I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I decided to live in this world.

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Stretching out and relaxing my tense body, I glanced to the side.

Laying on the bed a few distance away from mine, a girl with bright blue hair was sleeping.



(I wonder what I should do about this girl.)



The girl who is probably “Rex’s” sister, Resilia.

The girl, who was saved from being attacked by a Gargoyle, is still asleep even after more than a day has passed.
(T/N: Resilia, previously Lecilia.
Renamed to sync with the name used by the manga translator.)



When I brought her to the healer in town yesterday, they told me that her wounds are completely closed and that she will eventually wake up.

I don’t think there’s anything I need to worry about, but since she was supposed to die in the game, there’s a slight sense of uneasiness in me.



I couldn’t just neglect her or leave her to someone else, so I tossed her in the same inn as mine for the time being, but my head hurts thinking about what I should do now.



I’ve never even spoken to her before, but she’s supposed to be my sister by blood, and she probably knows me very well.
All these things make me at a loss and troubled about what to do.

It would have been better if it was a little sister unrelated by blood that came out of nowhere, like those tropes that sometimes appear in games.



In addition, since she’s a character whose death is a definite event in the game, I have no information about her other than she seems to be Rex’s younger sister.

As far as I can tell from her sleeping figure, as to be expected from the younger sister of the ikemen Rex, her face is quite well-defined.

Also, with her hair having a greenish color, I can guess that she might be good at wind magic, but that’s about it.



(If it’s possible, it would be better to keep the fact that I’m not the “real Rex” a secret from her.)



I don’t like the idea of lying, but I guess it would be better if I were careful about the timing of telling her the truth, both to protect my secret and for her own sake.



Her hometown has been decimated by monsters, and everyone she knows has probably been wiped out.

Hearing that her last remaining connection, her brother is a different person on the inside would be too harsh for her.



(……The road ahead would be very difficult huh.)



I suppose, taking such things into consideration, I should plan out the future a bit more.



 If I were the Hero of a novel or a manga, I might be able to get by with opportunism and talent compensation even if I just go ahead with momentum and groove.

However, I’m not the Hero, I’m just an ordinary person.

The world of B&B isn’t so sweet that I can get through it haphazardly.


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Even if it’s not this world, when you become a working adult, even if you don’t want to, you would realize the importance of making plans in advance and managing your tune.



Just setting a goal and making a schedule, even if it’s just for the time being, will amp up your motivation, and even if you don’t make progress as planned, it’s very important to know exactly “how far behind you are” and “how much effort you need to put in to recover from that”.
This is as important as the skill of deceiving someone, even oneself, with uselessly long sentences when asked with “How is the progress?”




First of all, my ultimate goal, which immediately came to mind:




・ Survive the Game Period of Two Years!




I wish for a time when I won’t have to say stuff like “This isn’t a dream”.

If I just do things normally, Rex will die 10% of the time.



I survived the opening event, so I think I’ve already crossed a critical point, but I can’t let my guard down.

Besides, having this goal is practically tantamount to a “game clear” since the world won’t be free if the Evil Deity is revived anyway.



To achieve this goal, what comes to my mind at the moment……



Find the game’s Hero Explore this world Overcome all kinds of events Empower myself



I guess that’s about all I could think of.



First of all, “1.
Find the game’s Hero” is absolutely necessary.
If I don’t start things from the top, things won’t progress from here on out.



The “Hero” in the game is a very important character, known as the “Chosen One” or the “Child of Destiny”.


Of course, they’re essential for the events, but they’re also essential because of their abilities.



They have excellent qualities and special techniques such as the and , which are highly effective against Dark-Attribute Demons.

They apparently also have the , a constant effect that increases the growth speed of his party.

The reason I said “apparently” is that in the game, the player was the Hero and could never be removed from the party, so the players aren’t entirely sure what the growth rate of the party will be if they aren’t in it.



When I first met Radd and his party, the “Hero” wasn’t in it.

If the protagonist in this world is the , Radd should be in the position of the Hero, but since the sealed door didn’t respond when Radd and his party touched it, it’s safe to assume that they aren’t the “Hero”.


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There are a total of 7 different origin stories of the Hero that can be selected in B&B.

Since there was an announcement of additional origin stories in the DLC, there may be a possibility that there will be 8 different types.



From among these, I must find the real Hero’s background and find the Hero who I don’t know what they look like or what abilities they have.

The worst-case scenario is that “the Hero doesn’t exist in this world”, but let’s not think about that for now.




