”Oh come on. ” She laughs.

”Its not like theres something I haven seen before. You should have just opened the door darling. ” She says as she hugs him. The thought that Rachel was hearing all this made him feel a little down, and afraid. What if She gets mad? But then why would she get mad? Why is he even asking himself these questions? ”

”Is something bothering you? ” She worriedly asks.

”No. ” He fakes a smile.

She looks at him and kisses his chicks.

”You know you can tell me anything. ”

He nods.

”Anyway, I just wanted to see you. I will head back home now. ” She gives him one last hug before taking her to leave. Caleb gives a deep breath he didn even know he was holding in. Rachel gets off the washroom, her face surprised.

”Caleb who is this woman? ” She asks.

”Well, I can give information about my client. Im sorry. ”

”I think shes someone I may know. ”

”Still I can tell you. ”

”Is she Melisa? ” She Panics.

”No, shes not. Shes Isa… Damn it shes not Melisa. ” He half says another name to confuse her. ”

”Well.. ” she takes a deep breath.

”I hope I was wrong. ” She says.

You are. ”

For a while silence conquers the room as both of them walk around it.

”So do you always have clients at night?. ”

”Y…Yeah? ” Sounds more like a question than an answer.

”Do you always sleep with them? ”

”Are you jealous or trying to make me feel guilty? ”

”Why do seem angry? ” She asks panicking again.

”I don know where you
e going with these questions! ”

”You are getting angry because you know its wrong! ”

Caleb smirks in disbelief, putting his hands against his waist.

”And you! Why do you seem angry? Is it because you are jealous? What?! Are you one of those women who want me all by themselves? Do you also want to promise me the whole world and I just have to sit and do nothing? Huh! ”

She smirks as she steps closer to him until their bodies nearly touch each other. Suddenly Caleb forms scars of a hand on his face. A passionate slap which has carried all the feelings she has for him at the moment.

”Do you think these women love you? ” She asks.

”They are desperate and you just happened to help them forget about the hell they got themselves into. None of them loves you. They are just using you. You are their sex machine and nothing else. Any woman whos treated well by her husband will not come to you. You hear?! ”

”Which means you came for the same reason. Had your husband treated you well, you wouldn need me. You
e just as desperate as they are, don try to prove you are different. ”

”Okay fine. I have used you. I am a desperate woman whose real husband is dead and who has gotten herself into a prison she can get out of. But I haven paid you anything. So why are you doing all this? ”

Caleb tries to say something but no words come out of his mouth.

”Im leaving. ” She quietly says.

”Rachel Im sorry. ”

”Don you ever call me again?. ” She points her finger at him. She takes her clothes and doesn even bother to change the theme.

”I messed up. ” He sighs.

”Maybe its for the best. ” Both his mind and his soul already know this case is going to be tough. Feeling things he barely felt before is a lot to handle.

”He takes his clothes off and goes to the bathroom. Dipping himself in the sink always calms his mind from anything. Lets see if the magic works this time as well.


Rachel gets inside her car. She buckles up and lies on the cars steering wheel. Unknowingly someone as

Sees her. Someone who should have never seen her. Melisa. ” What is she doing here? ” This is one question she asks herself so bad. Could she be cheating on her husband? Another question that goes unknown and becomes so popular in her thoughts.

Rachel goes to her home bittersweet home with the same clothes she came out of Calebs room. Does she even care? Absolutely not.

She hops out of the car and goes straight to her room. A few maids greet her and she greets them back.

She changes into a short black dress and this time she has underwear to change into. Moment of silence. Time to think about whats going on in her life. At least this time, she has something interesting to think of… Caleb. To begin with, why did she overreact to him earlier? Was it true that she was jealous? All these questions keep spinning around her head and she doesn have a single definite answer to them.

She takes her phone and presses the power button, hoping to see any message but the dark wallpaper on her phone is all that appears. Sleeping is not something she is capable of at the moment.

Hours pass by and she only changes lying poses on her bed. Later on, she wakes up from it and goes outside her room, meeting melissa who is also drawn in her own thoughts to the point they don see each other. If the maids saw then theyd surely be surprised by what just happened.

On the other hand, Caleb is finding it hard to get the stress off his head. Fucking a girl he doesn even know is always a solution to his stress but now not even that has been able to help him forget her.

Her smile, her moans, her body, and her skills all make him imagine HER being the one hes fixing at the moment. What if? Just what if one day he gets the pleasure of getting into her insides?

” Stop it. ” Suddenly she says.

”What? Whats wrong? ” He asks.

