Chapter 56

Shopping for Dinner with Beautiful Girls

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn


Shopping for Dinner with Beautiful Girls

After work, we were visiting a supermarket in Tokyo.

The purpose was to buy ingredients for today’s dinner.

“Then Honey, we’ll go check on the fruits and veggies, and you guys get the meat and fish, okay?”


In the food section on the first floor, we were divided into two teams for shopping: the A team of Miina, Shisae, Kiriha, and Matsumi, and the B team of me, Maria, Maiko, and Maya.

A visit to the meat section was like a different scene from before.

Cows, pigs, chickens, and especially the beef section were about a quarter of what they used to be.

Instead, the meat of deer, boar, reeves’ muntjac, civet, raccoon, and bullfrogs were taking over the section.

All of these meats were distributed with Shisae’s ability.

Thanks to that, the introduced species had already disappeared from the whole Kanto region.

“I’m getting used to this situation.”

“It’s becoming common for my family to use wild boar instead of pork.
What about Maria?”

“My family has always eaten deer and boar meat, so I don’t notice any change.”


Deer meat stewed in red wine is my father’s favorite.”

—Hmm? Maybe Maria is a young lady from a better family?

“But it was refreshing when I got to dine with you all and eat some civets and raccoons.”

“That’s good to know.
So what meat shall we have today?”

When I asked Maya, she walked over to the display shelf and picked up a piece of wild boar meat, and held it up.

“Maya likes wild boar.”

“I also like it because it has less fat and is lighter than pork.”

Wild boar and pork might seem similar, but they were quite different.

The meat of a wild boar that roams around in the mountains is firm, has little fat, and is a little tough, but you can enjoy its light flavor.

However, even though it might be tough, if you cut into the muscle and roller the meat well, it will be soft and tasty enough.

Kiriha is a master at this.

Next, we went to the fish counter.

Unlike the meat counter, the fish counter was much the same.

Japan, being an island nation, had always been able to supply itself with domestically produced seafood.

Although there was a certain amount of imported seafood, it was more than enough to make up for the doubling of the catch thanks to the power of Shisae.

One of the few changes was the creation of a mini-corner at the end of the sales floor for non-native freshwater fish such as black bass, bluegill, snakehead fish, grass carp, giant carp, silver carp, bluefish, etc.

“Honey, how about some fried black bass today?”

“That’s great.
I’m actually quite addicted to it.”

Nodding at Maiko’s suggestion, I picked up the black bass.

“Are Maria and Maya okay with it?”



“Then, oh, that reminds me, we’re almost out of the sauce.
I’ll go get some.”

“Wait, Honey, you’ll get lost.
I’ll go with you.”

“Sorry, Maiko.”

Just to be clear, it wasn’t that I was directionless.

It was just the way this supermarket displayed the products that were bad.

Why did the sauces and mayonnaise get mixed up in the retort section next to the condiments section?

“Looking at them like this, they’re totally a high school couple.”


Maiko’s face turned red and stiffened.

I pat Maya’s head and she was pouting

“There’s no way a high school kid could be this big.”

“B-big, for the first time in my life, it was used.”

Maya broke her blank expression and began to squirm joyously, full of emotion.

“Jeez, let’s go, Maiko.”

“Yeah, let’s go……Honey.”


Feeling uncomfortable with the way she said it, I stepped in the direction of the condiments section.

“Let’s see, as I recall, Shisae prefers tonkatsu sauce, Kiriha likes dark sauce, Maya and Maiko like the extra thick sauce, and Maria, Matsumi, and Miina can have anything.”

Thanks to Maiko, I reached the sauce display shelf without hesitation and picked up a sauce that suited everyone’s taste.

As I wondered if there were any more condiments that were running low, Maiko unexpectedly called out to me.

“Nee, Honey, I saw on the news yesterday that the emergency press conference by the Bank of Japan Governor was terrible.”

“Ah, about that, we talked to Director Sayuri at work.”

“I knew it……nee, what did Director Sayuri say?”

She sounded a little anxious.

So I deliberately used a slightly cheerful tone to try to calm her down.

“No problem.
The strategy meeting went well, you know.”

I turned to her, holding the sauce in both hands.

“As we feared, the reason why Japan will not go bankrupt even if it borrows money is that the borrower, i.e., the government agency, the Bank of Japan, is the one who sold the Japanese government bonds to the Bank of Japan.
If the Japanese government bonds go overseas, Japan will be ruined because it will have to drain its cash abroad.”

“That’s not so hard.
So, what are we going to do about it? The Bank of Japan holds 1,600 trillion yen worth of Japanese government bonds, right? How are we going to earn 1,600 trillion yen?”

Maiko’s voice hardened and she took a step closer in surprise.

“Even if we say we are going to sell the bonds, we need someone to buy them.
The first step is to compile data on how much foreign capital and foreign residents in Japan are fleeing Japan and announce it to the international community.
In this way, Japan’s credit rating will be dared to drop.
The Bank of Japan governor will take some time to find a buyer for the sale.
And while buying time like that, we will drag the bastard Kaneda down from his position as Bank of Japan Governor.”


“According to Kiriha, the Bank of Japan governor can be replaced in the Diet if he gets a majority vote from the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors.
So, the next parliamentary resolution will change the Bank of Japan’s governor to someone else.
Naturally, it will be someone who doesn’t have Kaneda’s influence.”


Maiko clapped a tiny clap on her chest.

“Everyone’s amazing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, despite being a high school student, everyone is involved in national politics.
Even though I also have a supernatural ability, I’m different from everyone.”

“It was mostly thanks to Director Sayuri, Miina, and Kiriha, though.”

“That’s not all.
You are solving the fuel situation in Japan all by yourself, aren’t you? In order to save money, I just read information from the belongings of victims and missing persons.
There are others with Psychometry abilities.
How can I say this, I respect you.”

I said to Maiko, who was smiling with self-deprecation as if to reprimand her.

“Hey, hey, you’re being disrespectful to Maria and Maya, who is also on the police squad, you know?”

“….Un, That’s why I have to work hard and solve a lot of cases.
We, the police team, will be as active as Miina and Honey.”

After Maiko showed me a gentle smile, I encouraged her to supplement it.

“That’s right.
I mean, I can’t prove my innocence without Maiko.
I have to keep Maiko in a good mood.
Here, I’m counting on you for doing Psychometry on me.”


Holding the sauce, I stuck out my hand.

Maiko froze for a moment, took a half step back, and hesitantly extended her hand.

Her slender hand gently touched my hand.

“E-excuse me……”

Maiko stood there with a serious face as if concentrating.

When she uses Psychometry it has no visual changes.

It was a bit of a strange sight if you didn’t know what was going on because the outsider could not see what was going on.

“….I’m done.
It looks like you didn’t abuse teleportation today either.”

“The chaperones and judges are excellent.
Now, let’s get back to the others.
How long is it taking for us to find the sauce…..Wouldn’t Maria and Maya be angry?”

“Fufu, I guess.”

We returned to the fish counter, imagining Maria and Maya standing alone at the fish counter, expressionless and emotionless.

And there they were, waiting for us, looking exactly as we had imagined.

These kids did not disappoint us at all.

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