Chapter 2.
Blauberg, The Land Where The Sky And Sea Meet

Marianne looked out the window and clenched her fist.
The lady in the carriage, an old man pulling a cart containing milk, and a boy selling newspapers.
The familiar scenery filled her vision.


She was confident to have done a great job doing her role so far.
Kristoff was the best lawyer in the capital at the moment, and she did her best to be Mrs.


At the couple gathering, she stood by his side and smiled beautifully like a flower, and even invited the wives of his business partners to have a tea time.


That’s not everything.
When the time came, she was busy preparing for the banquet and attended events hosted by various organizations and she had to endure those boring times.
Another thing not worthy to mention is social projects that support arts and charities.


However, there was Marianne’s life there.
Only the life of Lady Schneider.


At first, she was happy with just that.
As she loved Kristoff, and he loved Marianne as well.
No, at least she believed that he loved her.


However, countless expectations were broken over and over again, so she had to learn to give up out of despair.


He has a cold personality, so she shouldn’t have been upset that he didn’t express it.
Everybody knows he was busy, Marianne.
Therefore, she shouldn’t nitpick him for not spending time with her.
She has to endure it.


It was only after she wasted so much patience to know the truth, which she didn’t want to admit.
Kristoff didn’t love her.
He just needed a decent wife.


It would have been fine if the person by his side didn’t have to be Marianne.
Anyone didn’t matter as long as they could do a good job as Lady Schneider.


Nevertheless, Marianne knew Kristoff wouldn’t easily let her go.


He was a prestigious lawyer and grandson of Marquis Schneider.
He was also a man with high self-esteem who had never experienced failure in his life.


Marianne must not have been allowed to leave a stain such as divorce in his life.
Therefore, she decided to run away.


She wouldn’t let anyone else control her life anymore.
The experience of expectations turned into despair that had happened was enough for her.


“We arrived, Madam.”


The car, which was traveling through the city center, stopped when it arrived in front of the luxurious department store.
Gunter, the driver, casted his eyes toward her over the rear mirror.


Marianne stepped out of the car slower than usual so that he wouldn’t notice her trembling chest.


“But isn’t the bag too big? Do you want me to hold it for you, Madam?”


Marianne, who came back to her senses by Carin’s voice, unknowingly grabbed the bag handle tightly.
Her voice was laced with slight tension.


“It’s fine, Carin.
I looked at the catalog this morning, and this big bag becomes a fashion trend in spring.”




Carin tilted her head and looked around.
The ladies in fancy dresses were walking gracefully, but none of them carried a big bag like Marianne.


However, Carin’s questioning thoughts were dismissed.
It’s the Lady’s taste, and something she couldn’t understand.


“Which store are you going to visit first?”


“Shall we take a look at the new dresses first?”


“Yes, Madam.”


Carin skillfully took the lead.
Marianne walked slowly and glanced at her back.
Gunter suddenly followed behind them.


“Oh, hello, Lady Schneider.
It’s been a while since you visited.
A new dress just came out this week.
Do you want to take a look at it?”


While listening to the employee’s explanation about the new dress, Marianne’s mind drifted away slightly.


The plan that was repealed several times in her head was theoretically perfect.
The question was whether it could be perfectly put in action.


“Please come again, Madam Schneider.”


The clerk greeted with her forehead nearly kissed the ground toward Marianne after spending much more money than usual.


Marianne nodded her head and slipped her fan between the clothes display in the store.
Then, she leisurely looked around and walked away.


Carin kept up with her pace while sticking by her side and Gunter followed one step behind them while holding a load of luggage in his hands.


Marianne knew the success of the plan depended on how well she outwitted Gunter and Carin.


Considering that it was the right time, she gave Carin a single glance and whispered.


“Carin, I want to stop by the lounge for a moment.”

The lounge was a place where ladies who were tired of shopping could take a rest for a while.
There is also a women-only bathroom behind the lounge to solve the urgent problem.


“Yes, Madam.” said Carin hurriedly after noticing the true meaning of her words.


“I’ll be waiting here, Madam.”


Gunter, who arrived in front of the lounge, stood at the entrance with luggage in both of his hands.
Marianne exclaimed in surprise after arriving in front of the lounge.


Carin stopped walking along with her.


“What’s the matter, Madam?”


“Oh dear, what should I do? I think I left my fan in the store earlier.”


“I’ll be back soon.”


Gunter was already turning around.
Marianne hurriedly shook her head.
She looked at Carin and spoke in an apologetic voice.


“Gunter, you have a lot of luggage in your hands.
I don’t remember exactly where I left it, so Carin, you should go since you’re also friends with the clerk there.
And also visit the jewelry store on the way and ask if the ring I ordered last time is finished, there’s still a few days but I’m curious about the progress.”


“Of course, Madam.
I’m trusting this store.”


Carin answered confidently, as if telling her to trust the girl.
Marianne nodded at Carin, who smiled brightly without a slightest doubt.


“Then, I ask for your help, Carin.”


Carin, who was completely unaware that Marianne had lied to her, said “I’ll be back soon.” and turned around.




Marianne called her name almost casually.
The innocent-looking maid turned her head and replied with, “Yes?” Her brown eyes emitted a mysterious glint.


“……No, thank you.”


Marianne shook her head while smiling faintly.
“Yes, Madam.” Carin replied with a smile and turned her head again.
She went back to where they walked through earlier.


