The pedophile, no, Laim Thiel, tried to take me away with a rattle of debt as an excuse, but it was my aunt who paid off all the remaining debt and took me away.
Hearing that she had paid off the debt, my uncle ran wild on the road and pretended to sell me at any moment, then changed his mind to see if the future could be seen from my appearance, and decided to raise me.
To be honest, the word “raising” was ridiculous.
My aunt was 80% who raised me, and the remaining 20%, I ​​grew up alone.

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My value in the marriage market* dropped down due to infertility, and my aunt who married an aristocratic uncle, raised me as if I am her child despite already having her own children.


(In much of European History, actually it also happened in Asia, well, it happened around the world before.
When a girl comes of age, or they are old enough to get married, they will be collected and auctioned off.
In this practice, many young women were sold off like slaves, but they’re not slaves, but wives instead.)


It was all thanks to my aunt that kept me from marrying that pedophile as a minor.
My aunt’s family had quite a bit of power, and my uncle knew that.

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And my aunt’s mother did not strongly reject it.


But when I was about to turn 20, my aunt’s father, the Viscount of Langham, died, and things began to change dramatically.


Due to the nature of aristocrats who passed on most of their property to their heirs, all that was given to their aunt was a piece of clothing and a small amount of property.


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Without a terrifying father-in-law, his uncle returned to the old prodigal ways.
Viscount Langham’s legacy evaporated in less than a month due to his uncle’s gambling debt.
When the money ran out, Uncle started betting on something else.
From trash to furniture to house documents.
My uncle, who had lost even a single apple he ate, looked at me with bloodshot eyes, thinking if there was anything else to bet on.


A leech will live in the house without even getting married until the age of twenty-one.


Although I was not young now, I was still the prettiest in town, and although I was a fallen nobleman, I had the title of nobility.
Liam was someone who coveted me very much.
So Liam gave my uncle a large sum of money, knowing that my uncle was poor.
When my uncle did not meet the promised deadline, he immediately locked me up in the house as if abducting me, and prepared for my wedding secretly.


That’s why I’m in front of this man, Cesare Raymond.

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“It’s a night area.”


Cesare, who was sitting in the office, spoke softly.
His gaze was fixed on the paper I handed him.
What Cesare was holding was a torn section of the law on the right of night from the code book at Liam’s house.


All the time I was locked up in Liam’s house, I stood and lived in ashes.


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It was because she liked books and had a strong belief that Liam would not come here.
However, there were few books, so I had to go through the old code of law, and there I found a passage about the Choya Book.


“Article 2,116 Paragraph 2.
The lord can spend the first night with the bride when the people living in his estate get married.
Rejection is made with two silver coins.”


Cesare read the subtle letters on the damp paper.
I nodded.


“Yes, as you can see, the paper is taken from the Code of Euclid, which is the basis of the laws of the Hertzian Empire.
Please do so.”

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