Chapter 5

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Delaying till now, Shen Weixing was long-past impatient.
When he got into the apartment, he closed the door and pressed Ye Jiuyue against the hallway wall, kissing him while taking off his clothes. 

Ye Jiuyue stammered, “Ta-take a shower.”

Shen Weixing continued doing beastly things, and took time out to reply, “Didn’t you already take one?”



Ye Jiuyue pushed him with all his might.
“You haven’t, though!”

Shen Weixing paused for a moment, then made a fuss out of nothing.
“You think I’m dirty?” 

Ye Jiuyue was too embarrassed to say that he thought his idol was dirty and that he minded, and so smiled at him, a little troubled.


The fuck you're smiling for?!

Shen Weixing gave his butt a slap, and said, furious, “I haven’t even minded you being dirty!”

Ye Jiuyue innocently said, “I’ve already taken a shower.”


“You were all touchy-feely with that guy as well!” Shen Weixing’s face was dark as he looked at him.
“What else did you two do?”

Ye Jiuyue said, “We didn’t do anything, though.”

“I mean before.” Shen Weixing said, expression dark, “I don’t believe that you two didn’t do anything.”


Ye Jiuyue blinked.
“You mean before? Before me and him were high school classmates, though.” 

“Then what about it? Highschoolers are all grown in the areas that need growing, and can do everything that needs to be done!” Shen Weixing was furious to the point of being muddle-headed.
“So what did you two do?!”

Ye Jiuyue stared at him with a profound look in his eyes for a short while, then quietly said, “What can you do in high school…..don’t be so perverted.”

Shen Weixing:“……”

Fuck! Who the heck is perverted?! You were already dating in high school! And you have the face to first scold me?! When Laozi was in fucking high school—-oh, Laozi didn’t fucking go to high school. 


Ye Jiuyue saw that he wasn’t speaking, and so added another knife.
“You only did it when you were 26 yourself, you said so yourself.”

Shen Weixing:“……”

It’s just taking a shower, right?! Then I’ll go shower! 

Taking a shower was better than being angered to death because of Ye Jiuyue.




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Shen Weixing let go of Ye Jiuyue, and ferociously said, “I’m going to take a shower, you’re not allowed to run away, or else I’ll go to your school and cause a fuss!”

Ye Jiuyue hesitated, then asked, “Do you have the guts to?”

Just seconds before Shen Weixing blew a gasket, Ye Jiuyue raised his hands and said, “I was wrong, I won’t say anymore.
You go take a shower, I won’t leave.”

Shen Weixing furiously went to take a shower. 



While showering, Shen Weixing cooled down.
After he’d painstakingly cooled down, he got out and saw that the bed was empty, and was immediately incensed once more.
He went to the living room and saw Ye Jiuyue, who was sitting on the sofa eating fruit.
“Don’t you have to get up early tomorrow? What’re you doing watching TV?!”

Ye Jiuyue held up the fruit and offered it to him, then very naturally said, “It’s only ten, I’ll sleep later.” 

“You’re playing dumb with me, right?” Shen Weixing snatched the fruit and put it back on the coffee table.
“Did I come here to call you to sleep? Come here, get in the bed.”

Ye Jiuyue said,  “Wait a minute, let me finish watching this show, it’s almost done.”

Shen Weixing bent down to grab the remote control. 

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Ye Jiuyue hurriedly snatched the remote control and hugged it to his chest.  

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Vtfc Qflzlcu ugjrqfv atf yjmx bo Tf Alesef’r tfjv, xlrrfv tlw ribkis jcv vffqis.
Tf Alesef’r tjcv, ralii tbivlcu atf gfwbaf mbcagbi, kjr jirb vgjqfv jmgbrr Vtfc Qflzlcu’r rtbeivfg, atfc Tf Alesef iloafv tlr ifu ab kgjq la jgbecv tlw.

Just when things was getting good, Shen Weixing’s phone started ringing. 

Ye Jiuyue’s movements stopped.
“Your phone’s ringing.”

“Don’t pay attention to it.” Shen Weixing continued to take off his t-shirt.
“Can’t you wear better clothes?” 

“This type of clothing is comfortable.” Ye Jiuyue turned his head to look at the phone on the coffee table.  “It’s still ringing, what if there’s an emergency?”

“When you get my calls, why don’t you think that I might have an emergency? The first time you even thought that I was a scam caller.” While Shen Weixing was not letting go of past grievances, he also couldn’t help giving him a kiss at the same time.


Ye Jiuyue said, “That period of time I don’t know why, but I got a lot of scam calls everyday—it’s still ringing, your phone.”


Shen Weixing was going to be annoyed to death, picked up the phone, with the intent to hang up.
However, when he saw the caller ID he froze, then got up off of Ye Jiuyue, coughed, and went to the side to pick up.
“What is it?”

