about gossip and trends, which she was not interested in, was simply drudgery.


―Oh, look at Lady Schneider.
She can’t even hold the teacup properly because it seems like she comes from a commoner background.


―She doesn’t get a strict education at home, so it’s understandable.


―Did you hear the noise when she drank tea? Oh God, even my maid is not that clumsy.


―We have to understand her situation, she’s special.
She’s a woman from the Schneider Family after all.


Marianne didn’t realize that drinking a cup of tea had so much manners.


She also learned for the first time that there was a rule of direction when stirring tea, and that the place where the teaspoon is placed before and after stirring tea is different.


For Lady Schneider, Marianne Kloze’s common sense did nothing to help in it.
She was just like a baby.
She had to learn everything from the beginning.


It took a very long time to get used to their mockery.
Until the time when there was nothing more to be coveted as a result of her bloody efforts, therefore no one could look down on her, it was when Marianne was finally able to have a talk with them.


Even after that, she didn’t feel comfortable.
Nor become particularly close to them.
However, she only did her best because it’s the role she was assigned to.


Each time her branches were creaking as it was being sawed off one by one.
She used to think about it sometimes.
She wondered if the tree with all of its branches sawed off would be the same as how it was at first.


Is Marianne still Marianne?


Is she still Marianne Kloze, who drinks tea gracefully and talks elegantly? If not, who is she?


“Your hand halted.
Are you ready to play around, rookie? Everyone who graduated from the Royal College is like that, right?”


At that time, the murmuring voice interrupted her train of thoughts.
Instead of answering, Marianne slowly raised her head.
Maxim was staring intensely at her with a displeased gaze.


If it were in the past, she would have counter him in the same way.
However it was Marianne, who was disciplined by the invisible malevolence of the noblewomen.


Compared to them, Maxim’s argument sounded cute.
At least he was the kind of person whom she could see through.


Maxim regarded her as an invader who got into his territory.
He was wary that what he had built all this time would fall apart because of her.


He probably treated anyone else like that, not just Marianne.  Anyone who graduated from the Royal College, including him, must be generally territorial and obnoxious to anyone.


Marianne smiled at him and pulled up the corners of her mouth.


“I’ve just finished organizing this.”




Maxim seemed surprised, as if he couldn’t believe it.
He didn’t know if it was because she was quick in handling the work assigned to her or because of her thick guts, but the important thing was that he had no intention of praising Marianne for finishing her work.


Maxim frowned faintly and glanced in front of the office.


“But who is that?”


The corners of Marianne’s mouth pulled up awkwardly to his question.
She knew who was sitting there without turning her head.


Kristoff Schneider.


The office, which was open to the entire first floor, was crowded with detectives, uniformed officers, and citizens who came to do business.


And Kristoff was sitting on the chair at the entrance office while staring at her.
He didn’t take his eyes off Marianne for a second in an intimidating posture with crossed legs and arms folded in front of his chest.


Anyone who had no business here would be kicked out, but no one could confront him easily due to his presence.


Neatly ironed business suit, ascot tie, and shiny shoes.
His black hair combed over with pomade.


He looked unusual to everyone.
There was no one who lost their mind to ask about Kristoff’s identity.
The suit, which was different from the color and pattern, must have made anyone be able to guess his status.


“Sir Francke…… Huh, huh.”


It was then.
The uniformed officer, who came running while panting, whispered something to Maxim as he breathed heavily.
Maxim, whose eyebrows were slowly distorted, spat out harshly.


“Death case.


He paused and looked around the empty office.
Ian was going out with Florian to the shopping district.
Nicholas was in the middle of a private meeting with the commissioner.


He clicked his tongue hopelessly whilst looking around the office where nobody was there.
This was because the principle demanded them to work outside in pairs.


“Should we wait for the inspector to come? The death case should be taken care of before it’s damaged.”


Marianne, who secretly heard the impatient speech, rose from her seat.


“Would you mind if I follow you? I just finished organizing the documents, and it seems that the inspector will take some time to finish.”


“No need…..”


The next moment, Maxim flashed a smile full of intentions as he stopped his words.
Marianne seemed to know what the man was thinking, but she didn’t show it on her face.


“All right.
Follow me.”


Maxim pulled out his chest and shook his head as if showing off his confidence.
Marianne hurriedly put on her head and ran after him.




“So, who the hell is that man?”


Maxim glanced behind him, repeating the same question he muttered a while ago.
Marianne couldn’t answer again and just pulled up the corners of her mouth awkwardly.


Kristoff was following the two, five or six steps behind.
With his back straight and not causing a single disturbance.
He looked very relaxed.


Just why?


Marianne had no idea what was on his mind. “Give me three minutes, I’ll keep it short and concise.” This habit of Kristoff’s speaking manner as he was one of the busiest men in the capital.


His time was money,  and an astronomical sum was exchanged for his defense at once.


The mere fact that Kristoff was staying in Blauberg was surprising, but it was even more surprising that he followed her around without doing anything.


She didn’t know for sure, but his aide, Oliver, must have been in a frenzy trying to sort things out right now.
He must be running around all over the place with a tearful face.


She offered her deepest sympathy to Oliver.

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