”This party is so lit ”. Said Andrew, taking a cup of Chapman from the bowl.

”Yeah I know right ”, said Bella, holding a red party disposable cup.

”See all the foods, barbeque and drinks, this is so amazing ”. Said Mark, holding a plate of roasted chicken.

”This is like my first month in this school and Im already enjoying it ”. Said Richard.

The music went loud into the air as the song Jennifer Lopez, dance on the floor played, students of different ethnicity and prestige commingled and danced with each other, there was a blend of discussions, interactions and chatterings from the crowd, groups of people drunk champagne and smoked, the dj was up on the stage, wrapping his hands simultaneously around the turntable and the mixer, suddenly the music stood to an halt.

”ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Portland State University, I hope you guys are having a good time ”.

”Yeah, yeah ”. Applauded the crowd in unison.

”So just enjoy your stay here but for now enjoy the night while it last ”.

A heap of applause and excitement came from the crowd.

”This is kind of like the best party Ive seen in my life ”. Said Mark.

”Yeah me too ”. Said Bella

”So how did you see the orientation exercise? ”. Said Andrew.

”It was cool, fun and I kind of liked the refreshments they served ”. She said, sipping the drink.

”Me too, the snacks was okay and it felt good having to walk around different buildings, walking from one faculty, departments to another ”. Said Andrew.

”Yeah at least I saw places like the student Recreation Center, campus and Grounds Trailer, miller library, parking structure one, two, three and Park mill ”. Said Mark, sipping the champagne.

”Then the halls, they are quite big, Blackstone, Broadway, Montgomery, Ondine, Parkway and Saint Helens residence, they are lovely and quite the view ”. Said Bella, smiling.

”Then the art and corbett building, crown plaza, Science and Education center, Engineering and urban center building, I got to say this school is big ”. Said Mark.

”Very big, its seems theres much halls than other faculties and departments, apart from those halls you mentioned theres others like East, Joseph residence, king Albert, Lincoln, George hall and others, you name it ”. Said Richard, drinking.

”So who stays on campus? ”. Said Mark.

”Me ”. Said Bella.

”Me too ”. Said Andrew.

”I stay off campus, I have a room all to myself ”. Said Richard.

”Me too, I rented an apartment ”. Said Mark, smiling.

”Wow, what can I say ”. She said.

”So what do you guys study ”. Said Mark.

”Im studying sociology ”. Said Bella.

”Architecture ”. Said Richard.

”Political Science ”. Said Andrew.

”Nice one, Im studying theatre arts ”. He said.

”Oh, nice so you want to be like an actor or producer like the likes of Bruce Lee, Tom cruise, Jennifer Aniston right ”. Said Bella.

”Kind of ”. Said Mark, smiling.

”When you make it in the future remember us, Mark ”. Said Andrew, giggling.

”No problem ”. He said, smiling.

”Does anybody care for more Chapman drinks ”. Said Richard.

”Yeah me, grab a bottle when coming, lets share it ”. Said Bella.

”Im fine, Im done drinking, but Im thirsty, just get water for me ”.

”Ok, fine ”. Said Richard.

”Andrew, please where did you say the restroom was, I want to go and wash my hands ”.

”Its just there at that passage but theres no need of going there, theres a sink at the left corner, before you get to the restroom ”.

”Okay thanks ”.

Mark pushed his way through the crowd, then he bumped into a lady.

”Watch where you
e going, now youve spilled my Chapman on my clothes ”. Said the lady in distress.

”Im so sorry for that just let me get a napkin ”. Said Mark, looking upset.

”Theres no need for that, this is a fraternity house, theres too much people partying everywhere ”. She said.

”Im so sorry for this, I was walking so fast, so I didn know when I ran into you ”.

”Alright, apology accepted ”.

”But wait, your face seems familiar, where you at the orientation yesterday? ”.

”Yes I was, wait let me guess, you are Mark right, we met at Lincoln hall ”. She said, looking surprised.

”Yes now I remember, your name is Mary, am I correct ”.

”Yeah, you
e right, we were walking around that hall, then I asked for your pen during the orientation ”.

”Oh yeah, its nice seeing you again ”.

”Me too, so how are you enjoying the party ”.

”Its cool, Im enjoying it, the drinks, the food, my God, if you
e not careful with the champagne, youll get drunk ”.

”Yeah ”. Said Mark.