Xia Qiu paused for a few seconds, only then did he speak.
“Shen Ge?”


“Did everything go smoothly?” Xia Qiu asked.  

Shen Weixing frowned.
“En, do you have something you need?”

Xia Qiu questioned back, “Can’t I call you if I don’t need anything?”

Shen Weixing froze and didn’t say anything. 

“I’m just teasing, it’s just about that question I asked you before about if you want to go back with me during the weekend, it’s my dad’s birthday.
You didn’t reply to me all this time, so I decided to call you.
Did I bother you?” Xia Qiu said, “It sounded like you were a little angry, then I’ll hang up.” 

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“I’m not.” Shen Weixing hurriedly said, “I’ll go.”

“Okay.” Xia Qiu said, “Then do you still have something to do? I have a few scenes where I haven’t gotten the right feeling, so I want to ask you to teach me.”

Shen Weixing looked at Ye Jiuyue, who was sitting on the sofa, then said to Xia Qiu, “Is it a scene to be filmed tomorrow?”

Xia Qiu didn’t answer and instead asked, “Do you have something else to do?” 


“It’s a scene that’s going to be filmed tomorrow.” Xia Qiu said, “But since you have something to do, then forget about it~ Then, I’ll hang up now.”

“Don’t!” Shen Weixing glanced at Ye Jiuyue again, then said to Xia Qiu, “Tell me then, which parts?”

Xia Qiu said, “Oh, wait a sec, I’ll go get the script.” 

Following that, there was a rustling sound, which was probably him searching for it. 

Shen Weixing glanced at Ye Jiuyue again. 


Ye Jiuyue was glanced at by him many times, and naturally noticed.
As such, he smiled at him in understanding, then continued eating fruit and watching TV.

—It looks like you’re happier this way! Shen Weixing angrily thought.  



Xia Qiu asked, “Shen Ge, how about we switch to a video call?”

Shen Weixing glanced at the bedroom, then glanced at Ye Jiuyue.
He squeezed onto the sofa, took the remote control and turned the TV’s sound very low.
“I have some stuff going on here, so just continue it like this.” 

Ye Jiuyue thought that he really was a devil, he could go to the bedroom and talk in silence, but instead had to turn off the TV’s sound.

And so Ye Jiuyue straightforwardly and bluntly pointed at the bedroom. 

Yet, Shen Weixing revealed a smug, taunting smile, squeezed over close to Ye Jiuyue and gave him a kiss again. 

Ye Jiuyue didn’t know what Shen Weixing was thinking, and so gave up on thinking.
He got up to go to the bedroom himself, but was stopped by Shen Weixing, and was forced to sit on the sofa listening to him talk on the phone and watching the muted TV. 



Xia Qiu listed out a few scenes.
Shen Weixing had a bit of inkling to all of them, and patiently explained them all for him.

“I still don’t understand.” Xia Qiu said, frustrated, “Shen Ge, do you have time tomorrow? I want to see you act it out , it’ll be much more straight-forward, just like before.” 

Shen Weixing frowned again.
“You can’t always watch me act it out first forever, you have to depend on yourself to figure it out .”

“I know, but—sigh, it’s fine.” Xia Qiu said, pitifully, “Fine, then I’ll figure it out myself, you don’t have to be bothered with me.”

After speaking, Xia Qiu hung up. 

This wasn’t the first time that Xia Qiu had hung up on Shen Weixing.
Before, there were  similar cases, Shen Weixing would occasionally go over and placate him, but when it came to things to do with work, he wouldn’t spoil Xia Qiu with this bad habit of his. When it came to himself, he wouldn’t mind it, and it was nothing big, but he was afraid that Xia Qiu would make it into a habit. 

Good thing that Xia Qiu would always act as if nothing happened afterwards, and wasn’t the type to hold grudges. 

Shen Weixing thought, gratified. 

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Ye Jiuyue saw that he’d finished his call, took the remote control and turned up the volume again. 

As soon as Shen Weixing saw Ye Jiuyue he felt anger brewing, his feelings of gratification abruptly dissipated without a trace.
“Stop watching! Go sleep!”

Ye Jiuyue hid the remote control, and while doing so said, “This is your program.”

Shen Weixing turned around and looked at the TV, frowned as he asked, “What’s good about watching it? Why don’t you look at the real person?” 

Because it feels like there’s more of a sense of distance watching the you on TV, which can let me stay as a fan of yours for a while longer.
Ye Jiuyue silently answered in his mind. 

Shen Weixing saw that he wasn’t saying anything, and automatically imagined the reason. 

Seems like he’s still very concerned about me, huh.
Shen Weixing smugly thought. 




