Sin City.

The Dare

”I was kidding ” Kayla shouted as Jason disappeared around the corner. Jason took a look at how watch. It was

two fifteen. He went to the doorman and asked him where

he could find the Takeout Hotel to which he was told

where to find it. Luckily for him, it was only about a ten

minute walk to the place. So immediately he checked out of the firm and headed for the hotel.

General point of view (P.O.V)

When Jason got to the hotel, he was quite surprised. It was one of those fancy hotels that only the few privileged people were able to afford or even get a reservation. Looking at his watch, he was exactly on time. He walked through the front door where he met a young man in a suit at the check-in.

”Good afternoon Mr… ” the guy started with an enthusiastic tone

”Jason ” Jason replied

”Jason, welcome to the Takeout Hotel. Do you have

reservation if I may ask ” the lad continued

”Im supposed to have lunch with a lady, her names Athena. ” he replied

”Ah, Miss Athena happens to be a regular customer of ours. Let me see her….oh… here it is.She reserved a table

and it looks here that she already checked in about ten

minutes ago. Lance here will show you to you
e table. Bon appetite ”

Jason was led through the main doors into the hotel.Inside, it was a large room with tables here and there. The interior decor looked lavish and the lighting was a little dim, bringing the effect of a serene environment for people who liked to relax. ln the far right of the room,a band played some slow music and then a solo violinist took over adding on to the smooth atmosphere. Lance offered to take Jasons coat so that he was left with only his shirt. He then pointed toward the far end of the room where Jason saw a reserved area that was secluded from the rest. The table was enclosed by some aquariums making it one of the most private tables in the whole offered privacy like no other table. He had to admit, Athena had quite the taste. When he got there he found her seated looking at nothing in particular sipping on some red wine.

When Athena took notice of Jasons presence she placed

the glass on the table and rose to her feet

”Right on time. Im impressed. I almost thought you were

going to bail out on me. ” She said as she leaned in for a hug. Immediately they embraced, she couldn help but hug

him so as to get all the warmth from him She felt his hands go round her back and slide down just above her ass. His grip tightened and then loosened as they let go of each other. Jason pulled out the chair for her and pushed it for her to sit. Athena said a hank you as

she sat

”Bailing out on you isn a thing on my dictionary, ” Jason

said as he took his seat. ”But it seems that you were more

eager for me to come than I expected. ”

Athena immediately sipped on her wine to avoid Jasons

eyes so that he couldn see her blushing

”Must you always do that? ” she asked

”By hat you mean… ” he stopped for her to finish off

”I mean,must you always think of something cheesy?

Everytime l say something, you always have the perfect

answer which… ”

”Makes you laugh, makes you smile and blush, ” he cut in her statement, ”then yes.l must always do that ” his smile broadened as he watched her shy away

”What would you like to have? ” Athena asked as she tried

to change the topic

” Ill have whatever you
e having ” he responded

Athena signaled for the waiter and placed her order. After the waiter left the table she turned back to Jason and

eyed him curiously

”What? ” he asked amidst a laugh

”Im trying to figure you out but you
e a hard book to read ” Athena finally said after a short silence

”Oh really? What do you wanna know? ” he asked

”Well to start with.l wanna know why you left your previous job. I mean you have such a good track record and suddenly coming to a small firm like Legit Alpha Associates ,it doesn add up ”

”You really don like to beat around the bush do you? | was waiting for a what kinda hobbies do you like? or a what type of music do you listen to? but you are really going for the hard hitters ” Jason said as he sipped on the wine that Athena had poured him

”You could say that ” Athena responded as she twirled her

finger on the edge of her glass playfully

”Your firm poached me from my previous employer. I was

told my coming here was to boost this firm. I wasn

allowed to know my bidding price that bought me off from

my contract, honestly, I didn care. It gave me a chance to

explore new grounds,new meat to be more specific ”Jason told her

Athena sat upright as she took the bottle of wine away so that the waiter could place the food

”You mean Mr Alpha,my boss, did all that just to get you

here? ” she asked as she took a bite of her food

”Thats what I heard ” Jason replied as he too took a bite of the food. ”Mhh,this is some good food ” he remarked

”I know right,thats why I love this place ”Athena said

”Lets talk about something else,we didn come here to talk about business you know. Like to start with,what were you trying to do yesterday? ” Jason asked mischievously as he leaned back

Athena immediately remembered how she had tried to

tease him only for him to turn it around. She remembered

how she felt his whole body felt pressed on to hers. How

she could feel his warm breath tingle her neck and his dick

how it felt rubbing on her. Every single detail came back

to her in a flashback.

”Earth to Athena. Hello… ” Jasons voice jolted her out her state of reveree. She realized that she had zoned out and was quiet. This time she decided to turn the tables. She finally opened her mouth and said,

”What I was trying to? I should be the one

asking you what you did ”

”Which was? ” he asked dumbly

”You pressed on me from behind. I could feel your um.. your.. I could feel it on my ass ” with every word that came out of her mouth she could feel herself blushing, to which she looked away trying to avoid Jasons eyes

”I was getting my coat, ” Jason defended himself calmly

”You also placed your hands on my boobs, which is against the firms rules and regulations. ” She added on shyly

”Walking around the office with your cleavage showing is

also against the firms rules and regulations ” Jason replied as he looked into her eyes, then at her cleavage without hiding it. His eyes then came up to hers

”But you touched me ” She protested

”I was helping you cover up.! wouldn want you to get into trouble ”

Athena knew exactly what Jason was doing. He knew how

to play his cards. He was a master in mind games. She kinda loved he had every right answer at a go. He

had won this argument without breaking a sweat. But since you seem to like to go against the rules,

”Why don we break some more, ” he continued after a short silence

”What do you suppose we do? ” she asked

”Its not a matter of we. Ifs more of what you can do ” he

told her. ” We can start off with Truth or Dare. ”

”Dare ” She said as she leaned closer to the table

”Miss Athena.l hope you know what you
e getting yourself into ” Jason told her

”Try me ” She responded confidently

”Well, its your wish. I dare you to take off your panties

right here and now. Then hand it over to me ” he responded with a wide grin on his face.

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