Darrels POV

My current head assistant just left my office and I must admit shes a really nice lady;her mid length hair,clear skin,plump lips and her curves are to die for.

Her eyes are rare; she has brown eyes but theres a turquoise gleam anytime she smiles and they seem seem so familiar….like they
e pulling me to her; just like hers.

Im impressed with her working ability as the head assistant. She hasn made a single error whatsoever-as if shes been here already.And she commands like a boss lady…. I couldn be happier.

I just couldn take my eyes of Cheryl-a beautiful name for a a beautiful woman. The way she takes graceful steps anytime she walks through the doors of my company makes me want to sweep her off her feet.

All she does is to focus on work; not even sparing me a second glance when I dismiss her- not that I didn like her seriousness; but it made me want to have her all to myself .

Ive never seen her engaging in friendly talks with the males around- making her seem like a strict girls school headmistress but I like it…at least I wouldn have to compete with anyone when I claim

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