As expected, Louise stopped three steps away from the guard.

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“I want to see the Lord.”


“The meeting time is over.
If you have anything to do, you should come tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow is late.
It’s an urgent matter related to the lord.”


“Anyway, not now.
formally Please follow the procedures to visit.”


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“It is urgent! If you don’t let me go, you’ll regret it!”


“Who regrets?”


It was a thick, low voice.
Louise raised her head in surprise and looked up.
She wondered if the conversation between the two could be heard farther than she thought.
The two of them looking back, and it was a dark night, nevertheless, the torch gace a glimpse of the man’s face.
Louise instinctively knew that he was the owner of the castle.


“Lord, what happened to you at this hour?”


“It rained so much that I came out to check if there was a problem.”


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“You should not do these things.”


“I’m just checking for a moment.
It is not difficult.”


At the man’s words, the gatekeeper made a muffled sound as if he was speechless.
Louise understood the gatekeeper.
The man was the difficult type to talk to.


The man wore an outfit natural for a ruler.
He was tall enough that upper body  protruded from the high walls of the fortress.
His eyebrows were narrowed down, while the corners were raised as if they had been fed grass.
Contrary to his hair, which seemed to be immersed in darkness, his eyes glowed bright blue even between the torches.
An arrogantly high nose bridge and an overbearing, strong-looking chin gave off an atmosphere that he was difficult to approach.


Most of the children seemed to burst into tears as soon as they saw him.
After finishing the conversation with the gatekeeper, the man turned his gaze to Louise again.


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“I asked who will regret it.”


“Of course you, Lord.”


At Louise’s words, the man raised the corners of his lips sullenly.


“It’s not convincing to hear from someone who made such a fuss at this time.”


“I will show you the evidence.”

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The man shook his head as if having fun.


“If you let me come in…”


“No, say it there.”


Louise bit her lip.
She knew it wouldn’t be easy anyway.


Hoo, Louise took a deep breath and wiped her dirty hands with dirt and blood, rubbing towards the place where her clothes were clean.
Louise began to unbutton her chest one by one with her clean hands.
Louise’s sudden action made the innocent country guard’s face red.

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