”Rachel! Its okay. Wake up now. ” Her maid, who is old enough to be her mother, wakes her up from her dream. They are not close enough to have that type of relationship, but she could still tell how bad Rachel suffers every day in the memory of happy moments in her life.

”Its okay my dear. Its okay. Its alright. Now breathe slowly. ”

She does as told. She touches her face and realized she was crying for real. Looking at her watch, its only 4 in the morning.

”How did you know I was crying? ” She asks her.

” Well, your mother-in-law came home just a few minutes ago, drunk as hell. Heard you on my way to see her state. ”

Rachel nods.

”Thank you. I will go to sleep now. ” She says as she lies down. Amelia, the maid, covers her with her blanket so she doesn feel cold.

”Thank you. Good night. ” Rachel turns to the other side of the bed and closes her eyes. Amelia silently walks out of her room.

For the first time, Rachels dream about her husband had someone else. The question is who is this person? Does this dream mean something or was it just part of her imagination? Nothing is certain at this moment. Probably just a dream she shouldn think too much about.


The alarm from his phone wakes him up, time to face new problems and hustle to deal with old ones. Looking outside through the window, the dark hasn completely been chased away.

After preparing himself to leave, he goes to his grandmas bed and looks at her sleeping figure. He walks slowly and carefully so he doesn wake her up.

”Goodbye for now grandma. ” He then kisses her forehead. He looks at her for seconds before he exits the room.

The first thing he does is go to his small apartment and freshen up, he has to be at his first part-time job at 7.00 pm sharp. So far thats the best job he has compared to others. Being a waiter at such a big restaurant has been something he calls a blessing. From time to time the owner of it lends him money and sometimes gives him for free. He has always been thankful to the old lady.

Today just like other days, he gets to work and as usual, some girls go there pretending to want breakfast when what they want is just to see him. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he is the most favoured worker, he doesn need to do anything. Just his presence is enough to draw more customers to the restaurant. Some teenagers won even go to school just to stalk him. Other guys sometimes feel jealous of him, its an understatement when one works with a guy as charismatic as him.

Todays work was and still is heavy. The waiters don even realize the sun is at its peak already. Its almost time for Caleb to finish his shift. Now he is serving his last table. Some cute naive girls who are going head over heels for him try to keep him there as much as possible. Either bad or good luck one of them gives him her number which he gladly accepts. Caleb would go easy with these girls and when he goes moody he can even do something worse to them. Bad enough whoever did the thing with him would always want more.

Caleb doesn believe In love anyway, so to him, this is just a normal thing as he is a man and sometimes needs this type of treatment, like how he needs it today.

Looking at his watch its 9 pm already. Time to finish his last part-time job. Theres one last thing left for him to do, call the chick from the restaurant. Before doing so the girl was already there outside waiting for him. It took him by surprise to know she knew where he would be. Slowly she approaches him.

”Had a rough day huh? ” She asks. Caleb only nods with a small smile.

”Where do you want to go? ” She asks.

”Anywhere is fine with me. ” He says.

”Lola right? ”

She nods.

”Lets go to the club. ” She suggests.

”I don wish to hear the noise today. ” He roughly says.

”Who says we are going to mix ourselves with other people? ” She smirks. ”Come on. Lets go. I know you will like it. ”

”Is she about to do what Im thinking? ” He whispered to himself.

”I can hear you, cherry love. ” She giggles.


”Don stop! Oh my… Aahh. ” She moans. Its not a big deal for him to make any girl crave even more for him. Thats how he always likes it, being in control of everything.

”What do you want? ” He asks as his hands work like magic inside her bones. Lora tries to say something but nothing comes out of her mouth, only loud moans are what she is capable of doing at the moment.

”Say it, girl say it! ”

”I want… ”

”Well… ” He then kisses her breast.

”All… Of… You! ”

Thats more than enough to make him want to make more of his magic cast on her.

”Lets play a game shall we? ” He smirks. He ties her hands to the bed, then moves to her ears, Making her feel the warm breath as he breathes. Slowly he caresses her ears with his tongue and slowly whispers to her, ”No matter what I do, don make a single noise. ”

He then kisses her lips, then her chest keeps going down. Lora tries her best not to make any noise, he hasn even reached the most sensitive part but its already too hard for her to handle her mouth especially when her hands can support her.

He starts teasing the upper parts of her thighs and she starts breathing hard, in no time his tongue reaches the g spot, The hardest part for her to obey the order. She tries to untie herself from the ropes but repeatedly fails.

”Cay… Caleb… Ple.. please! ” She begs.

Caleb continues with what he does, licking every little part of her g spot. Lora tries to hold it in, but the pleasure keeps getting higher and higher to the point she can hold it anymore. Her breathing becomes higher and her moaning becomes louder than normal. She wishes to touch his hair but her hands are tied. Finally, after a long ride, she reached her climax inside his mouth.

”Shall we play the same game when daddy is inside you? ” He smirks.

