Chapter 1 

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“Junsu , were you having a good time?”


A woman wearing a shabby brown skirt, a jacket made of cotton, and an apron came in with a basket on her head as the door opened. 


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A child sitting on a small bench looked at the woman and smiled broadly.


“Did you look at the sky again?”


I saw birds roaming in the sky over there.”


The child’s eyes gleamed black.
His nose was sharp , his lips were curved like Cupid’s bow, and his lines were fine, so he didn’t look ugly, albeit wearing hand-sewn clothes. 

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Yeon-hee quickly lowered the basket and took out the white rice cake.

Rice cakes are also a popular dessert in South Korea and are regarded as one of the most popular festive foods.
Rice Cake is a healthy, traditional Korean pastry.

“I helped with today’s work and got this.
Eat it now.”

“Did mother eat it already?”

“I ate a lot and I’m so full that I feel like my stomach is about to explode.

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Her skinny mother lied, even though she appeared like she was about to collapse.
Noticing this, the  child divided the bread and held out the larger one.

“Let’s eat together.”

Yeon-hee’s eyes welled with tears, feeling proud of her  child who had just turned five.

“Are you crying again?”

Before her tears fell, the child pointed it out, making Yeon-hee hurriedly wipe her eyes with her sleeve.

“It’s because there’s something in my eye.”

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It painted a scene where it was impossible to tell who was the mother and who was the son just by looking at the sheep.
The two of them sat side by side and shared the rice cake.
As they feasted, the child spoke.

“The magpie cried in the morning.”

(If a magpie cries in front of your house.
It is said to be an announcement of the arrival of friends and family .)



Yeonhee smiled softly as she hugged her son’s shoulder.
He knew a lot without being properly taught, and instead, Yeon-hee learned a lot from him.

“If a magpie cries according to the book you brought home, visitors will come.”

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