the time is right. Sure,bye ”he hang up and placed the phone back on the table. It didn take long for the phone to ring again, this time it was Athena. He picked it up,

”Miss me already? ” He asked with a smirk on his face

”Oh please, don flatter yourself. The boss wants you here asap. ”she responded

”Me?Why? ” He enquired.

”I don know,he said that the meeting will start with your presence here. So don ask me any questions and get your ass back here ”she said

”Fine ,give me five ”

Jason checked out as he picked his coat and flagged down a taxi asking him to step on it. Jason walked into the building and headed for the reception.

”Kay, can you please.. ”

”Fourth floor, third room on your right. They have been

waiting for you ” Kayla out him off

”Thank you, ” he shouted as he entered the lift

”Took you long enough ” Athena said as he stepped out of

the lift and guided him to the room.Inside the room there was a rectangular table with two chairs on each side. According to what he had heard its said that this room was soundproof so any meeting held in here was of the highest confidentiality. To his left,he was

approached by a man in a suit and a tie. He had on dark

glasses that made him unreadable. Jason noticed that he

was the only person in the firm that had his hair styled. It

was long and rolled into clean dreadlocks that rested on

his shoulders.

”Mr Jason, its good to finally meet you in person, ” he said in a voice that carried some authority in it. Athena who was standing beside them as they shook hands addressed Jason,

”Jason, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Legit Alpha. The CEO and founder of LA Associates. ”

”The pleasure is all mine ” Jason replied as they let go of

the handshake.

”Please, have a seat, ” Alpha gestured for him to seat as he took a seat on one of the narrower sides of the table. ”

Athena, ”he turned to her, ”please have a seat next to

Jason need you two to work on this case together ”

Immediately the doors to the room opened and Kayla led

three men and a lady into the room. Two of the men were

in official wear while the other one and lady was in casual

wear. As they exchanged pleasantries Kayla left shutting

the door behind her. Alpha did the introductions and they all sat down with the two men in suits seating on one of the longer sides of the table and the couple seating opposite to them. Jason and Athena both sat opposite to Alpha on the other end of the table.

Alpha cleared his throat and after everyone had settled in

their seats he began, ”Mr and Mrs Magraff.l thank you for agreeing to meet us, ” he then turned to the two gents ”

the Krovacic brothers, always a pleasure. Now,to start things off Im sure you have all noticed that we have a new face in the room. He will be part of this

meeting as we need his level of expertise in the field of

law. ”

”And who is he that he gets to sit amongst us? ” One of the brothers asked with a voice that had a very strong Russian accent to it and with a not so happy look on his


”Im glad you asked Mikhail, ” Alpha started, ”in front of you is a man by the name Jason West. He came to us from the Metropolitan. One of the biggest advocacy firms in the whole of Europe. His track record,virtually undefeated in any case given to him. As young as he looks,don underestimate him. Sitting down with him in this room should be considered as a privilege to most of you. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce all of u to LA Associates newest hotshot. The man better known as The Ghost of Europe! ”

Athena noticed that the two brothers were suddenly

uncomfortable in their seats.

”Impossible! ” Mikhail exclaimed as he turned to his brother. ”Djokovic tell me… ”

”It can be! ” Djokovic cut him in, ”it can possibly be! ”

Athena couldn take it anymore so she found herself

asking, ”Who the hell is the Ghost of Europe? ”

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