Chapter 18

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My face stiffened at the face of the hardened sandwich left on the table.
Cesare, who came to work first, glanced at me and said nothing.
I took the bowl and went back to my seat.
And I threw the sandwich inside as if it was in the trash.
Tung, the sandwich went right into the empty trash can.

Bad child.
If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat.
There’s no reason to leave it like this.

I immediately sat down in my seat and started working.
Cesare seemed to want to say something, But as if flies kept buzzing around my ears, I heard nothing.

Even though I slept well, my body felt heavy.
It seemed that my body was worse than yesterday.
I slapped both cheeks loudly.
There were no sick birds.
If neither beauty trap nor delicious food works, there’s only one method left.
Compete with work.
He gave the impression that it was useful, so I had no choice but to stick around here.
I put a pile of papers like a mountain in front of me with a thump and a loud sound.

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“Commoners’ complaints?”

Please start in five minutes.”

“You didn’t say anything like that.”

“I said it before.
If you want to move, you should have told me now.”

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“When you threw your sandwich in the trash.”

That’s what Cesare said then.
Pale and tired, I grabbed my papers and stood up.

“Well then, I’ll move it now.”

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“It is already late.
The room you were supposed to move to is now being used as a waiting room by civil servants.”

I shut my eyes tight.
I had a bad feeling.
No one knew I was here.
Rumors spread like wings in this rural corner.
It wouldn’t take half a day for Liam to know I was here.

Once again I pleaded with Cesare, but his demeanor was strong.
The civil servant knocked on the door as they clamored.
I panicked and pulled my long curly hair forward as soon as I could.

“Ah, hello…ugh.”

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A middle-aged man came in hesitantly, saw me and screamed in amazement.
Cesare was also speechless at the sight of me with blonde hair falling forward like a waterfall.

“Excuse me, but that person…”

“Don’t worry.
sit down.”

At the words of the lord, the man crawled, sat down in the chair prepared in front of him, and began to speak calmly.
I held my head in one hand and used it like a screen to work.

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