ook whos mother-in-law is here. Mother! ” He happily goes to his mother and kisses her chick, something Melisa didn want.

”Is dinner ready? ” He asks.

”Am not hungry, ” Rachel says

”Are you going to eat it or what? ” He silently threatens.

”I said I am not hungry! ” She says it again.

”Are you going to eat dinner or not? ” He forcefully holds her hand. One of the places he mercilessly hurt.

”Everyone is watching. Are you gonna hurt me in front of them too? ” She asks. Looking around, the maids pretend to look elsewhere. Melissa smiles a bit as she pretends to talk to one of the maids.

”I will head to my room. I don want anyone to disturb me. ” Then off she goes.

In less than five minutes, Melisa without even knocking enters Rachels room, finding Rachel on her bed.

”I thought I said I don need disturbance. ” She rolls her eyes.

”I didn t come here to disturb you. I am just here to remind you. My son can do anything, don provoke him and be a good wife. Thats if you want fewer bruises and scars. ” She smirks.

”If you were a man, I guess youd be quite like him. Im glad my real husband was a son of a mistress, or else he would have been like your son. ” She says emotionlessly.

”Mention him again and you will get what you deserve. ” Her blood starts heating up.

”He is that one truth that you all hate. No matter what you do to me, I will never get tired of mentioning his name. Have a good night. Please leave the room. ” She covers herself with a blanket. ” Melisa silently curses as she exits the room.


Rachel opens her eyes the moment David opens the door. Another fight is about to begin, she thought.

”My dear wife are you asleep? ”

She doesn say a thing. He suddenly unwraps her blanket.

”Stop it, David.! ” She warns.

”Rachel, why do you always have to make you call you twice.? ”

”And how many times do I have to tell you I am not your wife! ” She says.

”Really? ” He smirks.

Suddenly he hovers over her and starts kissing every part of her face.

”Stop it David! ” She struggles to free herself from him, but with the mood, he is currently in hes too strong.

”David… Let me Go.. ” she slaps him hard. David looks at her unbelievably. She just slapped him.

”I said stop it! ” She gets off the bed.

”Where are you going? Huh! ” He follows her behind. She hurries to the bathroom and tries to lock the door but Davids hand finds a way in, a good chance for her to take a hot water pipe and expose hot water to his hand.

”Dang it you woman! ” He curses as he takes back his hand.

”Just wait and see, I will bring you back to the hospital! ”

Rachel doesn say a thing she only goes to the bathtub and sleeps in there. The next time she opens her eyes, its morning already.

She takes a shower and brushes her teeth. Time to get off the bathroom and face the beast. She is used to him anyway, so she carelessly opens the door. Lucky for her, David is still asleep, or thats what she thought.

”Good morning my love. ” He says with a smiling face. Rachel says nothing.

”Did I do something wrong? Why aren you answering me? ” He asks as he gets up from the bed. The imagination of a happy family is back.

”You should go for an actor, you suit the position. ” She takes her clothes and jelly and goes to the room thats next to the one she was in.

”You are my wife. Why do you have to go to other rooms? ”

Rachel doesn say a thing and leaves the room.

After shes done, she doesn bother saying goodbye to anyone and just goes to her office. As she is in the car, she receives a text message from Dave that he will go on a trip and he won be back for about a month. Relief is what everyone would feel at the moment.

”Frank. Ill be going home on my own after work. ”

”Yes maam. ”


”You have reached your destination. ” The voice from the car tells her.

”This is one of the best clubs in town. ” She says to herself.

”I guess I need this. ” She gets off the car.

A wig that covers her face together with sunglasses and a stylish mask would help her go unnoticed.

”Welcome, maam. ” One of the waiters says.

”Which place would you like to go? ”

”I didn know clubs had divisions. Anyway, I want to be in a darker place with fewer people. ” She smirks.

”On it maam. ”

The waiter leads him to a room with fewer people and more Romantic. Many seem to be in pairs, people who are alone are comfortable one can say.

”Would you like something? A drink or food? ”

”I just want prince vodka. ” She says.

”On it maam. ”

She sits in the corner of the big room, thinking nobody would find her there. She takes off her wig and glasses. She could barely live the moment in peace because of them.

”So we meet again. ” Someone says from behind. ”

She looks at him and recognizes his face.

”Caleb?! You work here? ”

”You seem exhausted. ” He says. She doesn say a thing.

”Let me take you somewhere. ” He gives her a hand.

They go to the last floor of the building, where his room is. ”Do you mind getting inside? ”

”Why do want me in there? ”

”So I could help you rest? ” Sounds more like a question. For the first time, she didn think much and just got inside.

”Is this where you live? ” She asks. He nods.

” When I work here this room is mine. ”

”What work do you do here? ”

”You really wanna know? ” He asks as he steps closer to her.

”Would I ask if I didn want to know? ”

”Well… ” He is now an inch apart from her.

”This is my work. ” He suddenly locks his lips on her, soft and tender lips yet capable of digging deeper into her tongue. A similar type of kiss she experienced two years ago, the kind of kiss she wanted for a long time.

Slowly he leads her to the bed, where the romance gets more heated up. His hands caress her clit on a pant, about to start taking it off so he can work his magic on it suddenly he hears

”Thats enough. ”


Thats it for today I hope you enjoyed it.

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