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Williams Corporation

The atmosphere wasn so friendly and it showed that there was a very heavy storm coming soon. A very expensive black car stopped in front of the big corporation. Everyone outside rushed in to their various places as they already know who came in.

No one wanted another trouble therefore, they all had to behave.

She stepped down from the car and slammed the door. Her aura a bit overwhelming and covering the whole area. It is very evident she is an elegant lady judging from the way she is dressed. Her very expensive black suit and sunglasses with her shoes, everything shows wealth.

”Good morning President Raina. ” Her most trusted assistant Kelvin Greene said to her.

”Is the meeting room ready? ” She asked fiercely.

Kelvin nodded, ”Yes President. ”

”Tell those marketing department to meet me right away. Don waste time. ” She ordered and walked away.

Everyone were already in their various workplaces by the time she got there. No one wanted to be on her bad side. President Raina is not someone you can deal with or offend. She is ruthless and very ill mannered. She will say and do hurtful things without caring about the consequences.

Raina Williams is the first child of the Williams family in Sunshine City. Their family holds a fair share of popularity and power in the city. They have the largest empire and a lot of uncountable assets around the country and the world.

Raina happens to be in control of most of that now since her family gave her the right to everything. As the first child of the family, she has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulder. Shes the CEO of the company, and her own company Rainhigh corporation.

Most people think it is due to frustration that she is very rude. Some say its because shes from a rich home. Others think she has a personality disorder so she is acting that way because of the sickness. Her family is being talked about by everyone in the city but she doesn care.

Her character has been a thing of gossip for everyone. Her family knows her too well. Shes not easy to deal with, they all hope that perhaps there might be changes one day.

The marketing department all stepped into the meeting room with fear written all over their faces. They didn know why she called all of them but they knew nothing good was coming their way. Whenever Raina does things like this, then shes going to make someone leave the company. As much as she is a terrible boss, no one wanted to leave the company because of its benefits.

The Williams corporation of Sunshine City is the best place to work in. They pay all their workers good salary and the workers all enjoy great benefits. No one would want to leave a place like this, even if the boss is a psycho.

”President… You called us maam. ” The marketing head, Jake Rogers said.

She had the chair backing them before, she turned around when Jake talked to her. They all bowed their heads looking down, hearts beating rapidly due to the fear of what she could do.

Raina looked at them disgustingly. She wanted to go close to them and tear them bits by bits but she didn . She has better ways to deal with them.

”Mr Rogers, your team of workers is the most disgusting and lazy team Ive ever met. You all have made nothing but rubbish since you started working. I don believe in any luck. I want to believe you all worked hard yet everything I am seeing here shows you all sit at your desks doing nothing all day. ” She began scolding them.

Jake bowed his head in shame. It is true. The marketing department has done nothing great since the last month. It seems sales are going down instead of going up, yet its not their fault. Partly it is, but what would the boss say if they complained?

”I am very sorry President. It is my fault for not asking for more help or advice. Please forgive me and give me one last chance. ” Jake pleaded.

He was a middle aged man and this job meant a lot to him and his family. He is earning enough to send his daughter and son to college, and also take care of his wife and last child. Losing this job would be the beginning of so many misfortune.

That was none of Rainas business, she has fired a lot of important people in the past three years as the president of the company. She would do a lot more to people who refuse to be obedient to her.

”Really? Another chance for you to bring down this company? You all are spies right? You have been sent by my rivals to destroy this empire. I am very sure you are leaking all confidential information to them. ” Raina frowned.

Jake quickly shook his head, ”No President. This is all a mistake, we will do better if we
e given another chance. ”

”You have one week to fix the mess you all created or you won just be losing your jobs. Youll be meeting me in court. ”

”Get out of my sight. ”

They all rushed out of the meeting room. No one dares to grumble or say anything. They all know how sharp her ears are, that person could get everyone in trouble if not fished out. The mere fact that she gave them another opportunity is a big grace. She must be in her good mood to not fire them today.

Her assistant Kelvin Greene came forward respectfully. Even if everyone was scared of her, he wasn . He has been her assistant for five years, that was before she took over her family business. He still accords her with respect, she wasn going to fire him no matter what he did wrong.

She could only suspend him for a few days or scold him.

”President Raina, you have a visitor at the office. ” He told her.

”Who is it? ” She asked holding her head tiredly. She could only show how tired she was in front of Kelvin. She was stronger in front of the others, only close people know how worn out she is. Yet her stubbornness never lets her ask for help.

