She’s my drug

She\'s rude

Chapter Two

The person who has bumped into Raina stared at her in disbelief. She frowned seeing his face. He has very good looks, like hes gorgeous but looks like a pauper. That wasn Rainas problem as he made her phone fall from her hand. She felt so annoyed and enraged but he doesn look moved at all.

”You should calm down. Here. ” He bent down and picked up the phone, then stretched the phone forward to her.

”Heres your phone. Sorry for bumping into you. ” He apologized calmly.

She rudely snatched the phone, ”You are one arrogant person. You should be on your knees begging for my mercy yet you feel so sure of yourself! Just who do you think you are?! ”

”You weren watching your way, yet I said nothing. Its your fault and I still apologized. Tell me lady, what planet are you from? ” He asked folding his arms.

Rainas frown deepened, this man really has the guts to talk back at her.

”You!.. ”

”Whats going on here? ” Carlys voice came from the background.

Carly stopped in front of both of them, she gasped when she saw the man in front of her friend.

”Hes so gorgeous. ” She thought.

”She bumped into me, I apologized but it seems shes not ready to take it. ” He explained to Carly.

Carly smiled at him, ”Don worry about my friend Mr. She really has a lot going on in her head, that must be why shes so grumpy. ”

”Carly!.. ” Raina frowned.

Carly ignored her and faced the gorgeous man in front of her.

”I apologize on behalf of my friend. Please don be mad at us. ”

The young man smiled at Carly, it seems shes more reasonable than the other one whos grumpy and rude. Not only that, he thinks Carly is familiar and quite beautiful.

”Theres no problem. You are beautiful by the way. ”

Carly blushed, ”Thanks. ”

”Ill take my leave now. ” He took one last look at Raina who is glaring at him before leaving.

Raina rolled her eyes and frowned at Carly.

”You shouldn have let him leave without apologizing properly. ”

”Oh please. He already apologized to you for something that was clearly your fault. You don expect him to roll on the floor and decorate you with flowers before you accept an honest apology. ” Carly scoffed.

”He was rude to me! ”

”Speak of being rude, do you have any idea how many people you have been rude to in your life? I do not want to argue tonight. Lets go have dinner, Im famished. ”

Carly walked back to the restaurant. She had seen Raina arguing with the man from the restaurant as she took her seat. She knows Raina would not let him go and could do something worse, so she intervened.

She never expected the man to be this gorgeous, she smiled just thinking about him.

Raina sighed when she saw how dreamy her friend was. Admitting the man is good looking doesn mean she would accept his rude behavior.

”What are your plans for the weekend? ” Carly asked halfway through dinner.

”Work. ” Raina replied simply.

Carly already knew what the answer would be. She frowned, and devoured a drumstick before facing her back.

”I know you go to work. Is there any other thing you don do aside from work? ”

Raina didn reply. She continued eating ignoring her ranting friend.

”I have plans for the weekend. Lets visit the beach. ”

Raina shook her head, ”You know how impossible that is. ”

”Make it possible or Ill force mom and dad to push you off. ” Carly threatened.

Rainas parents would agree with Carly because they know Raina overworks herself on purpose. She doesn have to work so hard yet she chooses to engross herself with work everyday. Not giving herself a chance to live a happy and healthy life.

”Fine. I will think about it. So give me some peace. ”

Carly smirked knowingly. Going to the beach this weekend was planned. This way, she can try to match Raina with someone.


Raina walked to the car alone. Carly had gone back home because of an emergency, she took a cab back and asked Raina not to worry. Raina felt at ease, at least there would be no nagging on the way home. She got into the car and started the engine.

She drove out of the restaurant into the quiet road. Things didn go as planned as the car suddenly stopped on the way.

Looking around, she saw the area was quiet and people go to sleep quite early around here. She got down and checked the car, not understanding what the problem is. She called her driver to come pick her up with another car. She waited outside the other car getting cold chills.

She felt like someone was watching her but she didn know who. Just like in every quiet area, something good is not expected to happen to a lonely female. Some men walked her way, she did not move or say anything. Those men stopped when they saw her.

They saw an opportunity to bully and rob her, because she looks so rich.

e too beautiful to be out here alone. ” One of them said grumpily.

”Ive heard that lame line too many times already. Pick another line. ” She replied rudely, her stubbornness wouldn let her shake at the sight of these men.

They all looked at each other and frowned.

”Stubborn and feisty. I like that. You won be saying much anymore when Im done with you. ”

He moved close to her and tried touching her, she hit him in the groin sending him to the ground. The man groaned in pain and cussed. Then he ordered his men to get her, Raina was outnumbered so she ran off.

