Sin City.

The Date

Athena walked back to her office and closed her door behind her. She had never been in such a situation before, especially at work.How could an inferior employee who had just arrived at the office be so bold? She walked to her desk and sat on it rethinking what Jason had just done. She was so sure that she felt his hard groin on her.As much as it turned her on,she still could not wrap her head around it. She had been in control for a moment and in the next she was the victim.

The fact that Jason buttoned up her blouse without breaking eye contact was a clear message that she had

no effect on was the vice versa. Even when he sandwiched her.his voice was calm.She can remember his steady breathing and how composed he was.Athena could

not take it any longer.She went and opened her office windows and turned on her air conditioner. She took off the petticoat that she had on and went to get some fresh

air by the window.

After a few minutes she went to her desk and called the


”Hello,would you cancel all my appointments

scheduled after lunch till around four.And also,l would like to excuse Mr Jason, yes him.He will be a lil busy with some work Ive assigned to him.Tharnk you ” She placed the phone back on the receiver and looked at

the time. It was now 2:00.She had thirty minutes to spare.

Jasons point of view (P.O.V)

After Jason had walked away from Athena.he couldn help but grin at what he had just done.He knew that she was eyeing him but he played dumb. It was not the first time that his looks had turned him to be a chic magnet.He was consciously aware that Athena was at a superior level in the company, this was not going to stop him from doing what he did best.Becoming an irresistible charmer. After all,it was Athena who had shown interest and he couldn miss such a chance.Jason went to the elevator and pressed for the ground floor to pick up some things at the reception. As it was just about to close another co-worker in the office entered

”Where to? ” Jason asked as he offered to press the floor

where she would get off

”The ground floor please.B the way, I haven seen ur face around here,have I? ” she replied then asked enquiringly

”I suppose not.The names Jason. Just started out a few days ago. ” he said

”Oh! So you must the guy Kayla can stop… ” She paused

suddenly, ”sorry about that l meant, you must be the new guy.Im Marla, nice to meet you ” She said trying to avoid eye contact. As she said this, Jason took this time to have a better look at her. She had a round lovely face with some slight freckles that went tell with her fair skin tone. Her eyes were hazel and her smile was captivating. She held her long braided hair behind her back where it went down and rested on on her ass. She was shorter than him but had a curvaceous body that turned him on. Her chest heavy and full in the shape of two medium sized mangoes

He brought his eyes back to her face and said,

”Thats a cute name,Marla. Nice to meet you. And don worry, lll pretend I didn hear you mention Kayla,even though l don know her ” he smiled and searched for her reaction.Instantly, he saw her shy away and put her hands on her


”Only if, ” he continued, ”lf you bribe me. ” he finished with a wide grin on his face. Marla lifted her face suddenly with a questioning look on her face

”Bribe you? What do you mean by bribe you? ” she asked

playfully. She peered into his blue eyes and searched for

any expression on his face.But all that she read from his

face was he was planning something, though she couldn tell what.

”Thats for you to choose. I guess youll pick something

might like. ” Jason said with a smile that revealed his well

arranged milky-white teeth. Trying her best not to continue blushing.Marla composed herself and said as she played with her hair,

”Since Im not sure l even know what you like.l had some two tickets to an opera downtown. Might not be the best deal I can offer but it is the only one I can think of since its on such short notice ”

”When and what time? ” Jason asked

”Today at 7pm. Meet me at the Grand Sin City Hall, thats if you can find it. ” She said laughing

The elevator dinged and opened. They got out and started

walking towards the reception

”Heeeyy.Marla!!!ve been looking every….wh….Hey you ”

The girl at the reception started talking to Marla but when

her eyes found Jasons she nearly dropped her up of

coffee but she was able to steady her hand and greet him.

”Hey,be careful… You nearly dropped your coffee, ” Jason teased a little

”But luckily I didn ” she sheepishly looked away

”Well it looks like I just became the third wheel in this

conversation, so adios. I have some work to get to. And Jaso.. ” Marla started as she turned around to leave.

”I wont forget ” Jason answered even before she could

finish her statement. As she started walking away,Jason

was now able to take notice of Marlas curvy body. She

had quite a bum and it was perfectly curved. Plus the tight blue jeans that hugged her ass revealed the blessings she had received. Her smoothly shaped legs added onto the list.Jason couldn help but admire her body. He immediately stopped his gaze ensuring that no one sees what he had done.He looked around the place and noticed that some people, even the male colleagues, were talking in low tones but it was evident that they were talking about him. He turned his attention to the receptionist, ”Hey,is it me or is it possible that I happen to be the topic of the day, since the day that I arrived here, everyone has been looking at me kinda funny. ”

”Something of the sort ” she replied, ”Well.according to

what the boss has been saying about you, being famous

was by the snap of a finger. He told us about your track

record. Which is kinda amazing. ”

”Then why put me in an inferior position ? he inquired

I guess he wanted us to see what it takes for one to rise up the ranks through you. ” She said to him

”Im flattered by the gesture. I guess I must get to work so that I live up to the praise that Ive received ” he said mocking the boss. ”By the way, I haven got the chance to know your name. ”

”Im Kayla. But you can call me Kay. ” She said in a soft voice

”My oh my, So you are Kayla. This just got interesting. ” his smile became wider

”Whats that supposed to mean? She asked with a raised


”Nevermind, its not something that should bother you.

Anyway, I should be on my way then. I have to attend to

Some work ”

”I believe that is not going to happen. ” She said to him as

he was about to leave

”Whys that? ” he turned back

”Miss Athena called a few minutes ago. She told me that

she had some work for you so l cancelled all you

appointments. It seems that she had quite a handful of

Work for you. If I were you, I would start off by impressing her, even though shes a hard woman to impress ”

Jason chuckled and after clearing his throat he said, ”shes

a hard woman to impress you say. Well see about that ”

”I like your confidence. Tell you what, if you do that by

the end of today, Ill let you see me in my lingerie ” Kayla said jokingly

”Its a deal. ” Jason replied as he walked away.

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