Shades of Eternity

The Stars and their Marred Love

”Revenge over Klaus or Avra? ”

Were you to ask Elijah Mikaelson this question, you would immediately have your heart ripped out. However, while he stood over your corpse, blood dripping from the heart in his grasp, He would whisper softly,

”Avra, a thousand times over. In every lifetime. ”

”Always. ”

Hence, right now, he was deliberating canceling his entire plans of revenge and walking off into the sunset with Avra. He wasn naive, life rarely gave second chances and if he spent it all hell-bent on revenge, instead of chasing happiness. It would be tragic. And he couldn possibly bear losing her again.

As he and Avra explored the Fell lines, accompanying Ms. Sommers on a historical tour of the town for his book, such thoughts swarmed his mind. He had always loved her company and he didn want anything to jeopardize that.

They were discussing the ”founding of Mystic Falls ” when Jenna introduced him to Alaric Saltzman, the friendly vampire hunter.The man was clearly threatened by him and felt the need to show dominance. Obviously, he wouldn pursue Jenna but wanted to mock him.

e one of the people on Elenas list of loved ones to protect. ” He said smiling genially, when Ms. Sommers had gone to pick up a few surveys from her car.

”And so is Jenna. ” Alaric snarked back.

”You don have to be jealous,I rarely pursue younger women. ” Elijah mocked, briefly glancing at Avra, who was completely disinterested in the conversation, with her attention enraptured by the rising horizon.

He smiled lightly at the inside joke.


That evening, Elijah told her that Damon and his girlfriend, Andie Starr were organizing a dinner party and had invited him. Obviously, it was a trap but they didn know that if they tried anything,well, heads would roll.

She met Damon at the grill to secure an invitation for the party. She simply wouldn show up uninvited, it was below her.

”Word around town is you
e hosting a party, and you didn invite me, how dare you? ”

She said, mock offended as she sat down in front of him.

”Im sure the invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. ” He countered immediately.

She punched his shoulder. ”Ow, alright, fine. ” He relented, ”Avra, you are cordially invited to the Salvatore boarding house for dinner. ”

”Thank you, Now, was that so hard? ” She said patronizingly.

”Very. ” That earned him another punch in the shoulder.


Avra arrived at the door of the Salvatore Boarding house and was going to ring the bell when she was joined by Elijah. He was wearing a three piece suit and had put a significant amount of effort into his hair, clearly, in an attempt to impress someone.

”How do I look? ” He asked her, fishing for a compliment.

”Not a day over thousand, darling. ” She said with a chefs kiss.

He chuckled and said, ”You look beautiful, miamore. ” He offered her his hand, having been enamored with her for centuries now.

Unfortunately, she couldn take his hand as Damon interrupted them, opening the door at that very moment.

TW:violence, graphic

The dinner had been going suprisingly well, excluding the childish feud between John and everyone else. Who even invited him?

Ms.Sommers, or Jenna as she preferred, had undertaken the role of a lovely host despite not having to. From a brief interaction with the lady, she had found Jenna to be a wonderful woman who deserved better than Alaric, really, and her family who insisted on keeping her in the dark. After dinner, as they were clearing he plates, Andie suggested that the gentlemen take their drinks to the study. Offended at the implication, she decided to join them just as Elijah interjected, ”I have to say that the food was almost as wonderful as the company. ” A controversial statement, when left unto interpretation, Avra observed. She was almost certain that it wasn directed at her.

When they went to the study, Elijah and Damon bantered uselessly when a comment he made about books garnered her attention, ”Before them, people actually had memories. ”

He said, wistfully while looking into her eyes. She was unsure of what he meant by the passive aggressive comment when Alaric interrupted them for dessert. She would ponder over the details later.

They returned to the dining room. They were peacefully enjoying the delicious dessert, without being disrupted.

Unfortunately, all hell broke loose when she noticed Alaric reaching for a glimmering silver dagger and immediately connected the dots. This was no peace offering, Damon was using Alaric to commit his nefarious bidding.

They were going to kill Elijah.

She threw a soup plate at him and it sliced his head off as the dagger was midway inside Elijahs heart. The plate embedded itself in the patterned wall. Alarics headless body fell down on the carpeted floor with blood pooling underneath.

Elijah recovered and pulled the dagger out of his heart. He stopped greying immediately and the colour returned to his face. He flashed to Damon and plunged his hand inside his chest. He held his heart in his grasp as he threatened him,

”How dare you? ”

”I am centuries older than you,boy.You have one job, keep the doppelganger safe and the next time you let your mind deviate from that, I will separate it from your body. I will rip out the mental faculties you are clearly not utilizing and feed your brother your entrails as you beg for mercy. Fear me, Mr. Salvatore, for I will not show mercy to those who betray me.Are we clear? ”

Damon hastily nodded his head sporadically, attempting to convince Elijah of his loyalty.

Satisfied with his reaction, he removed his hand from his chest. Damon immediately gasped and fell down, holding a hand over his chest as it healed. He was in unimaginable agony.

”And as an example of what happens to those who move against me, let me leave you with a final present. ”

He flashed towards John, who had been watching in fear as soon as Alaric had failed, hoping that Elijah wouldn know of his involvement. He grabbed him by his collar and banged his head against the cabinet.

”And, now onto you. ” Elijah and Avra were unsure about how the man had procured a dagger that could put down an Original, but they could make an educated guess. Either Niklaus had gotten careless or a witch brought more of them into existence, the latter not being an option they favored. Nonetheless, the man had to be punished and what better than to make him the very creature he detested the most, a vampire.

He fed him some of his blood and ripped his heart out slowly. He dropped his heart on the carpet like it was a disease and pulled out a handkerchief to clean the blood from his hand.

The vervain that John so fondly, regularly ingested wouldn benefit him now. It would burn in his veins, eating him from the inside as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Were he to chose to not complete his transition, it would be easier for them to extract information from him as a dying mans last confessions but were he to complete the transition, they would have to go about this the traditional way.

Avra casually watched the chaos unfold with her arms folded around her chest and a bored look on her face.

Elijah looked at her and then, sped out of the room, silently asking her to follow him.Once he had left, Damon regained his bearings and in a moment of rage, made the mistake of threatening her.

”What the hell did you think you were doing? ”

He grabbed her in a choke hold and pushed her against the wall. She casually removed his hand from her throat, crushing his fingers in the process and slammed him against the wall.

”Saving your lives. ” Avra shrugged nonchalantly, raising an eyebrow as if daring him to oppose her. ”A human against an Original, really? The whole room would have been slaughtered before you could blink. ” She rolled her eyes and started walking away.

She doubled back momentarily, ”Also, the next time you lay a hand on me, I will slice off your head, dangle your entrails from the wall and rip out your spleen before you can utter a cry for help.So take caution, Salvatore. You do not wish to make an enemy of me. ”

She bid him farewell with a two fingered wave.

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