”No serious, some minutes ago, a lady just threw up and a guy got drunk, he fell off the stairs, Im telling you the drink is strong ”. She said, giggling.

”Wow, thats crazy ”. He said, laughing.

”I wish you were here, you would have laughed your head off, you should have seen the look on everyones face ”.

”Thats a lot of drinking ”.

”What course are you studying? ”.

”Im studying theatre ”.

”Me, Im studying Film and TV production ”.

”Wow, thats cool ”.

”So later, I want to go catch on with my new friends ”.

”Sure, well see some other time, you have my number, just call me ”.

”Okay, I will ”.

Mark hurriedly walked towards the corridor, got to the sink and washed his hands, when he was done, he lifted his hands across the automatic hand dryer and dried them, then he rushed back into the crowd.

”Weve been waiting for you, we all thought youve left the party ”. Said Andrew.

”No I was talking to my friend ”.

”Is it a guy or a girl ”. Said Bella, handling over the table water to Mark.

”It was a girl ”.

”So where is she ”. Said Andrew.

”She went to look for her friends ”.

”Too bad, she can hang out with us ”. Said Bella, drinking.

”Yeah, finally, Ive been thirsty like hell, thanks for the table water ”. Said Mark, opening and sipping the table water.

”I just wish this party can be like forever ”. Said Richard.

”Yeah I wish ”. Said Bella

”Me too ”. Said Mark.


Jack rested his back on the chair and put his legs on the desk, then suddenly he heard footsteps, he stood up in disbelief.

”Hello, is anyone here ”.

The footsteps became louder.

”You were suppose to knock before you come in ”.

”Im here ”. Said the voice.

”Who comes into an office without knocking, don you have etiquette ”.

”But you called me from where I was, so now Im here ”. Said the Voice.

”I don know who you are but you need to leave ”.

”Leave, I can never leave ”. Said the voice in anger.

Books from the mini shelf fell on the floor.

”Quit messing with me, you idiot ”. Said Jack, shouting.

There was a knock on the door.

”Come in ”.

The door opened and Patrick walked into the office.

”Patrick, Ive been expecting you, sit down ”. He said.

”Okay boss ”. Said Patrick, sitting down on the chair.

”Its about the game, hows the game been going on so far, are there any bugs or issues in the game ”.

”No, I haven seen any bugs or technical issues that needs fixing in the game, so far so good, people have been downloading the game ”.

”Oh good to hear ”.

”Not that Ive heard of, Im sure if theres any issue in the game that needs fixing, the game testers will resolve it immediately ”.

”Okay, good work you and your team are doing, keep it up ”.

”Yes sir ”.

”Then how many people have downloaded this game, how many players are playing this game ”.

”I haven checked that yet but Ill get to the publicity team and find out ”.

”Or don worry about that, Ill find out myself ”.

”Okay sir ”.

”You can go now ”.

”Thank You ”. Said Patrick, standing up from the chair and walking towards the door.

”Or Patrick ”. Said Jack.

”Just call two people for me from the publicity team ”.

”Yes, Ill do that ”. Said Patrick, opening the door and stepping out.

”At least the game is getting better, we are gradually getting more players on the game ”. He said, walking towards the portrait mirror hanged on the wall.


”Hmm, endless play, I wonder what this game is all about ”. Said Laura, clicking her phone. ”Theres not even a single players review on the game, seems like its new and its just been developed ”.

Laura had been an orphan at the age of 12, her parents died in a car accident, all she had was just her younger brother Zack. Life was tough for the both of them, they spent their years in guardianship care until Laura was 18, she was able to stand on her own and be the guardian for Zack. She worked two jobs, one as a per time waitress in a restaurant and night shift at the cinema, then she was able to take care of Mark.

”thats too loud, do you want to bust my ear drums ”. She said, holding her ears.

”Its officially your birthday ”. Said Zack, holding up a trumpet on his mouth.

”Dumb head, its tomorrow ”.

”I know, happy birthday in advance ”.

”Very funny, Zack ”.

”So Im heading out with some couple of friends to the cinema ”.

”Alright, I hear ya, have a nice night ”.

”Thanks ”. Said Zack, walking towards the door.

”So endless play, whats the game all about again ”. She said, picking up her phone. ”Playing different episodes, getting rewards and watching videos ads, sounds fun, I guess I should download it then ”.

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