(What the…… What just happened……)

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If the “Protagonist” touches the Sealed Door with the qualities of a “Hero”, the seal should be broken and the Demon inside should pop out.

Yet, even when the boys clearly touched the Sealed Door, no change could be seen from the seal.



(What is happening? Was I mistaken? However……)



These kids match the characteristics of the Hero’s initial party at the start of “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer”.

The initial party of the “Hero” is a combination of the “Hero”, a male mage, a female archer and a female priest.
If so, then the boy with the sword who just touched the door is the “Hero” of this world……



No, would assuming something like that be wrong?



What emerged was a possibility that I hadn’t anticipated.

Could it be……




—————The “Hero” isn’t the !?




In B&B, the player can freely choose the origin of the “Hero” from among seven options, each with their own characteristics.

Since “Rex’s” current situation matches the starting event of “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer”, I assumed that the Hero is the “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer”.




However, even if the player doesn’t choose the “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer” startpoint, it does not mean that Rex doesn’t appear in the game.

Rather, it should have been natural to assume that even if the player doesn’t see Rex, he would act in the same way as the “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer” start.



It makes sense to think that these kids also exist in the world as “just new adventurers who aren’t related to the Hero”.

It does make sense, but……



(Ahh! But in that case, it would be a real pain in the ass.)



There are six other origins for the Hero, and those origins are scattered all over the world.

Moreover, once the introductory event is over, I have no idea what actions the  “Hero” will take.

There’s no effective way to search for the Hero other than to go around the world and look for someone who feels like them.



(No, it’s not like I have any reason to go out of my way to search for the “Hero” though……)



However, I feel somewhat afraid not knowing who the “Hero” is.

As I was pondering what to do, one of the boy adventurers, one of the boy adventurers, who had been watching me from a distance, stepped forward and called out to me.



[Oi, old man!]

[O- Old man!?]



My voice inadvertently cracked upon hearing what he just said.



(T- This d*mned brat!)



Putting aside if he said that to the “me” who was living back in Japan, “Rex” was recognized as an ikemen by the Japanese gamers, and his age was set at 25.

He is not old enough to be called “old man”…… No, perhaps, for people of his age, being in your 20s makes you an old man.



However, even if I forgive you, the hundreds, or dozens, or perhaps, the few Rex fans around the country won’t keep quiet!

Just as I was about to yell at him, saying “Take those words back!”……



[T- That’s rude, Rad-kun!]



Intercepting the boy with bright red hair is a girl from the same party.

The girl behind her seemed to be the archer, so judging from the composition of the party, she must be their healer.



[U- Ummm! Rex-sama! You’re the A-Rank Adventurer Rex Toren-sama, right!?]

[Eh, y- yeah, but there’s no need to call me with “-sama”.]



I understand that she’s a polite girl, but I feel itchy being called by “-sama”.

When I answered her, she moved closer to me.



[I- I’m your fan! It’s an honor to meet you! U- Ummm…… Please shake my hand!]

[Eh? I- I don’t mind……]



Trying not to break character, I barely managed to respond to her sudden request.

The healer girl, who had closed the distance even further, tightly grasped my hand.



[……The heck with that.
I bet it’s just that he’s been adventuring for a long time.
Is it really that great being an A-Rank Adventurer?]



Looking displeased, the boy named Rad frowned, but that only invited more outbursts from the girl.

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[Of course, it’s great! Listen here, okay!? Since he started being an adventurer when he was 15, he has finished more than a thousand quests, and his astounding quest success rate is even higher than 95%! Not to mention that he’s done all of those quests solo, all alone! The solo quests that he’s done are said to be several times more difficult than those completed by a party, and above all, they require total commitment! In other words, Rex-san’s propensity to excel at everything made him achieve these feats! And finally! Last year, his achievements were finally recognized and he got promoted to an A-Rank Adventurer! This would mean that he’s the third Solo Adventurer who has reached A-Rank in this country in 52 years, a truly historical achievement! No, if he makes it all the way up to S-Rank, that would make him the first in this country……]

[A- Alright! I get it already!]



The wave of information that even I, the person himself, was unaware of left not only Rad, but me, speechless.



……This girl…… She definitely is one of them.

One of those “Adventurer Otaku” or something along those lines.



(However, I see……)



Looking at it game-wise, Rex isn’t that special of a character.

His only features are his few appearances when the Hero goes through the “Young City Boy Dreaming to be an Adventurer” route, and a high initial level.

However, if you look at Rex from the in-game perspective, the story may be different.



I wasn’t really aware of it because the Hero Party easily achieves it in the latter half of the game, but at the start of the game, there were only a few characters whose level had reached over 50, and the same goes for Adventurers who reached A-Rank.

At least, it must be special that a “Young City Girl Dreaming to be an Adventurer” would look at him with starry eyes.



Thinking “Uwaahhh, she’s the real deal”, I found myself unable to handle this girl who was clutching my hand as I scratched my head.

