Shades of Eternity

Grief, The Price for Love

”Thank you, ” Elijah breathed, in awe, after they had left the Salvatore Boarding house.

He had almost died at the hands of vampires less than a quarter of his age, and yet rage did not flood his mind. More thankful than ever, that Avra saved his life for their next meeting could have very well been in another life. All the time in the world spent with her and it would never be enough.

”Ah.. yes, welcome. ” She said casually, slightly distracted. She shifted her focus back to him, ”Personally, I think you should have ripped out another heart or two. Recently, their arrogance has been out of bounds. Baby vampires daring to lift a finger at Originals, ”

He hummed slightly in agreement.

”Come with me, ” She asked him suddenly.

”Where? ” He questioned.

”Do you trust me? ”

”Always. ” He said, immediately without an inch of hesitation.

She smiled in melancholy and extended her hand to him. He looked at her hand momentarily, emotions brewing in him and clasped it in hers. She sped them out of the clearing.

An Original Vampire he was, but being flashed around by someone else was yet a foreign experience. The wind hitting his face and his eyes sparkling, like a child sprinting through the playground, racing as Avra steered them around. They finally came to a halt infront of an old graveyard.The night had befallen by them, with creatures of the dark looming around in the sky and the occassional soft, creepy mutterings of madmen surrounding them. As his eyes adjusted to the new site, he realized that they were standing over a grave, her grave.

A site that would be etched into his brain for eternity, where they had buried her centuries ago, with swollen eyes and tearful goodbyes.

She looked into his eyes, her swirling with incomprehensible emotions.

She sat down upright, leaning against the tombstone and patted the space next to her invitingly.

He seemed hesitant momentarily but when could he ever deny her anything.

She could ask for the stars, and he would burn his skin off to give her the Sun.

”I cannot turn back time, and take away your pain,Eijah. My death made you all suffer immensely, and I understand that.

But the past cannot be erased, only overwritten.

I may not have had a say earlier but I will fight for always and forever, till death comes for us all. ”

”As undead, what are we but forever cursed to loom over the threshold between unmarked graves and an unsolicited,solitary existence.Choosing between the greater of the two evils, the darkness six feet under and the one in our souls.But in this lifetime and the next, I choose you. ”

She murmured softly.

”I have walked through the gates of hell in death, and I would never wish that fate upon you. So, obviously, I am more than a bit sensitive about you dying. Watching you almost die, albeit temporarily, felt horrible, while probably only a fraction of what you mightve felt. ”

”So, I suppose what I want to say is, Don you dare die on me, Mikaelson. ”

”I won . Always and forever,right. ” After Avras heartfelt confession, shocked and touched Elijah, could barely rasp out these words.

Despite desperately wanting to hold her in his arms and reassure her that it would all be alright, he instead, chose to pat her hand softly and lay his beside hers.

She looked at his hand and smiled weakly.

She then, tried to lighten up and said, ”Now, how about a beautiful night under the stars? ” She motioned to the sky.

”Of course,my lady. ”

They spent the night under the moonlit sky and for the first time since death, Avra and Elijah were happy.


Few hours later, Elijah and Avra flashed to the lake house where Stefan and Elena were enjoying their vacation. Their audacity had to be dealt with, they couldn dare to threaten an Original with no repercussions.

Elijah picked up a stray rock and swung it at the house, shattering the windows. Avra leaned against the houses infrastructure, invisible in the shadows. Elena and Stefan straightened up, their back against the wall, trying to hide from his line of sight.

”I may not be able to enter the house but I am a very patient man. I will wait you out. ”

He called out threateningly, while they panicked.

Bravely, Elena stepped forward, coming to a halt, just before the threshold of the house.

”Id like to see you lure Klaus to Mystic falls after the doppelganger bleeds to death. ”

She said, trying to negotiate with the only leverage she had, her own life. She swung a dagger around for added effect.

He rolled his eyes with exasperation, when would she ever learn.

”Stefan won let you die. ”

”No, he won . He will feed me his blood and then I will kill myself and become a vampire, just like Katherine did. ” She bluffed.

Avra, too, thought that it was a pathetic attempt. The girl would never survive as a vampire, she thought them monsters. She would either die, mistaken for Katherine, become a ripper and have her heart staked by a hunter or out of self pity.

Death was her destiny.

”Then I will rip out your heart and of all those you love.Mystic Falls will rain with blood. As a vampire, you would hold no value in the supernatural community but would inherit all of Katherines enemies. How long do you suppose the Salvatores can protect you? ”

Elena briefly contemplated over his words, but after finding no other way out, she decided to try to bluff her way out of it. She stabbed herself in the stomach,blood gushing out.

This startled Elijah. He knew that Elena was not Katherine, who would do anything to survive, even at the cost of her own life. But he thought that she would do anything for her loved ones and thus, believed her act. This would be his hubris, his downfall.

He couldn have her ruining his plans and pushed forward to try and feed her his blood.

Elena took her chance and stabbed him in the heart with the silver dagger.

He started greying up and faded out of consciousness while looking at Avra regretfully.

Meanwhile,Avra was about to let out a blood curling scream but desperately stifled her cries with a clasped hand. They had just been reunited and now he was torn from her embrace again.

The Fates only wished them misery and their destiny was inexplicably cruel.

Unfortunately, She couldn reveal her presence here and undagger him. It would ruin everything that she had done since moving to Mystic Falls.

”For the Greater Good, The Greater Good. ” She tried reassuring herself.

She spent the rest of the night, lying on the cold,hard ground, gazing at the stars alone.

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