Chapter 39

Miina VS.

Translated by Dawn


When she looked up at the young voice, she saw a parent and child holding hands standing on the other side of the pedestrian crossing.

The girl, who looked to be in early elementary school, was holding hands with her kind-looking mother and chatting happily.

I wonder if she has played with her mother somewhere.

Will she play with her mother again tomorrow?

Good for you.
You are happy.
Cherish that happiness.

I wish I had parents like that.

I wanted to have a childhood like that.

But that won’t happen.

Because as Director Sayuri said, the same day will never come again.

Just the thought of that made my tear glands hot and my heart ached deep in my chest.

But that’s why I vowed so strongly the next moment.

I will cherish the time I spend with everyone.

As I have not affirmed myself up to now, I will live my life with affirmation from now on.

The green light brought the parent and child closer to Miina.

The moment the parent and child passed by, Miina felt as if she was parting from her childhood.

Crossing the pedestrian crossing, she saw a park spread out on her right.

“It’s too early to go home yet.”

After looking up at the sunset, Miina chose to take a long way around.

The park was empty and uninhabited.

Now that IT has become more advanced than in the Heisei era, the park has turned into a playground for MR games. (+)

They use MR image balls seen through their devices or they play with MR image monsters by defeating them.

Miina looked around the park with a refreshed feeling, soaking her whole body in the setting sun without worrying about anyone else.

The trees surrounding the park reflected the setting sun and glowed beautifully.

The little birds perched on the water fountain were adorable, and she was mesmerized by the way they took flight.

Across the street, there was a lucky vending machine with benches, which she remembered she had never used.

She had lived here for so long that she had no time to even think about relaxing in the park.

Feeling like the time was right, she decided to buy a bottle of juice on a whim.

–If I win, I’ll give it to Honey tomorrow.
I’ll tell him it’s a lucky charm.
I wonder if he will be happy.

It was then that she was stopped by him.


Turning on her heel at the sound of a voice she knew well but did not want to hear, she found Ryogo Bando standing there, the man Ikuo Okui had said he saw.

Although he had a flat expression on his face, Miina sensed a hint of danger.

For the time being, I’ll just deal with the situation in a friendly manner.

“Ara, Bando-kun, what a coincidence.
What are you doing here? Do you live near here?”

“You have a date with that bastard Okui today? You’re his lover too, aren’t you?”(+)

Contrary to his thorny words, Miina continued to respond in a friendly manner, trying to appear nonchalant.

“I was just going out with him.
But it’s not a date.
He has a wonderful girlfriend, Kiriha-san.
I’m just a female friend.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

Bando yelled at her, his mouth so twisted that even his canine teeth were bared.

There were only two people in an empty park with the man yelling at the girl.

The situation was clearly dangerous, but Miina was not the least bit perturbed.

“You were not happy with me when I first entered the school, but you dumped me as soon as I wasn’t selected for a project? Do you feel good about being featured on TV? You’d rather be featured with Okui? Ridiculous!”

Bando puts together a coherent story.

He has completely lost his cool.

Apparently, the conversation isn’t going through.

“Wait, wait.
I’m not ridiculing you, and what do you mean by dumping you? We don’t even know each other’s contact information, do we?”

“You were always looking at me flirtatiously! You were always shaking your big breasts and trying to seduce me, all the while trying to get me to do that! And then, as soon as Okui was chosen for the project, you started shaking your ass at him! Was he that good, you bitch!” (+)

Anger turned to madness, and Bando scratched his hairless head.

“Don’t screw with me, don’t screw with me, don’t screw with me, don’t screw with me, don’t screw with me, don’t screw with me! You think that bastard, Okui, is better than me!? That piece of trash! Who the hell does he think he is! I’m Ryougo Bando, the Ice Emperor!”

Miina calmly gave up on Bando.

If she could have a conversation with him, she would have tried to persuade him with words of sincerity.

She herself is compassionate and pacifist by nature, even if she is acting in a friendly manner.

But now, Bando is no good.

He is self-contained in both premise and conclusion and does not accept all inconvenient realities.

He is on the same level as a sick person suffering from severe delusions.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going home.
If you have any business with me, I’ll see you at school after Golden Week.”

“Wait! Aah!?”

At the sound of his loud voice, Miina turned his body back to face Bando.

She did not follow his instructions.

This situation is just [easier to fight]

“What is your purpose, Bando-kun? What do you want with me?”

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