I certainly don’t like being made light of, but this in itself is also something I find troubling to handle.

I feel like I’ll catch a cold from the difference in warmth between this girl and that little sh*t Rad.



[……I’m really sorry about my party members.]



The other boy adventurer came over.




[Nice to meet you, Rex-san…… It would be alright to call you that, right? I’m Nuku.]




The boy who introduced himself as Nuku is the one with the softest demeanor among the four, and with his blue hair swept back, he looked more like a successful merchant than an adventurer.

He has a staff, and Rad, who is still scowling at me with eyes filled with suspicion, clearly looked like a swordsman, so this Nuku must be their mage.



[And these are comrades who I’m in a party with.
This is Rad, a swordsman.
The one who is now troubling Rex-san is Mana, a healer.
And then……]



Nuku’s gaze shifted to the other girl standing in the back of the room, who was vigilantly staring at me.

Peeking out from between her luxurious golden hair and slender, well-shaped face are pointed ears.

She’s the typical Elf as imagined by the Post-Tolkien generation of gamers.






With the sharp atmosphere of a wild animal, she didn’t respond to any of the two’s gazes.

However, I did see a small movement of her lips, seemingly muttering “Rex……”.



[E- Errr…… She’s Prana, an archer.
She’s a bit socially awkward though……]



Hearing Nuku say this with a troubled smile, I nodded, telling him it was alright.

I guess I should probably introduce myself too.



[I think some of you already know me, but I’m Rex Toren, an adventurer.
I heard a report saying that a monster sealed in this place seems about to be released, so I came here to investigate.]

[I- I see, that’s why……]



And with this, I made a follow up to that shameful sight earlier.

I was relieved to see Nuku seemingly satisfied with my words.



Alright, I guess I’ll give them a warning in a Rex-like tone.



[It seems that there’s no problem at the moment, but you might want to stay away from this place for the time being, especially when you’re still beginners.]

[Y- Yes! Everyone! Let’s withdraw!]



Nuku took my words in order and gave the order to return.

But then, the red-haired boy just had to throw cold water on the mood around us.



[Keh! Is that weak-looking old man really an A-Rank Adventurer!? Are you sure he’s not just trying to trick us by pretending to be a veteran?]




Rad wasn’t fazed by Nuku’s words of rebuke.

Carrying his sword on his shoulder, he’s looking at me with eyes that seem to challenge me.



[……Small dogs sure bark the loudest.]



Adding to the chaos was the elf girl who hadn’t spoken until now.

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[Prana! What did you just say!?]

[……I’m just saying stray dogs are noisy.]




The spearhead of Rad’s attention immediately turned to Prana, and the two of them began to glare at each other, putting me to the side.

Watching the two of them glare at each other and Mana, who was still holding my hand even after all that had happened, I inwardly sighed.



(These guys don’t feel like they have any sense of unity at all.)



Turning towards Nuku, the only one left in this party with common sense, he apologized for them.

Hearing him say such a thing……



[……Seems like you have it rough too.]



There was nothing I could do except to say something like that to him.






※ ※ ※






Somehow managing to put the place in order, I started making my way back along with the party of four beginners.



[I’m sorry to make you escort us……]



Hearing Nuku sounding apologetic, I shook my head.




[I’m on my way back too anyway, so I don’t mind.]



I answered in a nonchalant manner, but in fact, it isn’t like my actions here weren’t for my own self-interest.



Rad the swordsman, Nuku the mage, Mana the priest, and Prana the archer.

Putting aside their personalities, they are a well-balanced party.



And while we’re at it, they’re event characters.

In B&B, the names, abilities and appearances of the ordinary adventurers in the game are all randomly determined, but for the party in this event, their jobs and ability tendencies are fixed.

Furthermore, although their qualities are determined at random, they are adjusted so that they are greater than average.



They’re the exact opposite of Re, who may be strong now, but has no expectations for growth in the future.

There’s no doubt that their future is promising, and if they are to survive in this world in the future, there’s no better way to make a connection.






There is Rad, who clicked his tongue behind me, but I wouldn’t be so angry when I think of it as the selfishness of a kid a generation younger than me.



[This way.]



I lead the beginners back the way we came from.



In most dungeons, once you get to the back, a shortcut would open up, so you can simply go deeper.

However, the Cave of Trials is an exception, perhaps because it’s not a place that players would visit many times.

The enemies defeated on the way to the cave still haven’t respawned, so there’s no problem……



[We still have some enemies we haven’t killed huh.]



Just as we were about to reach the exit, we saw three shadows on our way.

They were Goblins, the weakest monsters that one would encounter just after you arrived in this cave.



[There’s three of them! Nuku! Support me with your magic……]

[No, let me take care of it.]



I stopped Rad, who was about to step forward with sword in his hands, stepping forward as if to take his place.

And then……



(Can I use that here?)



I consciously focus my attention on my eye.

Thereupon, I used the Scout Skill: .

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(……Now isn’t this something.)