”I know we agreed to have one stand but this is too much. Your mind is somewhere else! ”

”No thats… ”

”Save the lies for the one you
e thinking of. By the way, falling in love is prohibited for you. ” she places her head near his ears.

”Always remember that, ” she whispers. She wears her clothes and gets off the room. The girl is one of the sluts he had known for quite some time and of course, she knows what he does for a living now.

”Always remember that. ” The voice kept evolving inside his head. For what he does he can love someone. Its not his cup of coffee and for the first time, he is stressed out because of that. One thing he can admit is that he is in love with someone. A woman whose standards are too high to reach, he thinks or maybe finds an excuse why he should not be interested in her.

The sun is soon replaced by darkness and big streetlights. The tall buildings are now shining as if they are the stars on the ground but the only star he is looking for is not around. Even if it comes near him he won be able to touch it. To him, the star is only for the eyes to enjoy. Shes on the ground yet it feels like shes too far from it.

Until 9 pm no one needed him, not even Melissa. There were days like this and sometimes he was glad since he was not in the mood either. Usually, if a chance like this opens up hed lock himself in the room and just have a drink, enjoying the cool weather and a nice view from the window, a lot of nice buildings were around and it was like touring with eyes only, so refreshing.

After a few minutes suddenly his phone rings, he rolls his eyes and picks it up.

” Hello, ” he says lazily.

”Darling how are you? ” Melissa.

”Im fine ”

”I hope you are alone. ”

”Your wish has already come true then. ”

”Thats good. Come to the club I want to show you, someone. ”

” Who is it? ” He asks

”Youll know him when you see him. ”

He hangs up his phone. Now should he go or should he not? he asks himself. Since he has nothing to do, he decides to go.

Reaching the place, the smell of alcohol and a mixture of perfume is what welcomes him. Looking around, someone held his shoulder from behind. Turning around, It was only melissa.

”I thought you wouldn come. ” she smiles.

He only smirks.

” Come. ” she shows the way and he follows. They reach the destination where another person was sitting, looking at them and then looking at Caleb from head to toe.

” David. This is Caleb. Caleb this is my son David. ” She happily smiles.

” Your son? ” He looks at David who is a bit older than him.

”And who is he? ” He asks as he looks at Caleb like a piece of trash.

”He is the one who stole my heart once again. ” She says as she looks down feeling shy. Both guys Are caught by surprise.

”What?! ” Both Caleb and David look surprised. Caleb puts his hands on his waist. David smiles in disbelief.

” Hes younger than I am, I hope youve noticed that mom! ” David.

”Our issue does not have to reach this point, Melissa. ” Caleb

David still looks at Caleb with cold eyes.

” But thats what I feel. Can you blame me? ”

” Let me guess… You slept with him. Is that it? There are lots of good guys that are good in bed why go to him, mom! ”

” Is this your son? ” Caleb asks with a confused face.

” Watch your mouth David I am still your mother! ”

” Then act like one mom! You can just bring me a male version of slut to me and tell me you love him. ”

” And would those sluts exist if there were no people like you? ” Caleb asks.

” You dare talk to me? ”

” You
e just a guy here. And listen, the only difference here is that I get paid while you pay for the service. I could say I have problems and I need money. What would you say when you have money and a beautiful wife? ” he smirks. ”Greed. ”

He raises a punch …

” Don …don … ” Caleb points his finger at him. ”You know it can cost you a fortune to punch me in here. Your mother came willingly. No one forced her. ”

” You two please stop. Alright, thats enough. ” Melissa interferes.

” This is not the end of us. ” Cold eyes get colder.

” I agree. ” Caleb says.

”I guess it was a bad idea. I am so sorry he disrespected you. ” She says as she hugs him but he doesn hug back.

” Please don say you love me anymore, I can agree to that. Okay? ”

Melissa looks at him with a small tear falling from her eye.

”I hope you will understand me someday ” With that, she leaves with David who looks at Caleb one more time.


” Crying is not the solution mom. In all honesty, I am so glad that he rejected you. Even I am older than him. How do you think we can live with a person of that type?! ” Currently in Davids car who just arrived a day ago but decided to stay at a hotel for quite some time.

” I just don know why I can ever be loved by the ones I love. My husband, and now Caleb. ” She sobs.

” Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is that you are stupid. Mom wakes up, Caleb will never be yours! ” He says his voice in a bit of an angry tone.

”One thing I am assuring you is this… Caleb will be mine and if there is any girl that is preventing me from having him, I will get rid of her. ”

”You don have to kill her, ” David laughs hard.

” If I have to do it again I will do it. Just to get him. ” She looks at her son and wipes away her tears.

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