Chapter 37

Do You Want To Go Home Together?

Translated by Dawn



Her words made me deeply sympathize with her.

It was the same for me.

My school life was just hell.

The so-called “school caste” ran the classroom, while the rest of the students were pathetic victims.

The other students were only interested in taking advantage of each other to make themselves as superior as possible.

Instead of being respectful and cooperative friends to others, they wanted to assemble them and use them as springboards for a sense of superiority.

This may sound like a flower garden theory, but in fact, if we get along and cooperate with each other, it will be a wonderfully comfortable space.

And yet, everyone was a victim, with everyone being a perpetrator of their own volition.

But here, we didn’t do that.

I, too, wouldn’t need school if I could keep working with these members.

“Miina-chan had such a past! You should be more honest with yourself, Miina-chan.
Yes, like Shisae!”

“You should think more about the other person.
Even when I was with Kiriha, people were annoyed with me because I didn’t think about their feelings.”

“Eh, so I should just take my clothes off with the other person in mind?”

“Why would you do that!?”

Just when I was in an emotional mood, it was ruined.

“No, I just thought it would be best for you, Honey.”

“Stop it.
What do you think I am!?”

“Says Ecchi-chan who succeeded in using Apport with his erotic power.”

“Yes, Honey is ecchi.”

Before I knew it, Kiriha and Maya had returned.

“Ugh, you’re betraying me, Kiriha!?”

“I didn’t betray you.
I like ecchi Honey♪ I’ll give you a boobs pillow anytime you want♪”

When I posed for a chop, Kiriha quickly head-butted me.
She looked so happy, her eyes squeezed shut.

“If Shisae is so annoying, why does Honey always hang out with Shisae? Is it because of work? Do Shisae and Honey have a dry, business-like relationship!? Or is it just because you can talk to a girl with big boobs!? Honey, are you a boobs fanatic!?”

“I feel nothing but malice!”

I replied with a fed-up sigh since prolonging the situation would do me a hundred harm, not one gain.

“I’m just saying this because you and I have the same taste in games, and it helps me to kill time when you talk to me at work when I’m free, and Shisae playing with animals is [cute], and I’m not good at anything except playing by myself, so it helps if you’re the initiator.
But that’s just me, and it’s annoying to the other people, so be careful…eh, what’s wrong?”

Shisae wriggled her hands on her cheeks.

Her fingertips poke me hard in the side.

“Ehehe~ Ehehehe~ After this Golden Week is over, Shisae can cook lunch for you.”

“That’s my job, you can’t do that.”

“Honey, you’re so popular.”

“If you make a mistake, you’re going to get burned by the hate.”

I laughed bitterly.


At that time, I saw someone who looked like Bando walking down the hallway next to the rest area.

When I noticed that person, our eyes met.

He had an unfamiliar shaved head and was wearing plain clothes, but he looked away unnaturally, so there was no doubt about it.

–A man going to an aquarium alone during Golden Week…….

Of course, I was not saying there was anything wrong with going alone.

However, Bando, who was always surrounded by his cronies and whose age was equal to his experience as a boss, was wandering around the aquarium alone, looking somewhat depressed.


In the evening, we were supposed to leave the aquarium and go back to our respective homes.

But unexpectedly, Shisae hugged me from behind.

“Honey-chan, Shisae wants you to teleport Shisae home.”

“You lazy girl.
I rarely use Teleport for transportation.”

Frankly speaking, if I had to use teleportation to go anywhere, I would be either obese or frail due to a lack of exercise.

Even though Kiriha and I didn’t match each other in terms of face deviation, we should at least match each other in body shape.

Otherwise, it would not just be Beauty and the Beast, but Beauty and the Monster.

“Honey-chan should be the one to give me a lift.
It’s a privilege for a girl who dated Honey.”

“All right, all right.
If you guys just give me your address, I can teleport everyone.”

“Oh, Honey-chan.
You’re so good at casually asking for a girl’s address like that, huh?”

“I’m not sending you home.”

“No~ don’t be cold to me.”

Shisae was getting more and more spoiled on my back.

“! Get away from me, you’re embarrassing me.”

There was a bulge in Shisae’s body that could not be ignored, so if she hugged me too tightly, I would be conscious of it.
It would be very bad if Maiko did Psychometry on me now.

“Then, Honey-san, may I ask you to teleport me as well?”

“Maya, too, please.”

“Then me too.”

After asking the three of them to show me their address information, I had them hide behind a sign and then teleported them to the front of their home.

I teleported them without thinking too much, but if there were passersby, they would have been surprised.

“Next, Shisae.”

“See you tomorrow~♪”

With a wave of her hand, Shisae disappeared.

A passerby, who was in a position to see the back of the sign, looked at us curiously for a moment.

“Okay, next is Miina.”

“No, I’m fine.”

With that, Miina shook her head.

“Why? Wouldn’t it be easier if Honey teleported you?”

“Yeah, that’s true.
I just felt like I didn’t want to go home right away.
I want to walk home.
Remembering the time I spent with everyone today.”

Miina said with a look of contentment on her face.

“Then, do you want to go back to the station together?”


Miina smiled and nodded adorably, her half-up hair swinging.

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Dawn's notes:

(In case you missed the previous chapter note)OH MY GOD, I'm so stupid.
I forgot to put an announcement about the change of character names in this novel.
I put the announcement in the locked chapter Instead of putting the announcement in the last released chapter.
I'm so very sorry about this mistake that I made.
I'm really, really sorry.
Also, after I updated all the names of the characters, I only found that Uchimine Miine name was the only name that spelled wrong.
The right name for Uchimine Miine will be shown below.
The announcement:
Yo guys, Apparently, I made a mistake spelling the name of a specific character in this novel.
The author gives the name summary in the next chapter.
I’ll leave the Japanese version so that if any of you guys know Japanese, please tell me if I’m wrong on the spelling of all the names.
So, yeah this is the right name for all characters that the author gives (except Bando.
I don't know why the author didn’t put Bando's name) :
Okui Ikuo 奥井育雄 (おくいいくお)
Naimine Miina 内峰美稲 (ないみねみいな) (The right name for Uchimine Miine)
Koimai Maiko 恋舞舞恋 (こいまいまいこ)
Esashi Shisae 枝幸詩冴 (えさししさえ)
Harikiri Kiriha 針霧桐葉 (はりきりきりは)
Arima Maria 有馬真理愛 (ありままりあ)
Yamami Maya 山見麻弥 (やまみまや)
Ryuzaki Sayuri 龍崎早百合 (りゅうさきさゆり)

So yeah, that’s all.
I think I’ll slowly correct all the wrong spelling names in the previous chapters.
Once again, I'm very very sorry for the change of name of the character again.

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