”Yes. Yes, daddy please. ”


” I wonder who taught you these games? ” Lora says as she caresses Calebs chest, Her head lying on it as well.

” I don remember really. ” He laughs.

”Look I know you have no plans of having a girlfriend, but if you get to have one she will love you even more I swear, ” Lora says.

”I don need a girlfriend. I need someone to have fun with. No love exists between us. Just… Fun. ” He emphasizes the last words.

” Okay. But trust me, your belief will change someday. And I will be very jealous of that woman. ” She says honestly, Making Caleb worry for a moment.

”Are you having something for me? Please don tell me that! ”

”To the point, a woman opened her legs for you. What else is there? ” She smiles sadly.

”I thought we agreed… ”

” That was the only way to make you mine, even just for a moment. And don feel pity for me. I can handle my feelings pretty well. ” She smiles.

”Just after some time gives me another good **… Then we
e good. ” She kisses his chest for a moment.

For days Caleb couldn stop thinking about what Lora said. He thought hed never involve himself with love, but it simply wasn easy. If he doesn fall for them, certainly they will fall for him instead. For once, like the very first time in his life, he wondered what life would be like if he found himself a lovable girl. It isn easy as thoughts are, thats the first thing he thought. But then all of his thoughts were driven away simply when a hand was laid on his chest. Looking at who it is, he was not surprised since it has become a familiar face.

”I heard she is getting discharged today, ” Rachel says. He only nods.

”All thanks to you. ”

”I guess the line that follows is, you will pay me back. ”

”Obviously. ”

”Ive been where you are today. My husband had an accident. All of his accounts were deactivated. I needed money but no one helped me. Then the bank lent me the money at very high interest. It came to light that it was all his mothers doing. I had to pay a higher amount of money than expected. ”

”Why are you telling me all this? ” Caleb asks. Not sure if that was the right thing to ask anyway.

”Because I just need someone who can listen. Also, please don pay me back. ” With that she takes her to leave. Caleb looks at his grandma who is sound asleep. ”Who is she? ” More like he asks himself. Come to think of it, he doesn even have her number.

Days went by and Lora didn seem to have come to the restaurant. Part of him felt guilty, but theres nothing he could do. Its not like he can love her, loving someone is something he could never do his whole life. Many reasons could be the case. The truth is no one knows even his background. Hes just known as the handsome boy who is Ladys man.

Before he could finish his shift for the day, the lady of the restaurant madam Ariana came and she seemed to want to talk about him. Since its him, no one is really worried since he is the most loved employee.

He takes off his coat and goes straight to her office. Slowly he gets inside and sits on a chair opposite her.

”Good day to you Caleb. ”

”And to you as well maam ” Caleb greets back.

”I have something to show you. ” she takes an envelope from her pouch and gives it to him.

”What is this? ” He asks. Madam instructs him to open.

His eyes go wide open when unexpected pictures of him were taken. His hands start shaking as well. Who did this to him? The worried expression made madam Ariana laugh a little.

” This is something every man does. ” You are handsome and young. Id think you
e gay if you didn do such things. ”

Caleb keeps quiet.

”Anyway… ” She sobs. ”My sources told me you are very good in bed. Thats a talent. Do you know how many women wish they had someone to fix them the way you do? ”

”I don get your point madam. ”

” Take this, its an address. If you want to make more money. The chance is yours. Not forcing you. The freedom will always be yours. ” She smirks and takes her to leave.

With that, he went home straight. He didn even want to go to his other part-time work. The job was tempting. Come to think of it, he didn want to play with womens feelings, so this would be it. An opportunity to enjoy while making money. This was the kind of job he needed. In this situation, others would think of how much money he was going to make, but, he was thinking of how many women he was going to make scream his name with his little dirty games.

When darkness chased the sun. He got ready for it. He took the address card and went to the club. Looking at the club it was one of a kind. Big, stunning, one you could get anything. To think he was going to be of some service to this big mansion of a club was a happy concept for him. In no time one of the bodyguards followed him.

”Madam is expecting you, sir. This way please. ” The bodyguard leads Caleb to where madam Ariana is.

It took five minutes at least to reach the luxurious room that only madam was inside.

”I knew you would come. ” She says as she takes a sip of her wine.

”Are you nervous? ” She asks.

”I just wonder why you are alone. ” He says.

”I enjoy my own company thats all. At this hour most of my friends talk about their husbands infidelity and I am just so sick of it. ” She smirks. Caleb doesn say a thing. He just stares at the big dark and brown-themed room that he is currently in.

”Married women crave men who can take care of them the most. ” She takes a deep breath. ”Their husbands treat them like housemaids and don give them any attention, which is why I built this place. For them to feel like they are needed. This is the reason why keeping a secret is another skill you must possess. Don take anything too personal. And if you feel you have had enough, you can go. The contract goes monthly. Are you in? ” She asks.

”When do we start? ” Smirks.

”Can you handle mamas? ” She asks.

”Let me show her she is more than wanted in this world you created. ”


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