”Your best friend Carly. ”

She shook her head, ”Tell her Ill be out. Prepare for the next meeting with the new investors. ”

”Yes, President. ” Kelvin walked out of the meeting room to the office.

He met Carly sitting on the couch in Rainas office, he smiled. They were very good friends too, his secretary informed him of Carlys arrival.

”Hi Kelvin! Whats up? ” Carly smiled showing her beautiful dimples and set of white teeth, her big brown eyes sparkling in the day light.

Unlike Raina who was a burnett with green eyes, Carly had a shiny red hair. Her skin is also fairly white, she is very much beautiful than Raina. Though Raina is beautiful in her own way, her rude behavior has made people to see less of the beauty and more of the bad character.

”Im good Carly. President Raina would join you soon. I just wanted to see your face. ” He replied.

”Thanks. I know that bitch must be back there yelling at you and the others. If she does anything funny, don hesitate to tell me. ” Carly frowned remembering her friends behavior.

Carly is part of the few people who can talk to Raina without fear of her rudeness. Carlys very crazy and she loves her friend a lot. At least they have been good friends since they met in college, so nothing she does shakes anything now.

Kelvin smiled, he had seen Carly scold Raina before. He knew Raina would listen to her even if she doesn want to.

”I know what you can do Carly. Don worry, Im used to your friend already. I have to go now, Ill talk to you later when I am less busy. ”

”Sure. I also want to see you later on. ”

Kelvin walked out of the office to prepare for the coming meeting like Raina asked. Raina came into the office a while later, Carly frowned on seeing her. Raina knew she was about to go through a series of scolding from her best friend.

”What have you been doing back there? They didn tell you how long I have been waiting here all day? ” Carly scolded.

Raina rolled her eyes, ”All day? I haven even been here for up to an hour and you were here all day? ”

”I don care. You better stop keeping me waiting or Im going to deal with you the next time I am here. ”

Raina isn surprised as this is what Carly says this everytime but does nothing.

”Don you have a photoshoot or something to do today? ” Raina asked sitting at her desk.

Carlys main job is modelling, shes popular and very talented. She also helps in managing her mothers big restaurant once in a while. So she has a lot of time to go around while Raina is filled with a lot of work.

”No. I am practically jobless. All I want to do all day is to sit here and argue with you! ” Carly replied with a full note of sarcasm.

”I didn say that Carly. Fine, what do you want me to do for you? ” Raina surrendered.

Theres no way she would work in peace today if she doesn comply to doing what Carly wants.

”I want us to have dinner together tonight. Don you dare say no. ”

”You didn even give me a chance to complain. ” Raina frowned.

”Thats because you have no chance. We
e going to have dinner together tonight and thats final. Take some time of work and live your life a little. You keep working like your life depends on it, this is a mans job not yours. ”

”Your point is, I should get married? ” Its Rainas turn to be sarcastic.

”Yeah. Get married bitch! You
e freaking twenty five! ”

”And you
e twenty four but whos counting. ”

Carly palmed her face. Talking to her friend would never yield to anything.

”At least Ive got a boyfriend. I ** him everytime so Im good. Get a ** mate even if you don want to be married. You
e wrinkling and you look like an old witch. ” Carly scoffed folding her arms.

Raina didn want to argue with Carly anymore. It seems pointless. Carly is always trying to convince her to date men, and puts her on blind dates sometimes. Yet no one understands why she has refused to be in any romantic relationship.

Most people think it is because of her personality, she may not be able to keep a relationship for long.


Evening came, she was done with work. She got into her black car and drove to Carlys apartment. Unlike Raina who lives in her family Villa, Carly lives alone in order to have her freedom and happiness. She thinks living with her parents at this age might be too suffocating.

”You took too long to arrive. Whats wrong with you? Can you just leave the work for the people and meet an appointment on time? ” Carly scolded as she got into the car.

Raina checked the time and saw she was only a few minutes late.

”I don care if you
e not late. You are supposed to come on time. You
e simply annoying! ”

”Ill pretend I didn hear that. ” Raina ignited the car and drove off ignoring her nagging friend.

Carly kept nagging and scolding Raina on the way. They finally got to the restaurant where they were having dinner. It is not Carlys moms own, this is another restaurant downtown and their favorite spot. They alighted from the car and got inside, Raina already took off her suit jacket.

Carly walked ahead of Raina. Rainas phone rang and she turned to check on the caller when she bumped into someone. Her phone fell down from her hand making her fume in anger.

”How dare you! ”

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