And so Shen Weixing decided to be magnanimous for once.
He sat back onto the sofa, pulled Ye Jiuyue into his arms, and watched the show with him.

It was a vacation show, Shen Weixing and a few other celebs went overseas on a tour.
Back then he’d originally not been interested, but Xia Qiu was really interested, so in order to get Xia Qiu into the program, Shen Weixing had just accepted. 

Once the first three episodes aired, Xia Qiu got quite a few fans. And that was why, recently, a stream of small production dramas were inviting him to play the main character.




Ye Jiuyue watched the show very attentively, when he saw a funny moment he would laugh with the captions.

Shen Weixing was very bored watching his own show.
His presence was being ignored, so he went looking for attention.
As he didn’t have anything to say, he grasped at any random topic and asked, “Have you gone out of the country before?” 

Ye Jiuyue continued watching the TV screen.

“How about I bring you out to play after you go on break? Which country do you want to go to?” Shen Weixing asked. 

Ye Jiuyue didn’t answer him. 

Shen Weixing unhappily asked, “Hey, I’m asking you.” 

Ye Jiuyue glanced at him.
“What is it?”

Shen Weixing was even more unhappy.
“I asked you where you wanted to go play, once you’re on your break.”

Ye Jiuyue said, “But I have school, though.”

“I said once you’re on your break!” 

“Oh.” Ye Jiuyue thought about it for a bit, then said, “Still, let’s not, I don’t have the money.”

A trick!

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Shen Weixing coldly hmmphed, then said, “I’ll pay.”

You were just waiting for me to say this, weren’t you?! I just knew it! 

Ye Jiuyue shook his head.
“That’s too expensive, it’s not good.”

More elaborate tricks.

Shen Weixing said, “To me that’s not much.”

The TV had just gotten to a commercial break, Ye Jiuyue turned his head over to look towards Shen Weixing.
He embarrassedly said, “But to me, it’s a lot.
The rent for the apartment is already being paid by you.
I’m already pretty embarrassed.” 

Shen Weixing frowned.
“What do you have to be embarassed about? I earn around a few tens of millions each TV-series, do you think that I was just bragging?”

Ye Jiuyue earnestly said, “Of course not.
I heard that in the entertainment industry, the salaries for celebrities are very inflated.”


Shen Weixing:“……”

Inflated your sister! Can’t you say anything nice?! 

Then Ye Jiuyue said, “But I saw in the rumour mill that A-list Celebs actually can’t make ends meet, because the money is all split with the team, and wages will also be heavily deducted by the company.
In the end, there isn’t much money that’s left.
Advertising costs are also very high.
And personal spending is also very large, because they can’t always wear the same things out, so a lot of clothes are worn once or twice, then new clothes have to be bought, and for the sake of upholding reputation, they have to buy the most expensive options, so actually they don’t have as much money saved up as the best supporting role actors.”

Shen Weixing coldly humphed.
“Are you doubting my wealth? Afraid that I can’t afford to support you?”

Ye Jiuyue filtered out the last part that he said.
“No, I was just curious, and just said so casually.”

“In any case, I have money.” Shen Weixing indignantly said, “I do spend a lot, but I earn a lot as well.” 



But what does that have to do with me? Are you showing off your wealth? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction by doing so towards a university student without much money? Ye Jiuyue thought, uncomprehendingly.
It seems like the pressure in the entertainment circle really was very big, huh, even Shen Weixing has to rely on this type of behaviour to cope.

It was at this time that the commercial ended, so Ye Jiuyue continued watching the show.  



Shen Weixing was quiet for a while, then started looking for attention again.
While playing with and stroking Ye Jiuyue’s earlobe, he asked, “So where do you want to go for a vacation?”

Ye Jiuyue was pestered by him so much that he could hardly concentrate on the TV, so could only answer him, “Don’t wanna go anywhere, I have a part-time job during the break.” 

Here it comes, this sort of ‘I’m not greedy and stubbornly continue working hard at a part-time job’ act.
Shen Weixing coldly laughed, saw that Ye Jiuyue wasn’t paying attention to him, followed his ‘act’ and started acting with him.
“How about this, I’ll pay you a salary and your job will be to keep me company.”

Ye Jiuyue glanced at him in incomprehension.
“That’s very weird, though.”

Shen Weixing asked, “How is it weird?”

Ye Jiuyue said, “That’s kind of like a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship, with the sugar baby accompanying on a trip.” He continued, a little awkwardly, “I don’t do that sort of thing, and that way our relationship’s meaning would change.” 


“……..” But you’ve already been my sugar baby for three months?! What’re you playing innocent now for?! And our relationship was like this in the first place! What did you think?!


Shen Weixing calmly swallowed back these words and didn’t say anything. 


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