Beauty Albino Girl

“And this one.”

Shisae's white fingertips slid across the MR screen.

“It's a shot of me and ezohiguma-chan taken when I was five years old.” (TLN: Ezo brown bear)


What I saw in the image that made me exclaim was a monster that looked like a boss monster.

First of all, it was huge.

Even taking into account that Shisae straddling his back was a 5-year-old girl, she looked as small as a doll.

Heavy muscular ridges that can be seen even through the dense bristles –is that a mobile fortress?

Long, thick but sharply pointed and curved fingernails –ninja claws?

A neck that was so thick that it united the head and torso –the trunk of a giant tree?

“Wait a minute, something doesn't feel right.
It's not like the bears I know.
Is this that? Some kind of CG fake image or something? “

“Eh? Ah, that's right, you are talking about a [Asian Black Bear], right? This one is a bear called [Ezo brown bear], which is endemic to Hokkaido.”

Shisae laughed unconcernedly.

“Ezo brown bear?”

“Yes, yes.
The Asian black bear is 110 centimeters long and weighs 80 kilograms.”

–Is 80 kilograms a small bear?

“The Ezo brown bear is 270 centimeters long and weighs 400 kilograms, has a chewing power of 800 kilograms, can run up to 65 kilometers per hour, can swim in rivers and climb trees, can one-kill cows and lions, and can repel rifle bullets with its skull, also known as the mountain god Kimun Kamui or the evil god Wen Kamuy.” (TLN: Kimun Kamui is from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Wen Kamuy is from Golden Kamuy If I’m not wrong)

“That's a monster! What the hell is going on with Hokkaido's ecological regulations? I'm too scared of Hokkaido when that kind of guy is walking around there!”

“No, no, no, that is a misunderstanding on the part of people from Honshu.
Even in Hokkaido, there are no bears walking around.
They sometimes come down to the towns at the foot of the mountains and appear in the news.
U~n it's just that……” (TLN: Honshu lit.
main province/mainland)

The highlights fell from her eyes, and Shisae's face darkened to the point that she could be described as a grudge spirit from the Sea of Trees.
(TLN: Sea of Trees (Jukai) also known as Aokigahara)

“People who say that it's not fair to shoot bears that come down from the mountains should Google [Sankebetsu bear incident]….Don't say irresponsible things like that from a safe area, our lives are at stake…….Even if you send a bear back to the mountains, it will come right back down afterward, it's just a game of cat and mouse, and how many people do you think die each time?”

“Sankebetsu? Eh?”

“It was the biggest wildlife attack in Japan's history.
The entire population of the village was evacuated and the army was mobilized, while 270 members of the Allied Japanese Ainu Defeat Force subjugation force, armed with firearms and Japanese swords, but they were unable to finish off the beast.
Ikuo-chan, you shouldn't Google it.”

Ufufufufu, laughing like a horror manga, Shisae threatened me.

“A-ah, I'll stop Googling for now.”

“The animals in Honshu are so cute and tiny.
Hokkaido's animals on the other hand are all big, fluffy, and puffy.
Good boy, good boy.”

Shisae's expression changed and she began to pet the stag's head.

The tension switched too quickly.

“Mofupuku is cute, though, I mean, are you okay with sending that cute little thing to the meat processing facility?”

“Hm? If you say that, isn't Ikuo-chan, Hiyoko-chan or Kobuta-chan, cute too?”


“I think people who don't understand these feelings will never understand them, but there is no contradiction between liking and loving animals and not eating them.
I mean, eating other living creatures is a natural act, and it is arrogant to judge it as right or wrong.
And it's a double standard to say that eating animals is cruel and eating plants is not, isn't it?”

Shisae's smile gradually became calmer as she lovingly caressed the stag.
Her voice, too, took on a more mature, gentle tone.

“The only thing I can say is that all livestock farmers love their cows and pigs and take care of them with the attitude that they are providing food for them.
There is a word for that, but livestock receives tens of thousands of times more love and respect than a corporate slave.”


I was momentarily taken aback by her face as she said that.

Now Shisae was full of compassion, like a saint who embraced everything with love without compensation.

Then she looked straight at me and said.

“And besides, Ikuo-chan, the prettier the girl, the more you want to eat her, don't you? Sexually.”

“It's ruined!”

Shisae laughed with a wicked look on her face, cloaked in devious desires.

“Sayuri-chan's b**bs are so huge, aren't they? I was surprised that Miina-chan and Maiko-chan, who were with Ikuo-chan, also had really big b**bs.”

“Don't look at Uchimine and Koimai in that kind of way.”

I tsk-tsked at the pure white albino girl who wagged the fingers of both her hands in a lewd gesture.

“No, no, no, Shisae just respects people with bigger b**bs than hers, okay? You see, big b**bs sound like a blessing, don't they?”

As she said this, Shisae put her hands on her cheeks and then wiggled herself, and her breasts swayed widely.
I grabbed her hands while trying not to look at them.

“Yes, yes, don't act all silly, we're moving on to the next site.”

“~iyan, don't be so cold ♪”

–I'll evacuate to Uchimine's place as soon as I get to the next site.
It's been almost 10 minutes.

With a somber sigh, I teleported away.

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