Second attraction

Chapter three

Darrels POV

I got home after a long day at work and mom met me with her usual complaint of Brenda and Bennets arguments. I understand them because they
e twins and its most likely to have them bickering over one or two things.

I went to my room to freshen up because I was tired. I plugged in my earphones and listened to some songs by Zamara Coleman.

I just love her voice and songs; even though shes not a popular singer but the lyrics of her songs always match how my day goes.

Its been three years since I lost her-my wife and I didn even have eyes for any other woman but its changing. This girl has caught every bit of my attention since she started working.

I don know why Im having this feeling but I hope something good would come out of it. Im just hoping shes feeling a little bit of what Im feeling at the moment because I feel the connection between us and its weird.

Only Kendra made me feel this way and I think its time to let someone else in my life…


Cheryls POV

I got home late today because the previous assistant of Darrel—sorry Mr Darrel slacked a lot so I still have to clear all that mess up. I wonder how he didn notice all these…

I went up to my room to freshen up and changed into something more comfortable. I prepared something quick for dinner and left Cheryns own because she wasn coming anytime soon.

I lived with my twin sister at a penthouse apartment in one of the most elite neighborhoods. I know our parents are rich but we just wanted to be on our own — even though they send us allowances every week, we wanted to live like normal people.

I came back to my room after dinner and relaxed on my bed. I thought of everything that happened recently and Darrels image popped up in my head again.

Its so unusual for me to feel this way because after I woke up, my mom told me about my boyfriends death—which I have a vague impression of,but I vowed not to have eyes on any other guy but Darrel is exceptional; his features alone makes my insides churn.

I don really know anything about him apart from whats broadcasted on the internet but I feel attached to him in a way I can comprehend, like theres theres a connection between us and Im just hoping Im not the only one feeling like that…..

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