Chapter 3.
Ran Away.

If they were to pick up the most famous figure in the capital court in the current time, it would undoubtedly be Kristoff.


The lawyer with a phenomenal performance in work, with a hundred percent winning rate.


His pay was beyond thoughts, and his every move has always been able to get public interest.
After the trial, the front page of the newspaper was always filled with his name.


It was easy to predict how famous Kristoff’s reputation was due to the widely-spread joke that prisoners on the death row would be released if Kristoff took up the defence for them.


The scary thing was it wasn’t a mere joke.
There was record of him leading the acquittal of a nobleman who was accused of murder.
Obviously, only God knows if the nobleman was really a murderer or not.


However, everything in the world was bound to have two sides.
Just as there is light, there is a shadow, and if there are groups that admire him, there are also groups of people who canvass him.


The lawyer who was on the same side as him but doesn’t want to meet him personally as an enemy.
Shark lawyer, a predator under the sea whose bite is merciless and doesn’t let go until death comes and doesn’t spill a drop of blood even if it’s poked by a needle.


That was the word to describe Kristoff.
His argument was impermeable and his attack was as sharp as a knife.


He sometimes trampled on his opponent with dispassionate reason and logic, even went as far to provoke his opponent with insulting remarks, and was not afraid to use hive mentality.


Even the most prominent prosecutor and lawyer couldn’t help but suffered a defeat in front of him.
Recently, there were even lawyers who abandoned their works upon hearing Kristoff as their opposing lawyer, so it was confusing whether it was fame or notoriety.


Moreover, he was superb not just because of his own ability but also his family.
When his grandfather, Marquis Schneider, met his death, Kristoff, as his only grandson, would inherit the title.


Considering the power and financial resources he would own, he was clearly a fussy person in many ways.
His life was smooth and nothing could get in his way.


“Do you wish to be taken to the mansion, Sir?”


When being asked by the driver, Kristoff nodded once and sank his body in the backseat.
He rubbed his temples out of a habit while closing his eyes as if he was exhausted.


His head was throbbing because of the migraine.
This was because talking to Judge Pottenstein really put him on guard all the time.
Or he might still haven’t gotten used to being in a car.


―Divorce, I mean us.


He eventually recalled what Marianne said before he left the mansion.
He clicked his tongue lowly with a bothersome expression.
The driver glanced at the rear mirror to observe him.


Kristoff sighed briefly, his head leaning against the seat.
After all, Marianne’s shocking statement was intended to scare him.


A blank bullet has the same meaning as it is.
Her attack didn’t hurt him at all.
As Marianne undoubtedly loved Kristoff.


Kristoff didn’t believe in love.
He thought it was foolish to cease himself to such a formless feeling.


Tsk, he clicked his tongue lowly.
Despite his intentions, his memory was thrown back to the past again.


“The heir to the House of Marquis Schneider survives in a tragic accident!”


When Kristoff was four years old, a car that headed toward the Schneider castle fell off a cliff in a horrible accident.


The father in the driver’s seat and the mother in the passenger seat died, and the young Kristoff was the only one who managed to survive.


Everyone was drowned in sorrow by the tragic accident.
Kristoff was also comforted as he was lucky to survive.


His father turned the steering wheel to save the young Kristoff and his mother also hugged him, while he cried at their noble sacrifice.


However, Kristoff was the only one who knew the truth of that day.
The ugly secret which the marquisate doesn’t even know about.


Kristoff, who witnessed the masquerade of a human being, couldn’t bring himself to believe in love.
The feeling that went off faster than the fish on the land.


Nevertheless, he believed that Marianne loved him.
Her indigo-colored eyes looking at Kristoff seemed more affectionate than ever, and her voice calling out his name sounded sweeter than ever.


Marianne loved Kristoff.
It was as natural as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.


The more she loved him, the more he buried himself in work.
It was because her status also rose along with his reputation.


He wanted to remove the fact that Madam Schneider came from a commoner background.
He wanted to give her enormous power so that no one could talk about her carelessly.


That was what he could do for her.
In other words, it was something he had to do for her.


Therefore, a proper jewel and romantic dinner would be able to soothe Marianne’s anger again this time.
As it has always been.


“We have arrived, My Lord.”


The car came to a stop without him realizing.
It seemed that he just fell asleep for a moment.
The driver ran to the backseat door and opened the door, Kristoff rubbed his eyes and got out of the car.


He glanced and casted his eyes at the clock, and straightened his back again before moving forward.


He would have to tell Oliver to make a reservation for dinner tomorrow.
No, he already planned a dinner schedule with his client tomorrow, so the day after tomorrow would be better.


The butler, who heard the car engine, opened the door and came out to greet him.
Kristoff frowned slightly upon seeing his pale face.


Martin, the gray-haired butler who devoted his life to the Schneider Family.
There wasn’t much to confuse the old man.


He suddenly had an ominous feeling.




Kristoff slowly faltered his steps with narrowed eyes.
His eyes moved slowly and scanned Martin’s back.


Marianne would usually come out to meet him along with the butler.


“Welcome home, My Lord.”


“What’s the matter, Martin?”


