High tension albino girl


After returning to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications from the port, I sent Koimai and the other psychometrists back to the police station and sent the other members to their respective places of work.

The last one left was Shisae, who had to go around to dozens of places.

“This is the first place, right?”

Shisae and I teleported to a certain mountainous area in Tokyo.

While Uchimine's workplace was like the sea with the scent of sea breezes, Shisae's was a forest bathing spot surrounded by deep greenery and the smell of earth.

In the mountains in April, grass and flowers were in full bloom, and if you looked up at the branches and leaves, you could see a precious sight of a father and daughter squirrel running past.

If we could use our power by shifting our steps by a dozen kilometers from here, we should be able to control all the animals in Tokyo in a roller strategy fashion.
Well, I just realized that if we use our powers on top of the mountain, we won't be able to keep the animals at the foot of the mountain within our effective range, will we?”

“That's not a problem.
The 10-kilometer radius of the Operation's area of effect is not a dome or a sphere, but a cylinder.
Strictly speaking, the area of effect is a cylindrical space with a radius of 10 kilometers and a height of 10 kilometers above and below each other.
So regardless of the shape or height of the mountain, it is completely in Shisae's hands.”

“Well, that's good, but how long will Operation last?”

“If I enter the area of effect even for a moment, it will continue to work for about half a year.
Please rest assured that the effect will not expire even if it stops being used ♪”

For some reason, Shisae giggled with her hands raised in a banzai pose.

Then I noticed something not so important: she had cute yaeba teeth. [1]

“I know it's a little late for this, but your ability is a cheat.
The area of effect, the time it takes, it's like level 100 already”

“I've been using it every day for more than 10 years since I was at my parents' house.
I've already passed the level cap.”

Shisae placed a piece sign with three fingers up to her eyes and playfully said “Kirarin” or something.

She truly was a high tension girl in every way.

I thought she might be a paripi [2] type, but since she didn't fawn over a strong-looking guy like Bando and called him a bad guy from the very first meeting, my liking for her was quite high.

I was sure that she was simply a cheerful and likeable girl.

“Then let's get to it, Ikuo-chan!”

Standing with her hands clenched into fists, her elbows resting on her sides, and her legs spread apart, Shisae's pure white twin-tail hair was shaking as she shouted with all her might.

“Uooooooooooo somethingggg inside Shisae on fireee!!!”

“What shonen manga timeline do you come from!?”

“Eh? Since no one else is around, isn't this the perfect opportunity to practice awakening to the second form? Shisae has been practicing hard every time she went to the mountains or forests since she was at my parents' house.”

As she explained, Shisae performed the special attack poses of national manga protagonists one after another.

When she finished the Nantoka Nami and Nantoka Ken poses, Shisae's eyes peeled back in surprise. [3]

“Ah! If there are two of us, we can fuse! Ikuo-chan! Let's become one with Shisae! Not in a pornographic way!” [4]

“It's kind of erotic in its own way!”

For some reason, Shisae was in a good mood and happy when I made a gesture of giving her a chop on her head.

“Hehehe, then it's time to get serious.”

Again, with clenched fists and elbows resting on her sides, she shouted in a pose that looked like a manga protagonist about to transform into super mode.

“Half of all wild deer and wild boar within a 10-kilometer radius! And all non-native animals to empty the contents of their digestive organs before moving on to the nearest meat processing plant! Deer and wild boar, in descending order of age, except for those raising their children!”

Instantly, the mountain was suddenly buzzing.

Shisae, on the other hand, turned around as if nothing had happened.

“This is OK.
Then let's go to the next point.”


They needed to empty their digestive organs because it would interfere with the dismantling process and because they would be passing through towns during their move so the roads wouldn't be littered with animal feces.

Also, the age order was done in consideration of possible extinction.

All of this was decided after discussions among myself, Shisae, and Director Sayuri.

“Let's see, the next point is……”

“Ah, it's Deer-chan♪”

I opened the MR screen on my device to check the map, and out of the bushes came a magnificent stag.

“Come here for a minute~”

Shisae beckoned the stag over and boldly clutched his antlers and straddled his back.

“Ride on! Ikuo-chan, I want you to take a screenshot!”

“Eh? Yes?”

I was so taken aback by her active behavior that I did as I was told and took a picture of her with the camera.

“Hehehe, this will make Shisae's Ride-On folder full again♪ Aiming to conquer all the animals♪”

“You've been doing this for a long time?”

Shisae nodded as she got off the stag's back.

My parents live in Hokkaido, and we moved here this spring when my dad was transferred for work.
I've conquered all the animals in Hokkaido, so now I'm going to conquer all the animals in Honshu.”

–The image of a Hokkaido native with white hair and skin is just too much…….

As the MR screen unfolded in the air, Shisae showed me the image folder.

“Here's the ezoshika-chan, here's the dosanko-chan, and here's the kitakitsune-chan.” [5]

In each photo, Shisae was straddling the back of an animal and smiling innocently.

None of them had the sales smile of an idol or model.
All of them had a charm that showed her smile was from the bottom of her heart.

I was impressed by the fact that Shisae could smile so innocently at her age as if she was a baby, which I believe was her talent.

“And this one.”

Shisae's white fingertips slid across the MR screen.


Translator Note:

[1]:Yaeba teeth: ←


[2]: Paripi (パリピ) means party people.
Or, it can also be described as a sociable individual who is lively and energetic (source). ←

[3]: Sorry guys, I searched on google and can’t find anything about this at all. ←

[4]: Become one (合体) can also be translated as sexual intercourse, merge, union (link) ←

[5]: ezoshika is Yezo sika deer, dosanko is Hokkaido horse, and kitakitsune is Ezo red fox. ←

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