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Chapter 1 Part 11 – A Mistake Confession (11) – NeoSekai Translations

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It has been two weeks since I have been absent from school.

I might already have one foot in truancy, or maybe both at this point.

Even so, I couldn’t bring myself to go to school.

If I went to school, my classmates would give me a hard time.

I knew that Touya and Ruri wouldn’t care about me anyway…

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“Ruri must have told Touya about the confession after all.”

I mumbled something like that as I crawled into bed, even though it was already time for classes to start.

While I was absent from school, I never heard from Ruri.

In the past, when something like this happened, she would call me or even come to my house.

…But not at all this time.
She hasn’t done so since she started dating Touya.

Could it be that Ruri has been using me all this time to be with Touya?

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That was what I’ve been thinking lately.

I couldn’t say that it was impossible.
After all, there was the case of Touya.

With each passing day, Ruri took advantage of me, and the truth was that she hates me… and these thoughts began to take over my head…

“Stop messing with me.”

By the time I had been out of school for a month, I had come to hate Ruiri.

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Not only her.
I also hated Touya.

I bet they are both laughing at me right now.

I made a mistake, that was for sure.
…But there was no reason for me to go through this kind of treatment.

I hope both Ruri and Touya suffer the same thing I did…

Even as I thought this, I found myself thinking of Touya as my best friend.

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I never lost my feelings for Ruri either.

Even now, I could clearly say that I love her.

My feelings were so messed up that I didn’t know what to do anymore.

And I hated myself the most.

—I must be a volatile person.

In the end, I never went to school from then until graduation.

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