He stopped in front of the old butler.
Martin quietly held his breath upon sensing Kristoff’s displeasure.


There was something about him that intimidated his opponent.
It wasn’t that he was old or experienced.


It wasn’t just because Kristoff was the heir to the Marquis Family.
He was naturally a ruler who reigned over others, and a powerful man who was accustomed to giving orders.


He would have been a king if he was born in the royal family, and became king of the sea if he was born in the pirate family.
A figure who stands at the top of the pyramid status regardless of the place.


Martin, who closed his eyes tightly, spoke up.
His voice was laced with shame.


“Madam is……”


Martin couldn’t speak and swallowed with a gulp.
Kristoff, who stared at his bald head, spat out quietly.


“What’s the matter with Marianne?”


Is she angry? Until she didn’t come out to greet him?


Kristoff muttered, ‘It might be difficult for us to attend a candle dinner.’ As soon as he thought so, Martin spat out the words that has been caught up in his throat.


“……The madam is gone.”




Kristoff, who was about to speak, closed his mouth again.
The motionless air weighed down to the old butler.
He felt suffocated for a moment as if he was being choked.


Martin was struggling to lift his head as if he was going against the law of nature.
It was when his eyes met Kristoff.




He unknowingly took a step back.
This was because his raven eyes were curved up when looking down at him.


“Tell me again, Martin, what did Marianne do?”


Only after hearing his low voice did Martin realize that Kristoff wasn’t smiling.


He was angry.
He didn’t raise his voice or spit out profanity, but he was more furious than ever.


Martin, who has maintained his position as a close aide since Kristoff was a baby until now, was convinced that the man had never been so angry before.
He suddenly began to worry about the madam’s safety.


Madam, what have you done?


When Martin didn’t say anything and kept silent, Kristoff quietly moved his lips to speak.


“Ran away.
Who? Do you mean my wife, Marianne?”


It was as if a cold hand was passing through his nape and left a chilly feeling.
His words, which were neither slow nor fast, coiled around his old body like a big snake.


Martin managed to hold back his legs from running away from there.
And he reported to him about the incident today.
Kristoff’s face gradually turned cold.


A clear smile finally made its way to his face.




If a smile could seem cold enough to make the hearts of people who saw it sank.




Marianne inhaled as she looked at the huge wrought-iron gate.
The endless looking grass garden was visible through the black bars.


A gray mansion stood tall among them.
No, it looked more like a castle than a mansion.


The stone wall, hit by the rain and wind for as long as she could remember, was like a strong veteran that had gone through a lot of battles, and the pointed spire looked like a huge spear held by the old man.


Kristoff’s mansion was also spacious and magnificent, one of the best residences in the capital.
People who attended the banquet admired it wholeheartedly, so it’s probably not completely wrong.


But it couldn’t be compared to this place.
Marianne sighed briefly while recalling the distance from the entrance to the gate of the private property that took a long time to walk through even by a carriage.


“What do I do when I return? I don’t think there’s a carriage passing by here.”


The next moment, she straightened her back and lifted her chin before ringing the doorbell.
She didn’t have time to contemplate here.
It’s not too late to think about other matters later.
First, she has to solve the problem in hand.


Before long, one side of the door opened and revealed a cheerful face.
When standing around while looking for a car or carriage, he saw Marianne and opened his eyes slightly wider.


“What brings you here, Madam?”


The guard asked in a polite manner while observing her behavior.
However, his firm gaze didn’t allow the slightest gap.


He was a man who handled the uninvited guest well.
All sorts of people tried to walk past the threshold of the mansion with ridiculous excuses.


None of them obviously succeeded in entering the mansion.
This was because the guard, who was armed with a friendly smile, did great in his job.


Widow, this time the set up was intended to be pitiful.
However, it wouldn’t work for him.


He gave Marianne a look while being armed like an iron fortress.
Her face was covered with a veil and couldn’t be seen.
However, he could sense that she wasn’t like most women just by the vibe she exuded.


He couldn’t figure out which area she came from, but it was because she exuded nobility and gracefulness.


No, he almost got in trouble with the woman who pretended to be a noblewoman a few days ago.
She must be an uninvited guest as well since they came all the way here without a carriage.
She can’t get through the gates of this mansion!


As soon as the guard’s eyes became more and more doubtful, Marianne moved her lips.


“I came to see the Marquis.”


“Did you already make an appointment?”


Even though he knew it wouldn’t be possible, the guard still asked.
Somehow, the atmosphere surrounding her made it seem like it.




As if he already knew it, the guard crossed his arms in front of his chest and put on a stern face.
After containing his laughter, he warned in a firm voice.




Even before he finished his words, Marianne quickly added an explanation.


“But if I say Mrs.
Kloze is here, he will meet me.
I’m going to wait here, so you can go ask the marquis.”


“Did you just say Mrs.


The guard tilted his head as if it was the first time he heard such a name.
He would know just by hearing the name if he were in Blauberg, but it was definitely a strange name.


At the same time, it was Marianne’s confident attitude that prevented her from being kicked out.
Moreover, her tone was subtly commanding.
The tone that was familiar in giving instructions.


“Please let the marquis know that Mrs.
Kloze has came to collect her old debt.”


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