Shades of Eternity

History and Verity

TW: violence

”Zdravei Katerina, I have missed you. ”

Avra whispered in Katherines ear when Damon and Stefan had lured her into a secluded room during the Masquerade Ball.

Katherine shriveled up in fear at the voice.It sent shivers up her spine.Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart hammered against her centuries.

”Careful. I heard your heart slip. ” Avra breathed while twirling a strand of Katherines hair.

Finally regaining her senses after being paralysed by her fear, she attempted to flee. She flashed to the door but was horrified when she was pushed back by an invisible barrier.

”Now, now, darling. We
e just getting started. ” Avra mocked as she slowly walked upto Katherine and grabbed her neck. She held her up in the air by her throat, choking her as her hands helplessly clasped around her neck.She threw her upon the ground and started walking away.

”Shes all yours, ” She motioned to Damon and Stefan, ”Have at it.I,for one, am going to get a drink. ”

She knew Katherine wouldn die. The Salvatores might think themselves capable of delivering her at deaths door, but she knew better. She was Katherine Pierce, she was a survivor, well atleast as long as Niklaus wasn in town. She wasn forgiving her or leaving her alive, she was simply letting Klaus do the dirty work for her. Besides, he would thoroughly enjoy torturing and maiming her, it could be her present to him. He had always been more vengeful than her,anyway.

She could detect the presence of a witch in the ballroom, must have been Katherines backup plan.She was going to stay away from that one, after centuries of dealing with the aftermath of witches and their crap, she had grown attuned to their presence.For people who constantly highlighted witches being dragged down by vampire problems, huh, they sure forget their own crap. For now, she had a party to enjoy.

A few hours later,a masked man clasped his hand over Elenas mouth as she struggled. He grabbed her in the Lockwoods driveway and dumped her in the back of his car after gagging her.

A few feet away, Avra leaned against one of the newly constructed buildings and stepped out of the shadows when the car drove off.

Mystic falls would rain with blood and powerful people were on their way to the town for the doppelganger.

”And so it begins. ” She muttered darkly while breaking into maniacal laughter.

Later, she would learn that Damon had shut Katherine inside the walls of the cave underneath the church ruins, something about poetic justice and all that.


The next morning, she would wake up to the sound of her ringing cell phone.

”No sleep for the wicked, huh. ” She chuckled quietly to herself as she picked it up.

”What do you want? ” She questioned immediately.

”Oh well, Hello to you,too, Avra. I am fine,thanks for asking. ”

” ”Avra enunciated.

”Elenas been kidnapped by someone from Katherines past. That puts them at 500 years and stronger. Meet me at the boarding house in half an hour. ” He said directly.

”Did you just order me? ” Avra narrowed her eyes, she might have been pretending to befriend them but she would not be disrespected by a mere child. She ought to rip his heart out for that insult.

She calmed herself down and tried to be casual, ”Whats the magic word? ”

”I love you? ” he said, only receiving a cocked brow in return.

”Fine.Please,Pretty please with a cherry on top would you help us? ”He finally gave in.

”Now, was that so difficult? Yes, Damon, I will help you.

By the way, I love you is a sentence. ” With that she cut the call and dropped her phone on the bed.

”Young vampires, so arrogant. ”

She muttered distastefully and started getting dressed.


Avra entered the boarding house, as the scene of the Ripper of Monterrey nervously shuffling and pacing around came into her sight.

”Ah yes! A knight in shining armour anxious to save his damsel in distress. ” She commented mentally, chuckling.

This drew Stefans attention who immediately approached her and said,

”Please come in, Avra.I asked Bonnie if she could locate Elena, and she did a spell. It brought her to an abandoned house about 300 miles from here. Although she could only get the general area, google maps show there is nothing around there for miles. ”

”Alright, then, seems like you have everything figured out. What do you need me for? ”

”Backup, ” came Damons voice from behind as he walked into the room.


On reaching the house, Damon and Stefan stepped out of the car, arguing about sacrificing their lives for fair Elena. Bored of their antics, Avra tried to listen for any nearby sounds. What she heard, brought an amused but melancholic smile to her face. She heard the voice of Elijah Mikaelson, in all his glory, being as petty and manipulative as ever. Giving Trevor hope momentarily and then snatching it all away. How absolutely cruel! Well, atleast the man didn have to live with the disappointment, as his head was slashed off the next second. Classic delightful Elijah.

They flashed inside the house. Stefan broke a window with a crash while Damon grabbed Elena.

With a dramatic flare, Elijah said, ”Excuse me, to whom it may concern, you
e making a great mistake if you think you can beat me, you can . So, I want the girl on the count of three, or heads will roll. Do we understand each other? ”

Elena appeared at the top of the stairs, ”Please, spare them, they only meant to save me. I will go with you. ”

”What game are you playing with me? ” He asked, suspiciously.

She pulled out the pin of a vervain grenade and threw it in his face, which started to burn fiercely but he soon recovered and started chasing after her.

All this while, Avra remained in the shadows. She wasn their secret weapon or anything such, she just certainly wasn going to do more than the bare minimum.

Stefan started shooting at Elijah while Damon tried staking him, but Elijah recovered first and grabbed him in a choke hold while lifting him from the ground.

”Young vampires, so arrogant! They thought they could take on an Original alone. ”

Avra thought. Taking her chance, she swooped in at the last minute, saving all of them, being their knight in shining armour.

”Toodles. ”

She wiggled her fingers, as she stabbed Elijah in the heart with the coat rack. Tears welled up in his eyes as he saw who it was.

As he lay desiccating, she whispered in his ear,

”Until next time, old friend. ”

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