Chapter 40

The Protagonist!

Translated by Dawn


This is just [easier to fight]

“What is your purpose, Bando-kun? What do you want from me?”

“Of course it’s obvious.
I’m going to carve on your lower body which one of us is better, Okui or me.
And I’ll make you pay for the crime of ridiculing me.
You should be grateful.
A beauty like you, with a pretty face and body, can have the superior DNA of me, the feared Ice Emperor.
You should be grateful.”

“Are you trying to do something bad?”

“No, you like it too, right? You were really hoping I’d come for you, weren’t you? Rejoice, I’m going to thrust my monstrous gun into you and seed you until you’re out of your mind.”

“H~m, I think you shouldn’t do that.
Because I am strong.
Even if a thousand guys in the sports club attacked me at the same time, it probably wouldn’t take more than 10 seconds.”

He’s not a threat.

Miina can disassemble and reconstruct matter at high speed.

Reconstructing the ground into a sharp stone pillar and making it stick out of the ground is a piece of cake.

If 1000 boys attacked her, there would only be a forest of skewered corpses.

“I’ll tell you what.
I have the energy of 1000 of those small fries!”

A moment later, ice rushed through the ground from under Bando’s feet.


Miina jumps lightly and shrugs it off.
For an athletic girl, it was a piece of cake.

The ice spreads out in all directions, covering the ground all over the park.

It was like being on an ice skating rink.

“Heh, you’ve got a lot of power.
But you can’t beat this onee-san with just ice.”

Miina tapped the ice under her feet with the tip of her shoe.

–Of course, I’m not going to kill you.
I’m going to smash a round stone pillar into your solar plexus and call the police in case of emergency………….Eh?

Miina looked down at the ground with astonished eyes.

Her power was not activated.

In the silence, Bando lifted the corners of his mouth in an evil smile.

“Did you try to create a stone spear out of the ground under the ice? Or did you try to get rid of my ice itself? But alas, your ability is useless!”

“H-how, Bando-kun, what did you do?”

Tapping the device screen with her finger would reveal it, so Miina bought herself some time while activating the calling app with a whispered voice control.

She had about five minutes before the police arrived.
Can she keep Bando under control until then?

“It’s simple.
You and your variant abilities can’t interfere with my supernatural ability!”

“Such a thing!?”

When Miina was surprised to hear this for the first time, Bando was in a good mood.

“I’ve been battling a lot of people with powers since I was a kid.
Among them, there was a guy who could change the shape of anything he touched, like a backward version of you, but he couldn’t transform my ice.
That’s when I learned about the laws of our abilities.
That’s when I learned about the laws of our abilities.
In other words, you have no allies in this park anymore, anywhere!”

Miina gasped and looked around her for help.

The ground, the fountain, and the trees were being eroded and covered by the ice.

It was as if the park itself was Miina’s mind, and she was terrified in proportion to the erosion of the ice.

Until now, she had been able to maintain her composure because she felt secure in the knowledge that if push came to shove, she could always win.

Now, however, she felt a sense of crisis, similar to the feeling she had when she was confronted with a gun with the safety removed and the firing pin raised, only to discover that she was not wearing a bulletproof vest.

–That, something, is there anything!?

Dirt, stone, wood, whatever.
But the only thing that can be grasped is air.

Does she need to reconstruct the air and eliminate the oxygen from around Bando? No, at Miina’s level, she cannot reconstruct gas yet.

Neither her hand luggage nor her clothes can be used as a weapon.

Completely blocked from her abilities, Miina screamed in a shaky voice.

“I’ve called the police.
If you don’t get out of here quickly, your career as an ice emperor will be tarnished!”

“The police don’t intervene in a lover’s quarrel between a man and a woman.
Don’t you know the word ‘civil non-intervention’?”

Sure enough, the current Bando is unable to communicate with others.
He is living in a delusional world that suits him.

No, not only now, but the man, Ryogo Bando, had such a disposition from the beginning.

He, too, knows common sense.

However, as a person with supernatural powers, he is a chosen special person, and it is natural for those around him to bow down to him.

Just as parents have the right to punish their children and teachers have the right to punish their students, he has always believed that he is free to do whatever he wants with others, such as with Ikuo Okui, and that it is his right as an upper-class citizen.

Now those thoughts are exploding.

Miina quickly turned around and started running.

Thanks to the fact that the soles of her shoes had been disassembled and reassembled to Hokkaido specifications to prevent slipping, she was able to run as fast as she could.

“I’m not letting you go!”

Immediately after hearing a snap, a snapping of fingers, Miina fell forward heavily, as if she had been hit in the back by a body blow.


A slashing coldness stabbed at her hands and her face pressed against the ice.

A basketball-sized block of ice slid in front of her like a curling stone.

It hurt.
She could feel no strength in her upper body.

Miina winces in place from the pain, which makes her feel as if her spine has been broken.

“Haha, you’re looking good.
Go back to sleep like that.
No, I’ll be a little nicer to you if you take your clothes off yourself.”

–I don’t want to.

On the cold ice, Miina’s teary eyes were hot with despair.

I don’t want this.

I will be happy from now on.

I’m going to make happy memories with people I don’t have to lie to anymore, people I love, people who can be a place for me.

I will not be tainted by this man.

“Be thankful you can be my first!”

The presence of the same parasite in human form is approached with certainty.

Four minutes until the police arrive.

In four minutes, Bando will be arrested by the police and sent to jail.

But long enough to get myself raped.

This is the kind of man who will look at her naked body.

This man will take her first time.

This man will pollute her body with his genes.

If that happens, there is no getting it back.
The past cannot be changed.
What face should I spend the rest of my life with everyone?


Miina exclaimed, thinking of his kind face.

“Okui-kun! Help me!”

“Don’t call other men’s names at a time like this! Open your legs!”


Miina screamed as Bando’s hand tried to touch her ankle, causing her to wince.

Immediately after that, Bando disappeared.

No, he was about 50 meters away.
A moment ago, and in the same pose.

Not knowing what had happened.

No, I guess it just extended the time.

My heart trembled with fear, and as I raised my upper body in confusion, a gentle warmth touched my head.

“It’s all right now.”

Miina looked up at the warm voice she wanted to hear more than anyone else and shed large tears of relief.

“If it’s a battle manga, the most powerful cheat in the world, the teleporter, is here to help you.”


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