They chased after her, she kept running until she stopped at a few buildings. She got into the dark place and stayed there quietly. The men were still looking for her around the area.

When she heard nothing, she decided to move out. As soon as she got out, she checked around and saw no one. A strong pair of hands suddenly dragged her back into the dark, covering her mouth. She couldn move, she thought she had been caught. Not until she saw those men moving around again, her eyes widened.

If it wasn them, then who is holding her?

”You might want to calm down till they
e gone. ” A familiar voice whispered to her.

She listened to the person and stayed still till they were gone. Then the person moved his hands from her mouth and released her. He walked ahead of her, they stepped out in the open. She finally saw his face under the moonlight. There was shock evident on her face but she refused to act like it.

”Im supposed to thank you for this right? ” She asked instead of thanking him.

He shook his head, ”You still don want to be humble I see. You
e making me feel like helping you was a bad idea. ”

Raina frowned, ”I would have helped myself if you didn help me. Stop feeling so great. ”

”Fine then. I guess you know your way out of here. Excuse me. ” He began walking away.

Rainas pride was hurt a bit. She knows this place is not where she is familiar with, leaving here on her own could lead to meeting those men again. She saw the retreating figure of the man, she suddenly followed him. He stopped noticing she was following him.

”Why are you following me? ” He asked her.

She scoffed in pretense, ”I wasn following you. I am only looking for my way out. ”

”She is stubborn. ”He thought. She still won admit or be grateful for the help he rendered her.

”Im not looking for the way out. You shouldn follow me, if you need help. You know what to do. ” He said and continued walking.

Raina closed her eyes and muttered, ”Please. ”

He did not stop walking, he heard her. But he wanted her to ask properly and loud, so he pretended not to hear.

”Please show me the way out. ” She finally said loud and clear.

He smirked and turned.

”That wasn hard was it? Follow me. ”

Raina pictured herself strangling him. She is used to having people bow to her and respect her. Yet this man acts like he doesn know who she is, he seems so arrogant and that annoys her more.

”Thats the road. You should know the way back to your car. ” He told her as they got to the road.

Raina saw her car at a distance, then she saw someone looking around the car. She recognized the person to be her driver.

”How did you know I came with a car? ” She asked him.

”Is that important? I know someone like you wouldn be at shady places like this without a reason. ”

At least he said something reasonable, she thought.

”Ill go ahead now. Thank you. ” She said without looking at him.

He smiled and watched her leave. Very stubborn.

Raina got to the car and met her driver. She didn say anything else as she got into the other car. The driver drove her home immediately, she was very exhausted. She got out of the car and stormed the mansion. It seems her family already left for bed, though it wasn so late.

She guessed it is because of the weather, the storm has been threatening to fall all day. And it was getting close enough.

She walked upstairs to her bedroom. She opened the door and was met with a startle. She frowned upon seeing who was in her bedroom.

”Frieda! What are you doing in my bedroom? ” She yelled.

Her little sister who was twenty, Freida Williams smirked evily. She wanted to give her sister a scare, since she wasn around for dinner.

”You didn come home for dinner. You didn pick up your calls, I wanted to know why. ” Freida said.

”Get out of my room Freida. I didn come home for dinner because I already had it with Carly. Did you have to get into my room to ask me that? ”

Freida shrugged, ”Mom and dad are worried that you are still working. They had me investigate the matter. ”

Raina rolled her eyes, ”This is just too much. If you do not wish to die, stop coming into my room without my permission. ”

Freida walked to the door, ”My job here is done anyway. Ill be leaving now. ”

Raina opened the door, ”You
e not welcome. ”

She shut the door as soon as Freida left. Freida went to inform her parents then retired to her own room. Instead of helping in the family business like Raina, Freida rather pursued her own dream of being a lawyer. Shes one of the companys lawyers, so either way shes still working for the family.

While their younger brother, Sam is still trying to cope with high school. The Williams never thought they would have a male child after Freida until four years later. Sam is expected to keep the Williams bloodline going, as hes the only male child.

Sam is less interested in the family business, hes more into making music.

This leaves Raina alone to shoulder all the responsibility of the family business and her own business. Yet they feel like Raina is only finding a perfect excuse to get away from reality.

Raina walked into the bathroom after pulling off her clothes. She laid down in her tub and closed her eyes. Her mind drifted to the evenings event.

She never expected all that. And that arrogant guy came to help her out even after she insulted him. She thought its fair enough that he helped her. At least she won be thinking of dealing with him anymore.

She stayed there and almost fell asleep due to fatigue. She walked out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and fell on the bed. She was very tired and didn even have time to change her clothes. She fell asleep like that on the bed.

Tomorrow would be another stressful work day.

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