Sin City.

Sex Sounds

They walked into the hall and took their seats in one of the

front rows since Marlas tickets were for VIPs exclusively. The show started at half past seven with three performances on the card. The show was full of

extravagance as the artists literary sang their hearts out

and their voices hoarse. The audience cheered and

clapped for every per performance worth the glory. Time

flew and within a few hours the show was over.

General P.O.V

After the curtains close they walked out of the hall

chattering about the experience.

”It was not that bad actually ” Jason said to Marla

”Not that bad!l know you liked it, ” Marla said as she hit him slightly on his arm.

”Okay,okay,I liked it, you happy? ” Jason said as he turned

around to face her.

”Yes ” she responded as they came to a stop at the entrance where they met.

”I don want to keep you beyond your curfew ”, Jason said

as he smiled

”And who would dare impose a curfew on me? ” She asked

with a raised brow.

”Uhm,your boyfriend maybe, ” Jason went on as he waited for her reaction.

”And thats where you
e wrong ” she said

”In what way? ” he asked

”No one has any rights over me at the moment.. wait a

minute, I see what you did there ” Marla said as she

realized that Jason just got her to confess that shes single

”One has to be smart these days ” Jason said as he

opened her car door.

”Nicely played Mr West, ” she said as she stood by her

door. ”How about we end this wonder ful night with a glass of wine at my place? ”she asked.

”As awesome as that sounds, theres no way Im going to

get into the passengers seat in this car ” Jason replied as

he smiled and let out a chuckle

” Ill let you drive ” she said trying to convince him as she

wiggled the keys in front of his face.

”Thats more insult to injury Marla ” he responded as he

lowered her hand

”Don tell me that you
e intimidated by a girl in a fast car. ” She teased a bit

”Not exactly, ” Jason jumped in, ”l need to sort out some

things concerning work ”

”Its on Friday night and you
e still thinking about work,you need to live a little bit more ” Marla said as she tried to convince him

”You can tease me all you want,but thats how my

weekend is going to kickoff, unfortunately ” Jason said as

she got into the car and he closed the door

”If you insist on not joining me now then how about some

other time, ” she said as he leaned in on the window

”Another date? ” He asked

”Yes,l wouldn mind. But this time its your call on where

and when ” she said

”Fine.lll tell you by Monday ” Jason said as he leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek.

”See you then on Monday ” she said as she rolled down the

window and drove off. Jason got to look at his watch and saw that it was quarter to ten. As he checked at Athenas address on his phone he saw that he was only a few blocks away. He decided to walk and along the way he picked up a bottle of fine wine.

When he got to her door it took a few rings of the doorbell

for the door to open. He couldn help but notice that

Athena looked quite different without office clothes. Her

hair was let down to fall on her shoulders and on her face

and due to its lustrous nature it looked like she had just

come out of the shower. She had on a short robe which

was white in colour that went to her knees and she had on

a pair of slides on her feet. Even through the robe, Jason could still see all her curves as she had tied the robes

belts around her waist. After a few seconds of silence and admiration at her beauty Jason finally pulled out the bottle of wine and said,

”I brought some wine ”

e late ” she responded as she took the bottle of wine

from his hands.

”I kinda lost track of time. But at least I made it ” Jason said with a smirk on his face

”I almost thought you
e not coming ” she said as she huffed obviously mad at him

”Thats the second time today that your doubting me. Im

tempted to question when you said that you trusted me

might have just been for show ” he said as he eyed her


”I meant what I said ” she defended herself

”Then you wouldn mind me asking if you let in strangers

into your house, ” Jason asked and before she could

answer he added, ”in the middle of the night? ”

”Not exactly,ld only let in people I trust ” she responded

”Do you trust me? ” Jason asked

”Yes I do ” Athena replied

”Then what am I still doing outside your door? ” Jason

asked again Once again, he had managed to manipulate the course of a conversation into his favour. The reaction on Athenas face was a clear indication of a win.

”Damn it! ” She said under her breath. She ushered him in

into her living room where he chose to sit on her hybrid

couch that could convert into a cozy bed.Athena had gone

and brought some two glasses for them.

”So whats the plan for the night? ” Jason asked to get a

clearer image of her expectations

”Id say we watch a movie, then later we can talk as we

listen to music.. And see where the night will take us ” she

replied as they both took a sip of the wine.

”Lets watch this one ” Athena said after scrolling through a list of some movies. As the movie started she joined

Jason on the couch and lay next to him. To his surprise,

she took his hand and placed it on her hip as she snuggled

close to him and settled as she continued to sip on her


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