The Possibility of Teleport

Translated by Dawn


End of work that day.

When we returned to the MIC auditorium, I was going to greet Director Sayuri before leaving, but she had a difficult look on her face and was running her gaze through the air.

Perhaps she was reading a message on the AR screen visible only to the user.

I thought it would be a bad idea to talk to her, but Shisae, a girl who didn’t read the air, raised her voice.

“What’s wrong with your difficult face, Sayuri-chan?”

–Calling her Sayuri-chan is a bit… Even though the other party is a bureaucrat of a country…….

Since she was so frank, I was also rather familiar with her, but I didn’t dare to call her “Sayuri-chan.”

However, Director Sayuri didn’t seem to mind and turned to us.

“We have a problem with fuel.
Japan has seven months’ worth of oil in reserve, enough to last until October, but the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) say that the price of petroleum products has begun to rise because of the uncertainty from November onward.
If things continue as they are, people will start hoarding oil as they did during the oil crisis.”

With her dignified good looks troubled, Director Sayuri folded her arms and stroked her chin.

“Can’t oil be made with Miine’s ability?”

“Unfortunately, my ability is not all-purpose.”

Miine raised her eyebrows apologetically.

“With my ability, I can’t combine a few atoms and molecules.”

“In other words, you can make gold nuggets by combining only gold atoms, but you can’t combine oxygen and hydrogen to make water?”

“Yes, because the main ingredient of petroleum is a hydrocarbon, a compound of carbon and hydrogen.
I am sorry for my lack of training.”

“No, no, if Miine apologizes, I, the cab driver, will get down on my knees and burn myself.
Rather, Miine is the one who makes the most money.
I have zero productivity.”

“There, there, Honey, don’t be so depressed.”

When I got a little negative, Kiriha called Maikoi.

“Is Maikoi here? If so, I’d like you to come over here for a minute.”

Maikoi, followed by Maya and Maria, came walking toward us from among the students who were reporting their results to the staff.

“What is it, Kiriha-san?”

“Can you do psychometry on Honey’s ability for a moment? Maybe you can find another use for honey’s teleportation.”

“By that, do you mean like Apport?”


When Maiko tilted her head, Kiriha tilted her head with her.

“When I first started psychometry on Honey, I found out that with training, he can not only teleport objects but can also call objects from far away.”

“That’s amazing.
Hey, Honey, why don’t you use it to import oil from the underground?”

Immediately, the expressions on everyone’s faces suddenly changed.

“That’s good.
With that method, we can extract only oil without building mining facilities.”

Miine agreed with Director Sayuri in a more forceful tone.

“Also, it doesn’t matter what the content or concentration is, does it?”

“Yeah? What do you mean, Miine?”

“As is the case with all underground resources, a vein is not a pool of resources.
There are exceptions, of course, but most of them contain large amounts of impurities that need to be refined.”

“Is that so? I thought oil wells were like hot springs, you dig them up and they come out like a spray.”

“It’s not oil, but crude oil, which is full of impurities, and there are oil sands, which is a stone oil field that contains crude oil.
There are many oil fields and mines in Japan, but they are all unprofitable because of their low resource content, or concentration per ton.”

“But with Ikuo Okui’s Apport, it may be possible to Apport only the oil after refining without regard to such profitability.”

“Oh, Honey-chan is amazing!”

As Maya walked up to me a bit past the excited Shisae and pulled my hem silently.

“W-what is it, do you want me to crouch down?”

I squatted down, and Maya began to stroke my head with her small hands.

“Good boy, good boy Honey-san.”

“No, I haven’t done anything yet…….”

However, Maya is cute, so I’ll leave it at that.

But if such a thing were really possible, I would wish for it.

If I could solve the fuel problem with my help, I wouldn’t have to worry about being a cab driver anymore.

“But is it alright?”

Maria adds in a calm voice, watering the place down. (+)

“If you do that, you could, in the extreme, steal money from a safe.
Too much power makes people suspicious.
If Honey-san is considered dangerous by the government……”

Everyone’s faces, which had been so excited earlier, were depressed.

“What’s with the gloomy look on your faces? All you have to do is Psychometry me every day after work, right?”


Maikoi makes a hysterical voice.

“If that doesn’t work, you can Psychometry me twice or even three times a day, on the condition that Mai Koi is not “stealing” from me.

When I turned the water to Director Sayuri, she nodded. (+)

“I guess so.
Mm, let’s do that whenever I hear something from upper management.”

“A-ah, no matter how much we’re going to do that, if I ever did something wrong……”

“No, but if you think about it, it’s not that bad, is it? Even if you know my bank PIN, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have my cash card.
Besides, even if she reads my e-mail account or password by mistake, Maikoi wouldn’t do anything wrong, right?”

“What? PIN? Password?”

“What? What you’re not going to do something bad if you know about all of that right?”

Maikoi’s face instantly turned red up to her ears and tears welled up in her eyes.

“~~~~! T-t-that’s right, isn’t it! That’s usually the case, yeah, sorry I said something weird.”

After mumbling, she slumped down, put her hands to her face, and said, “Uhhhhhh, I’m so stupid,  stupid, stupid.” What was Maiko expected to read?

While Maiko was being held around the waist by Maya and patted on the head by Maria to cheer her up, Director Sayuri took a step closer to me.

“If we could use your Apport, I’d like to see you order some methane hydrate, as well as oil.”

“What’s that?”

“It is a solid substance containing large amounts of natural gas.
It emits half the amount of carbon dioxide as petroleum and is environmentally friendly.
It’s buried in the seas around Japan, but we can’t drill properly because the undersea is in the way.”

“How much are the reserves?”

“Even if the recovery rate is one-third, it is equivalent to 120 trillion yen, or 100 years of domestic natural gas consumption.
However, the current technology is limited to extracting 1.5 trillion yen worth of natural gas per year.”

I was mildly excited by the sheer grandeur of the number.

“If we can uproot it using Apport, even by simple arithmetic, Japan will not have a problem with natural gas for the next 300 years, right? In 300 years, new energy sources may be used to replace natural gas.
But we can export it, and more importantly, we can have peace of mind that we won’t have to worry about it for 300 years.”

“Mm, it’s a great way to ease the public’s anxiety.”

As Director Sayuri nodded her head, Kiriba made a tight fist and got fired up.

“Okay, then, I’m going to start the special training for you today, Honey.”

“I’ll help you, too.”

“Special training? Like, how do you develop your abilities?”

“That’s why we have to train you, Honey.
We’re going to try to use the apport, as the word is.”

With a sexy smile, Kiriha crossed her arms under her breasts and bounced them up and down.

“You want my bra, don’t you?”

“…eh? Eeeh!?”

I froze hot when I realized what the words meant.

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