Shades of Eternity

Musings and Manipulation

Avra looked at the Mystic falls sign board in melancholy and sighed.

The town held her deepest memories- some good but most awful. She did not want to revisit the past and had moved on a long time ago but circumstances had forced her hand.

She had received news of a new Petrova doppelganger and was aware that it would soon reach the ears of most of the supernatural community as well. She knew trouble would soon ensue in the quaint little town of Mystic Falls, where ”nothing bad ever happened ” and had to get a head start.

While she did not adore death, carnage and destruction, if it were to occur, she would at least control the chaos. She, personally had no qualms with the doppelganger, but her blood was a powerful catalyst and she, herself could be a catalyst to the destruction of species. And if nothing, at least a good bargaining chip with powerful people. And well, Avra was incredibly powerful and in search of power. So to Mystic falls she went.

Nature had really **ed the Petrova line over, huh. Made them a supernatural beacon for blood suckers and other moths with no way to defend themselves, but she would not deny that the Petrova women had their charms, their way of getting things done. Thats what made them interesting, having men wrapped around their fingers to do their dirty work while they sat back and watched. And Avra had to respect that.

”Here goes everything. ” She muttered and pushed her luggage along while trying to hail a taxi.


While taking a lovely night stroll across town, She came upon a carnival bustling with activity. Deciding to grace the mere mortals with her presence, She wandered from stall to stall, eating tacos and getting ice-cream. While biting into her ice cream, she noticed a commotion, people hunching over in pain, with police officers injecting tranquilizers and carrying them off to god knows where. Curious, She smelled the vervain that was deposited in the tranquilizing needles.

She clicked her tongue in understanding. It was only the vampires that were falling down.

”Oh, the Bennet Device! This would be interesting. Emily was truly a remarkable witch, shame she was bound to Katherine. ” She thought.

She was an old, old vampire. Measly tricks as such could barely affect her. But nonetheless, She had made sure to make a deal with the Bennet witch when her spies, keeping tabs on Katherine, had informed her of a human-sympathizing witch having made a supernatural detection device. Deals with influential witch lines such as the Bennets were always profitable. Her life would be intertwined with generations of them.

It was when she spotted the fabled doe shaped eyes, now, that wasn a face she had seen in a long time. A face exactly like Katherine and many others before her, but with a human heartbeat, hunching over trying to console a vampire, probably paralysed by the Bennet device. Intrigued, She decided to listen in to their conversation and follow them.

”With the danger she was in, It was unwise to parade around town like that. There was basically a million dollar bounty for her headhunt. ” Avra commented in her mind.

She could finally get a clear look at the vampire near her. Back then, She had been preoccupied with other matters such as her ice-cream, but now she couldn see how she had failed to recognize him. Stefan Salvatore, The Ripper Of Monterey, in the flesh, with some sort of emotional connection with the doppelganger.

She learnt that the doppelgangers name was Elena, Elena Gilbert. Her heritage was truly fascinating- She belonged to one of the most powerful magical lines and also to one of the most renowned supernatural hunters. The girl had always been half heaven and half hell.

The device must have fallen in the hands of one of Elenas relatives who was causing this ruckus, probably for her. Although, she seemed distressed by the situation.

Apparently, the Rippers brother, Damon had also been affected by the device but hadn been as lucky as his brother and was now about to be burnt to a crisp by Elenas father, John Gilbert who was not as vampire positive as her.

She finally decided to appear from the shadows and insert herself into the situation.

With the doppelganger panicking, this was a good moment to get in her good books.

”I can help. I am older and stronger than your vampire friend here. The fire won knock me out immediately. ” She said to Elena, Stefan and the latest Bennet who had just appeared there.

While they were reluctant to take the word of a stranger, they knew Stefan couldn brave the fire alone and Damon was running out of time. Hesitantly, Elena requested, ”Please. ” as she pointed forward.

”Yes, of course. Now, whats his name? ”

”Damon, Damon Salvatore. ”

She immediately flashed into the burning building. The smoke fumes from the fire were already starting to rise, Avra knew she had to be extremely quick in order to not arise suspicion.

She saw that a few vampires were already staked while some were groaning and straining, desperately hanging onto their undead lives. Pitiful lot, they were, but she was only here for one.

”Damon Salvatore ” She yelled, ”Raise your hand if you are still undead. ”

Hearing a strained laugh, She finally spotted him. She flashed over to him and offered him her hand. Albeit confused, He grasped the hand of his savior immediately and she rushed them out of the building.

She handed the coughing and gasping Damon to his brother while the Mystic Falls gang breathed in relief.

”Thank you, really. ” Elena said in gratitude, ”But, Why? ”

”Helping a fellow vampire in need, I just don adore meaningless slaughter. Everyones entitled to life, right. ”

”Who even are you? ” Bonnie questioned.

”Avra, Avra Mikaels ” She answered politely, ”And you must be…a Bennet, Emily was a friend. I can always recognize you all. She was a wonderful witch, you know, and for what its worth, I am truly apologetic for your loss. I heard what happened to your grandmother, Sheila was truly a kind hearted soul. ”

”Thank you. You knew my Grams? I am Bonnie Bennet, by the way. ” Bonnie said, now far less apprehensive of the woman after she knew of her ancestors.

”Yes, I did. You can come to me, if you ever wish to hear tales of her. ” She said wistfully, ”Unfortunately, I must leave but until next time. ” She waved her hand.

”Honestly, Lady seems really shady but she saved my life, and you gotta respect that. ”

Damon broke the silence after Avra had left.

She had weaseled her way into the Mystic Falls gang, learnt the doppelgangers name, caught a glimpse of the latest Bennet and attended a carnival, all in an hour. It had been a productive evening, so far.

Before retiring to her house for the day, She decided to do one final thing, visit Elenas house, get a glimpse of her family and an invitation to their house. So, she asked a sweet-looking old man for directions.

”Excuse me sir, Could you please tell me the way to Elena Gilberts house? I am new in town and Elena and I are old friends. She said I could crash at her place anytime, but we forgot to exchange addresses. ”

”Right, sure, young lady. Just move straight, then take a right turn and the next left turn. Youll see the Gilbert house right up ahead. Say high to Elenas aunt, Jenna, for me. Very nice lady. ”

She was learning more and more about her family dynamic. So, she thanked the old man for the information and left for her destination.

She stopped behind a clearing of trees when she saw Elena and Damon sharing a kiss on the porch of presumingly, the Gilbert Household. She felt the urge to whistle at them but she held it in.

Elena was sweet and smart, sure, but the girl hadn progressed that far up the Petrova ladder yet, to be in the phase where she couldn decide between two brothers. So, that had to be, in all her glory, Katerina Petrova herself.

Elenas aunt, presumingly not interested in seeing her niece kissing an older guy, ushered ”Elena ” in and granted Katherine access to the house and all its delicate humans.

”Elenas aunt was blissfully ignorant. ” Avra hummed . ”That wasn wise but could be beneficial for her. ”

Uninterested in confronting Katherine and all her nonsense, She left for her temporary residence.

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