Continuation of the Riajuus

Translated by Dawn


“Hey, Okui, is that you who’s been acting carried away lately?”

A group of seven slender, good-looking men and women entered the classroom in a gaggle.

The colors of their uniform ties and ribbons indicated that they were all first-year students.

They all looked like they could have been magazine models.

If the top-ranking first-year students in terms of beauty were gathered together, a group like this could be formed.

But their expressions were uniformly frowning and threatening me.

I didn’t glare at them either, but my tone became more aggressive.

“I’m not getting carried away, but Okui is me.”

Not that I was getting carried away, but I wanted to tell them that I felt so different from everyone else that I even had a sense of inferiority.

“You’re getting carried away, aren’t you?”

“Who do you think you are, always monopolizing Uchimine-san?”

“Listen, Uchimine-san isn’t yours.”

–If you say that, she’s not yours either.

“You know, guys, this is not–“

“Sit down, Uchimine-san.”

“Yeah, yeah.
Let’s just do the talking, all right?”

Two students interrupted Miine with flirtatious looks.

Meanwhile, a taller, more visible student closed the distance with me, circled me as I sat at my desk, and looked down at me as if he was judging me.

This was a common move used by vicious people.

They blame one person in a clique.

They surround the target from a high vantage point.

By doing so, they gain mental superiority and have the effect of making the target shrink.

Vicious people know by instinct that this is the most effective way to achieve their goals.

“I don’t like people with abilities.
Do they think they’re special because they can do things differently from other people, or do they think they’re God’s chosen special people?”

“Or they think they’re the hero of a battle manga.
It’s gross.
How long are you going to be influenced by manga? How old are you? You’re in high school and you think this world is a manga with you as the main character?”

Miine is also a gifted person, but these guys must be really stupid. No, they are idiots.

Malicious people tend to be too forward in their desire to [attack the other party] and don’t think about the consistency of their words.

They don’t care if they are incoherent, whether their logic is broken or contradictory, as long as they can attack their opponents anyway.

“You people with abilities think you’re evolved superhumans, but you’re not.
A supernatural ability is just an individuality, the same as being a little faster or a better singer.”

“It’s no different than a baseball player saying he is an evolved new species who is good at batting.
Who do you think you are, always looking down on us like you’re some big shot since you were a kid?”

–Ah, so that’s how it is.

In short, these guys were envious.

You could train for study or sports if you put in the effort.

However, you couldn’t get supernatural powers.

That was why they were so envious of those with supernatural powers.

So, they try to preserve their pride by looking down on supernatural powers and supernatural people, making them out to be evil and condescending.

Perhaps it was a manifestation of their warped desire for conquest that they stalked Miine.

If they had a chance to have a relationship with Miine one day and to be able to do what they want with her body, they would fulfill their desire for domination and pride by saying, “I brought that supernatural man to his knees.”

“Hey, say something.”

“Or are you too scared to speak?”

It was troublesome to deal with idiots.

They never listen to reason, and they always say in a loud voice, “Anyway, I am right and you are wrong, so apologize.
So apologize to me.”

However, if I let them get any worse and touch me, Kiriha would not keep quiet.

Kiriha already had a terrible killing intent in both eyes and a faint light flickering on the tip of her five fingers.

Before that happens, let’s teleport these guys somewhere.

But if I did that without being violated, they might scream loudly that they were violated by supernatural power and play the victim.

–Ah, it’s really annoying to deal with idiots.
That’s why I don’t want to have anything to do with these guys and I was a solo person.

My parents and teachers forced me to get along with everyone, but I remember my blood bubbling all over with anger at the adults who didn’t know what it meant to get along with these guys.

–I don’t think this is the time to be reminiscing about old stories, right? Let’s just speak up and make a good argument.

“Hey guys, don’t say such horrible things to my friends.”

Just before I opened my mouth, Miine said in a tone of admonishment.

Before anyone else could interject, Mina began to move her mouth cheerfully and articulately.

“I’ve always hated people with abilities, and that’s the way they’ve always looked at me.
I thought everyone was nice to me, but I’m disappointed.
Besides, Okui-kun didn’t know that he was a person with abilities until now, so his values are the same as everyone else’s, but to accuse him of making false accusations on your own is just wrong.
And to surround the other party like that, looking down on them and pressuring them is as good as threatening them.
Why do you do such a mean thing?”

“What’s the matter, Uchimine, why are you taking our side rather than this guy’s?”

“I’m taking Okui-kun’s side right now.
Because Okui-kun is being bullied unilaterally.”

The group was instantly dismayed by Miine’s assertion as if it were water on a plank.

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