Marianne, who was staring at Carin’s back, then greeted Gunter with a nod and went into the lounge.
Only then did her tensed shoulders fall.
The sigh that she held finally came out.


“First of all, I succeeded in getting rid of Carin as she has a good sight.”


Taking a short yet deep breath, she looked around the waiting room.
The large space was decorated with flowers and comfortable sofas, emitting a fragrant scent.


Three elderly ladies were sitting on the sofa while chatting among themselves.
Meanwhile, three maids also were chatting as they stood in the corner of the room while waiting for their respective masters.


Marianne walked past them and went straight to the bathroom.
She locked the door as soon as she entered and hurriedly opened the bag, taking out things inside it as if someone was hot on her tail.


There were clothes, hats, and small handbags that she had prepared in advance.


She changed her clothes as fast as possible and came out to check her reflection in the wash mirror.
Wearing a black dress and a black veil, she looked like a widow who had lost her husband.


This is perfect.”


Marianne walked across the lounge with a black handbag on her arm.
The ladies who were chatting seemed stunned when they saw a widow suddenly appear out of nowhere.


“When did she come in?”


“Well, I don’t think I’ve seen her before either.”


“Oh, we must have been occupied by our conversation.
We don’t even know there are people coming here.
I think it’s time for our return.”


“I guess so, hahaha.
How fast time flies when I talk to all of you.”


“Who would say otherwise?”


Marianne took another huff of breath before leaving the lounge.
There stood Gunter a few steps away from her.


Will he ever recognize her?


Her plan was already perfect, but it would fail the moment he recognized Marianne.
Marianne drew the black veil over her and covered her face with a handkerchief, pretending to wipe away her imaginary tears.


Her lips kept getting dry.
Her heart beat violently.
Marianne left the lounge while playing the role of a grieving widow.
She could see Gunter standing right before her.


Thump, thump, thump.


Her heart beat even faster.
She lost her breath and her throat felt as if tightening up.
Right at that moment, Gunter casted a glance at her as he stood at the entrance.


Thump, thump, thump, thump.


Her heart was about to leap out of her mouth.
She hid her trembling hands in sorrow and buried her face in the handkerchief.
She walked exactly in front of Gunter.


Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.


Gunter, who seemed to be eyeing her for a while, soon yawned and looked bored.
Marianne wanted to run away right after it, but it would gather people’s attention toward her.


She managed to drag her legs and got away at the usual pace.
She felt as if Gunter would snatch her from behind and said, “Madam, where are you going?”


She unconsciously increased her speed in walking.
Upon opening the door of the store and walking out of the building, she proceeded to climb into one of the lined up stagecoaches without taking a break even a second.


“Where can I take you?”


The coachman, who tilted his hat slightly and greeted her, looked behind and asked.
Marianne urged him in an anxious voice.


“Please go to the train station.


“Yes, sir.
I’ll arrive faster than the broken taxi right there, so please hold tight, Madam.”


The arrogant coachman swung his whip ruthlessly, and the standing brown horse began to move its legs.


The coachman whipped his horses impatiently as he was afraid she would be disappointed, the reason behind it was because he felt threatened in his job by the founding of luxury transportation called taxi.


After the carriage turned around the corner, Marianne finally leaned her body on the chair while letting out a long sigh.
The carriage carrying an old gentleman moved past them to the other side of the street, and the cart standing by the side of the road selling flowers to nearby people.


A young girl was seen handing a match to a gentleman passing by, and the tough-looking gentleman hit her slender hand mercilessly.


The scenery was the same as usual.
There was no sign of Carin and Gunter chasing her anywhere.






Marianne took a huff out of her mouth as if drinking hot tea.
She was finally free from Kristoff’s grip.
He would never find her again.


No, he might not even be trying to find her anymore.


A glimpse of unknown emotion flashed over her face.
It seemed to be a lingering attachment to the past, a fear of the ambiguous present, and on the other hand, expectation of the mysterious future.


She wasn’t even aware it was such a complicated emotion.
She felt guilty, fear, and excitement at the same time.


Marianne lifted her head and looked straight ahead while clasping her own hands tightly.
There was the sound of a chimney not far away.
The sound was loud like the cry of a monster.


She had already decided where to go.


To Blauberg, the land where the sky and sea meet.


Marianne stared at the train station up ahead with squinted eyes as if she was determined as it was getting closer.


“We’re here, Madam.”


The train station was filled with a lot of people.
Those who arrived and left even created a wave.
Swish, shoosh.
The crowds who came in and out were swaying like a wave.


Marianne looked at them quietly and soon got up from her seat, she handed a gold coin to the driver.


“You did a great job.
Take the change.”


“Thank you, Madam!”


It was time for her to find a life as Marianne Kloze, not Marianne Schneider.
Moreover, the truth about Veronica’s death would also be revealed.


Without the help from anyone, using only her own hands.




“Be careful on your return, Mr.


Kristoff, who was leaving the judge’s mansion while being seen off by the butler, hid his satisfaction beyond the expressionless face.


Although he didn’t get everything he originally wanted, at least he achieved more than half of it.
He didn’t give anything after all, so it wasn’t exactly a losing business.


It’s the main prize.
It’s not that bad.


Kristoff, who was about to loosen his tie, became conscious of the eyes that seemed to watch him from somewhere.
The driver, who noticed him walking, opened the back seat door as if he had been waiting.


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