learly engraved in her head and she could get it out whenever necessary.
In short, she had a pretty great memory.


That ability was very useful as Lady Schneider.
Ladies change their appearance drastically with makeup.
Some even went as far to wear wigs.


Sometimes, they disguised themselves to enjoy secret meetings, or dressed in dark attire to hide their apparent illness.


However, Marianne saw through them at a single glance.
Thanks to this, she was able to avoid making unnecessary mistakes even in an invisible psychological war.


It was the same this time.
It wasn’t just warts and half-folded ears.
The shape of his eyes and eyebrows were also similar.
People can easily gain and lose weight, but their physical characteristics couldn’t change that easily.


Marianne finally realized that the composite sketch of the unknown artist was extremely accurate.
At the same time.




She shouted out at the man who was climbing the wagon.


“Ugh! Rookie! What are you doing there? Hey, stop right there!”


Ian suddenly followed her whilst uttering harsh words as if he was bewildered.
However, Marianne didn’t pay him any attention.


The man, who turned his head at the sudden shout, frowned at her.
Then, when he spotted Ian’s face chasing her, he looked around with a puzzled expression.


He seemed to recognize Ian.
Maybe he knew that Ian was a police officer.


At that moment, Marianne’s suspicion turned out to be true.
The man pushed the woman standing beside him toward Marianne before began to run in the opposite direction.




“Are you all right, miss? Look, I told you he’s the culprit, Ian! Why would he run away if he wasn’t guilty?


“We don’t know it yet! He might be running away because he’s scared of your face! Or, he’s in a hurry to go to the bathroom!”


Marianne pulled her dress up to her knee and started to chase the man.
People stared at her with their eyes wide open.


“Oh my, how indecent!”


The lady covered her hands with hands and she burst into a small laugh.


The man glanced back and made his way through the crowd.
People who got in the way of the sudden chase screamed as they were kicked here and there.
The chaos broke out in an instant.




She was panting heavily, but she broke out in a laugh.
Perhaps, she’s been hoping for this moment for a long time.


This moment of running on her own feet, not standing beside Kristoff like a beautiful flower.


“You’re chasing him with a crazy-looking grin, who wouldn’t run away? I’m sure I’ll run away, too.
Rookie, there’s a scary expression on your face right now!”


“Let’s talk after we catch him, Ian!”


“Where’s the ‘Senior’ word? You have to call me Senior Ian!”


Listening to Ian who was whining sulkily, Marianne regretted belatedly that she should have followed Madam Liszt’s advice.


If she had a parasol, she would have hit him in the head earlier.


“Ugh, d*mn!”


Then, a loaded cart appeared in front of the man.
The man, who was blocked by a sudden obstacle, hurriedly turned around while swearing profanities.


At that brief moment, his distance with Marianne narrowed a little. “I’ll borrow it for a moment!” She exclaimed and snatched the cane of the gentleman standing beside her.


“What do you think you’re doing…….!”


While the confused gentleman opened his eyes wide, Marianne suddenly swung the cane at the man.
The man’s shin was caught in the round handle, therefore he lost his balance and stumbled.




At the same time, Marianne flew at him.


“Take this!”




An unknown exclamation broke out behind her.
Marianne’s body flew in the air.


It wasn’t a metaphor or simile.
Marianne, who literally flew like a bird, reached out her hands and grabbed his neck.




The two rolled on the floor while being entangled with each other.




A groan broke out of Marianne’s mouth.
It hurt.
The dull pain ran all over her body as if she had been hit by a hammer.
She thought maybe there would be black bruises all over her body tomorrow.


“Let go!”


The man struggled out to get out of Marianne’s grip and got up.
He wriggled violently while glancing at Ian.


However, Marianne clasped his legs like a sore thumb.


“You think I’ll let you run away? Ian, hurry up and catch this guy!”


The moment she shouted urgently.




A familiar voice in her ear struck her in the back of her head.
The voice was low and serious, which made her heart pound.
Expression disappeared from Marianne’s face for one moment.


Shiny leather shoes unbelievably came into Marianne’s view, and she turned her head slowly.
Her eyes moved up slowly.


After her eyes raked through the black pants that had crease sharp as a knife, silver vest, and finally a dark gray Ascot tie.




His name escaped Marianne’s mouth.
His voice was dazed and sounded like a sigh.


Kristoff looked down at her with a mysterious gaze.
His always neat hair was a bit messy, and there was dark coloring on his eye bags similar to Florian.
His cheeks seemed to be a little slimmer, and the shadow of his cheekbone looked darker than before.


Kristoff didn’t approach her hastily, but stood still on his spot with tightly clenched fists.
His chest moved very slowly.
As if swallowing the rising emotion within him.




He called her name again.
His voice sounded very desperate and nervous, but perhaps it was just her feeling.
The pair of black eyes didn’t waver for a moment, and only stared at her.


Marianne was quite confused.
She thought he might not look for her.
Kristoff had more important things than her.


However, he came much earlier than she expected.


His Lord the Marquis.


Marianne closed her eyes slowly.
She hoped he would show up after all her lingering feelings had been dispersed.
So, when she heard his voice, her heart wouldn’t sink, and when she saw his face, she wouldn’t be out of breath.




As soon as her hands lost their strength, the man in Marianne’s grip swung his leg as if he had been waiting for that moment.






[T/N: Actually, I really enjoyed working on this chapter, especially through the chasing scene.
Hoping for more thrilling and exciting actions in the later chapters!]

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