It’s surreal to see the status screen floating in the real world, but the good news is that I can use my skills just like in the game.

In my first battle, I panicked and didn’t get to try out my combat skills.

I want to try figuring out at least once my specs here.



And although I think this isn’t very mature of me when the other party is just a brat, it’s not a bad idea to show a little bit of my ability here.



[O- Oi, old man, there’s no need to get reckless! There are three of them!]

[It’s no problem, just step back.]



I guess he really must be a good guy on the inside.

Letting Rad’s flustered words slide, I rushed over to the enemy before they were ready, pouring magic into my sword as my senses dictated.








At that moment, the properties of the magic clad on my sword changed.

My arm and the sword in my hand, as if they were independent living creatures, left my control and began to move, drawing a brilliant V shape!






The downward slash bisected the Goblin’s club that seemed to receive the attack, and the upward slash of the blade went for the kill.



(Alright, I can use my Arts just fine.)



Arts are special moves of Physical Attack-oriented jobs that can be executed in exchange for MP…… Magic Power.


In the game, you press the right trigger button and let the weapon absorb magic while inputting a set technique, but here, it seems that you can activate such skills by feel.






However, there was no time to be lost in thoughts.

One of the nearby Goblins passed through the side of the dying Goblin and swung its club at me.



—————Like hell that clumsy attack would hit me!



This time, I imbued my magic through the small shield equipped on my left arm.

Shields are also classified as weapons, but with it being equipped in my non-dominant hand, Arts can’t be used through it even if I imbue my magic power in it.









Seemingly mowing down the enemy’s attack, the shield clad in magic power repelled the Goblin’s club.

Although you need precise timing to properly make use of Parry, the opponent who is struck by the attack with the shield clad with magic is knocked out of its stance for a certain period of time.






The Goblin’s body sways defenselessly in the air.

Taking advantage of the opening, I slammed my sword into its defenseless head.






The Goblin, struck by a blow to its vital spot, instantly dies.

It then collapses to the ground.



With this, that leaves only one Goblin left.

The last one left was a Goblin wielding a shortsword and a shield instead of a club.

With the Goblin’s shield cockily lifted up, we stood in a standoff.



(Now then, what should I do?)



The Goblin, perhaps wary of my attacks, kept its shield up and didn’t attack immediately.

As I watched the Goblin slowly move around me, I silently moistened my lips.



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(If I go in forcefully, I can defeat it.)



The Goblin’s stats, as seen from , is suitably low-level.

With “Rex’s” current PATK, it would be possible to even mow down the Goblin along with its shield.

However, I guess this would be a suitable time to try something new since there’s an opportunity huh.






Exhaling a bit, I let my body sink down a little, and the next moment, I tilted my body to the right.



(———–How about this?)



Once again, I poured magic into the sword in my right hand.

I used the same Sword Art: as before.



This time, however, I tilted my body to the right and swung my sword with my own will, following the moves that have been drilled into my head.

The blow cleanly passed underneath the Goblin’s shield, drawing a bright slash line and cleaving the Goblin’s body horizontally.








Of course, it doesn’t end there.


With my shout, my sword leapt up with returning thrust and sliced through the monster’s body, passing through its belly.






It seems like this too worked properly.

As the Goblin in front of me helplessly fell with a huge cut in the middle of its body, I exhaled.



[Rex-san, what was that just now?]



But suddenly hearing Nuku, who had been watching the battle behind me, call out, I was secretly surprised.



[……Just now?]



I asked him in return, when I realized what he meant.

He was talking about what I had tried out just now, an Art’s “Manual Execution”.



The arts are used automatically in front of you if you input the command, but you can also activate them by holding down the Special Move button and tracing the exact path of the Art by yourself.
I mean, that was what it originally was.



The main selling point of B&B is the realistic sword fighting battles using the motion controller, as if you were swinging the weapon yourself.

Despite this, if you just press a button to perform a Special Move and watch the rest of the action go on its own, it feels like you’re missing something.




In fact, Manual Execution is more versatile, and accurately tracing the trajectory of a move gives you bonuses in power and range.

For this reason, Manual is better for players to use, but I had never seen NPCs or monsters using Arts manually.



Glancing behind me, I saw Rad, who had been calling me old man all this time, looking at me with his mouth half-open, looking startled.

I dunno if it counts since I’m just using borrowed power, but if I’m to be honest, this does feel good.



[……The only thing I can tell you is that there are skills like that out there.]



Trying my best to hide the grin that was about to creep out of my mouth, I pretentiously evaded their pursuit.

I speeded up my steps so that no one could see my face, but I could afford to do so only until I saw the light from outside.






Red is indeed the color of sunset, but the time seems too early for that.

I wonder if I spent too much time in the cave than I thought I would.



Driven by a somewhat ominous feeling, we somehow found ourselves running for the exit.

And there……






As we exited the cave, we were at a loss for words.

Even from here, we could see it clearly.




—————Towards the western sky, Ash City was being consumed in flames.

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