Chapter 7

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He swallowed Yeonhee’s juices  and ran across her neck.


“It’s really sweet.
It tastes exactly like Yeon-hee.”


The lips of the man with his head raised were wet with their mixed saliva.
Seeing that, her legs relaxed.

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“What did you mean?”


‘Even though we coveted each other’s bodies so many times, we never kissed each other for no reason…’


“If you swallow a man, you will become a complete human.”

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The words of her dead mother echoed in her mind.


Now that she had swallowed all his breath, she would become a human, but she was not happy at all.
What would she do if she let Hyun die and became a human alone? Yeon-hee sat down and cried as if she had returned to her childhood.


“I love you, and now you have ruined it all.”

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A man knelt down in front of Yeon-hee, who was dripping with thick tears.
At her words, the man’s angry voice shook a little.


“Did you love me?”


“Then, just what do you think of my heart?”

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“I thought you got tired of me and ran away to look for another guy.”


“It’s absurd.”


Yeon-hee was more upset when she heard the man’s unexpected words and cried profusely.
At the time when she learned that she was carrying his child in her womb, leaving was the best choice for her.
Even though she was punished for being alone and far by missing him to death, she could only get by through remembering everything about him.

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