Chapter 1 

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“Junsu , were you having a good time?”


A woman wearing a shabby brown skirt, a jacket made of cotton, and an apron came in with a basket on her head as the door opened. 


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A child sitting on a small bench looked at the woman and smiled broadly.


“Did you look at the sky again?”


I saw birds roaming in the sky over there.”


The child’s eyes gleamed black.
His nose was sharp , his lips were curved like Cupid’s bow, and his lines were fine, so he didn’t look ugly, albeit wearing hand-sewn clothes. 

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Yeon-hee quickly lowered the basket and took out the white rice cake.

Rice cakes are also a popular dessert in South Korea and are regarded as one of the most popular festive foods.
Rice Cake is a healthy, traditional Korean pastry.

“I helped with today’s work and got this.
Eat it now.”

“Did mother eat it already?”

“I ate a lot and I’m so full that I feel like my stomach

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