”Thats enough. ” He hears.

”This is not what I badly want. ” A small tear leaves her eyes. Caleb is still hovering over her.

”Tell me what you want then. ” He whispers in her ears, Making Rachel feel his warmth.

”I want to feel like someone needs me in his life. ” She cries.

”Someone to make me have a reason why I should live. ” Tears keep falling from her eyes.

”That one thing that was so precious to me, the only thing that changed my life.. ” she sobs.

”Even that was taken away. ”

Caleb gets off her and sits beside her. After thinking for a while.

”Then let me be the reason why you should keep on moving. ” He says.

”Why would you do that? ”

” You
e not even 35 years old are you? ”

”No. ”

”Then its not too late to start a new life. No matter how messy it may look at the moment. ” He says.

”Then am I supposed to pay you for making me feel better? ”

”You were never a client, to begin with. ”

”Then why would you want to do this for me? ”

” You know you ask too many questions. ” He smiles. She does the same.

”In case your intentions are good, thank you for making me smile. ”

”Would you accept me and my job though? ”

”Is there anything I can do to change it? ”

” I can say am not enjoying this, but the main reason is because I don want grandma to suffer in the last days of her life ” His facial expression suddenly changes to sadness.

”The doctors said she has less than six months to live. Anything can happen at this moment. ” He looks down.

”May I ask you a question though? ”

He nods.

”Where are your parents? ”

”In America. They run away from Grandma. When they heard she needed too much attention, they just gave her up. I could not stand it. So I left them for her.

”How old were you? ”

”I was 22. ”

”And how old are you right now? ”

”30. ”

”Wow! You are such a brave grandson. ”

The delightful expression she showed made them both laugh a little.

”What about you? Do you have a husband? he asks

”He died two years ago. My stepmother-in-law made me marry her mentally sick son. I don even remember our wedding. I don even know what happened. ”

”Thats hilarious. ” He laughs.

”I know. I feel like Im in prison now. I don know how to get out of it. ”

”Just run away. Simple. ”

”I want to get out in a way he won be able to do anything even if he sees me again. ”

”That will take a long time. ”

”I will be able to do it. I know I will. ”

”Thanks for sharing your story with me. ” He smiles. She nods.

”You seem tired. Get some sleep. ” He says.

”Here? ”

”I promise I won do anything you don like. ” He says.

”Okay. ”

She lies on his bed and he covers her with a neat blanket. He sits and looks at her one more time.

”What now? ” She asks.

e beautiful. ” He kisses her forehead.

”Goodnight. ”

A few minutes after Rachel fell asleep, Calebs phone started ringing. Looking at who it was he was not surprised. He picked it up.

”Hello.. ” Him.

”Where are you? ” She asks.

”At work why? ”

”I am here as well. I … Well … I wanted to see you. I guess Im starting to get used to you a little bit too much. ” She smiles to herself.

”Where are you? ” He asks.

”In our usual room. ”

”Do you want the service today too? ”

”No thats not necessary love we. ”

”Okay, Im coming. ”

It took like five minutes for him to reach the room. He knocked on the door only once and she quickly opened it. He gets inside and closes the door. By the moment, if anyone was around he/she would have noticed how happy the woman is. Its like she finally had that breath after being inside a swimming pool for a long time.

”Is there an occasion today? You seem so happy. ” He asks as he is surprised by her reaction himself.

”Thats how happy you make me feel Cale. ” She says.

”I know this is what you do for a living. But whenever I think someone might be having you as a man makes me so jealous. Every day I just feel like I want you by my side all the time Caleb ” She says as she hugs him and he hugs her back.

”I think I am falling for you, Caleb. Please be mine. Stop working here. I will give you everything you need. You won even need to work, just staying by my side is all you should do. ” She practically begs. Her hands caress his back as she says so.

”Look. I can always be there when you need me but I can do what you want me to do. Im… Im truly sorry. ” He says. A single sentence yet sharp enough to hurt her heart and ego.

”Is there someone else? ” She asks.

”No girlfriend would allow her man to have this kind of work. ” He says.

”Will you have one day? ”

”I never thought of a real relationship. So I don know maybe. For now, Im not sure. ” He says.

”Stay with me tonight then. ” She says.

”How would you want me to pleasure you? ” He asks as he makes her look at him.

”lets just sleep together, caressing each other all night. ” She smiles.

”I will do just that. ” He kisses her lips.


”Hello! ” She calls, only to find out she is the only one in the never-ending forest. She keeps running looking for help, but the only voice she can hear is hers and the birds. The trees sing their songs as the wind is blowing. This could be the worst day of her life she thinks. As she keeps moving she sees a waterfall with two hands hanging onto it. She runs quickly to see who it is and how she can help the person. Just the moment she reached there the guy falls.