After that, “2.
Explore this world” is also important.



What kind of place is this world and how is it different from the game?

There are some things that go as I know, while there are some things that I don’t know.



For example, the Alchemy technique I used, “throwing unusable items into the Alchemy Pot, making them fail the synthesization, and reverting them to their raw materials” is a technique that could have been used in a game, but it would certainly look quite strange if I thought about something like that happening in real life.



On the other hand, the betting technique I used in the casino, “betting tokens after the roulette starts spinning to counteract the cheating”, is a technique that couldn’t be done in the game.

In the game, the roulette button becomes inoperable the moment it’s pressed, so it is impossible to bet tokens just before the roulette starts spinning.



Thus, both “what can’t be done in reality but can be done in the game” and “what can’t be done in the game but can be done in reality” could be helpful.

I shouldn’t neglect the effort to understand what this world is like.



After that, I would like to visit the in the City of Water.

The names of the Heroes of the past who have done so much for the world are inscribed there…… is the official explanation about that place, but in reality, it’s a staff roll, a playful gesture by the staff.

I don’t think that a text like “Programmer – Yamada Taro” would exist in a fantasy world by chance, so if their name really is there, I should be able to confirm my hypothesis that “this world was created based on the B&B game”.




And then, as for “3.
Overcome all kinds of events”……



If I could, I’d find the Hero quickly, throw everything at them and retreat to somewhere else.

However, I may not be able to find the Hero immediately, and there are nasty events called in B&B, and there’s one, or even two…… maybe three or four of them per character.



For example, in the case of the famous , there’s “an event in which the character dies if you make the wrong choice or left unattended”, and if there’s no action taken about that, he will be killed by his own brother in the middle of the second year in-game time.



In addition, there’s a larger version called , where if you make a wrong choice, a rebellion may cause the city to become a slum, the city to submerge underwater, the city to fly, the city to fall and be wiped out, or simply to be attacked by monsters and fall, or a mysterious army may form and turn against some of the characters.
The terrain could change and the roads could become impassable, but anyhow, it would be quite disastrous.



Even if I decided to live for myself, I can’t afford to miss many of such events, so I’d like to do something about them if I could intervene……



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The problem, however, is that the event flags are insanely complicated.

The timing of their occurrence depends on both the progress of the game and the actual date, and they can also be affected by the status of the event and the characters involved.



(First…… Spit out some game knowledge.)



Whatever happens, the game knowledge I know is my weapon that trumps all else.

Some events are already beyond my memory, but there’s no way to plan without putting it all on paper.



Besides, people’s memories are vague.

Even this knowledge I remember now may be forgotten after some time.



(……It can’t be helped.
Let’s do this.)



Taking out another notebook, I began to write in it the details of the events and its conditions, relying on my memory.






※ ※ ※






I spent a few hours pondering in front of my notebook.



(I’ve written something crazy……)



When I came to myself and looked at my notebook, I found that a tremendous amount of information had been written in it.

My memory is a little hazy in some areas, but I’m amazed at how I was able to remember so much about a game I had played several years ago.



I was so absorbed in writing it down that I’m starting to think that this is now some kind of prophecy book.

If this gets into the wrong hands, I feel like this could be a big problem.



(If this were a novel, this would get stolen by an enemy in the latter half of the story and become a big problem.
I’m quite familiar with tropes like that.)



I’ve gotta watch out and make sure no one sees this.

It was at that moment when I thought like that……


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Before I knew it, I realized that a shadow had covered my hand.



My heart skipped a beat.

A cold sweat broke out at the worst premonition I had in mind.



That’s right……

I had completely forgotten about her……

I wasn’t the only one in this room.



(No, wait.
Let’s take a moment here……)



Of all the time, it could have happened at a time like this.

This shouldn’t have happened.



As I prayed that what I had in mind wasn’t happening, I turned around.




[Nii…… -san……]




However, my prayers went unanswered.

Standing there was a girl, Rex’s younger sister, Resilia, with a ghastly expression on her face.






I can’t think of a word of excuse.



Spread out on the desk at the inn was a notebook with a series of events that clearly could only be future events, such as “The Rebellion in Frelia Town” and “The Assassination of the Prince of Light, Ain”.

Then, her eyes scanned another notebook with a crossed-out “I will return to my original world”, and when she caught the page with “I will live in this world!” written in large, bold letters, I saw her expression become despairingly intense.



Her face pale, she thrust her drawn sword before me and asked with trembling lips.




[———–Rex nii-san, no…… Who are you?]

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