”Rachel? ” She opens her eyes.

”Good morning. ” He smiles.

”What time is it? ”

”You wanna leave already? ” He asks.

”Yeah. ”

”I don think its a good idea. This is a club and people who know what is done here will judge you. You
e kinda too innocent for that. ” He says.

”So I stay here for how long exactly? ”She asks.

”Well until 4 maybe. Besides its Saturday so I don think you have to work right? ”

”And what will I be doing in the meantime? ”

”Anything you want. The room is all yours. ” He smiles. ” By the way, if you wanna shower, the bathroom is all yours, take any cloth you want and there are new boxers in one of the cabinets, serve yourself. ”

”Are you going somewhere? ” She asks him. He nods.

”Be back in half an hour or more. ” He exits the room.

” The boxer? ” She laughs to herself.

Caleb goes outside and immediately takes his phone out of his pocket.

He clicks the Google app and searches for ” simple this to buy for your girlfriend. ”

”Am I crazy? ” He asks himself. Despite feeling weird he goes to the ice cream shop thats nearby.

After that, he goes to a lot of shops.

On the other hand… Rachel has already taken a shower. One thing that makes her feel awkward is the fact that the new boxers are designed for men and they won fit her in a specific place.

She goes to his t-shirts which smell like lemon detergent.

” I could smell these clothes every day. ” She says.

She takes a plain black t-shirt with grey pyjamas, wearing nothing else inside. A few minutes later Caleb knocks on the door and slowly steps inside.

”You shouldve waited for me to allow you to get inside. ”

”I estimated at this time youd be all done. ”

”Im a woman. ”

”But you
e not going anywhere unless youd wanna dress up for me. ”

”lets end this conversation. ” She suggests

”As you wish. Anyway, I brought some things for you. ” He gives her the stuffed plastic bags.

”Whats all this? ”

”Open them. ”

She looks inside.

”An ice cream for breakfast? ” She looks at him.

”Its almost lunchtime. Anyway, I gotta go. ”

”Have you eaten? ”

”Nop. ” He says as he opens the door.

”Lets eat together. ” She suggests.

He turns around and looks at her for a while. She makes that pleaseee face thats hard for him not to accept her request.

”Fine. ”

”Okay… Lets see what weve got here. ” She excitedly says as she takes out more food from the plastic bag.

”How did you know I like apples? ”

”Most girls do. ”

”How can you mix meatballs and chicken ” she laughs.

”I didn know what you liked more so I bought both of them. ”

”I eat anything eatable so… Anyway thanks since I can lovr both tastes. Wow! there are also chocolates. This day couldn get any better. ” She smiles as she takes a meatball straight to her mouth, making Caleb laugh his lungs out.

”Come on eat. ” She tells him.

”Maybe if you could feed me. ”

” Like Seriously? ”

”If you want me to eat. ”

She takes one meatball and feeds him.

”Good right? ”

”Tastes better when someone feeds me. ” He jokes.

”You can now eat with your hands. ” She takes a drumstick and takes a big bite of it.

”Ive never seen a rich woman eating the way you do. You eat a lot. ” He laughs.

”We always wear a fake personality. In reality, we are just normal. Most of us are. ” She says.

” Problems never end. You get rich another problem, not even money can solve arises. ”

”I just wish for a simple life. Enough money for needs and a loving family to spend time with. ”

”Sometimes we need to lose the things we want to know how important they are. When we get them, we will do anything to keep them. ”

”Why does it take too long? Why does it have to be so much to take in just to get what we want? ”

” Only then will you be certain thats what you want. ” He smiles

”What do you want in life? ” She asks.

”I am not strong enough to have a wish. ”

” Why are you afraid? ”

”I never wanted anything other than seeing my parents together as well as grandma is happy. I couldn believe it when they abandoned her. Their being together made them evil enough to do anything for their own interests. So I didn want anything from them and thats when I ran away from home. I felt hopelessly guilty. ”

”You are afraid of crashing down. You feel like you will be punished for your parents evil doings. ”

”I am a sinner myself. Everything in my life is against Gods will. I guess its enough of a punishment. ” He says.

”Deep down you know what you want. ” She says.

”Maybe we both want the same thing. ” He looks her in the eyes. Slowly he starts leaning in until their faces are one inch apart.

”Your life is not part of the punishment. Only you can make it look like that. If you want something every piece of you is going to crumble down. But once you get it, only history will be told. There will be no pain to remember. ”

”What if I say what I want is right next to me, Rachel? ” He asks with a husky voice, his eyes never leaving her even for a second. His hands hold hers leaning more into her perfect round lips until suddenly the door is knocked.

”Bad signs. ” He sighs. He steps closer to the door to see who it is.

”Shit! ” He curses.

”Who is it? ”

”My customer, shes in love with me. ”

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