Eh? You Were An Unreliable Type?

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn


After school, I teleported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications with Uchimine and Kiriha before heading to the sea.

Since she was assigned to watch over me, Kiriha seemed to know what Uchimine was doing, so there was no problem.

“Who are you sending next?”

Back in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications auditorium, Kiriha asked.

“It’s the police team.
We are going to send out Detection, Thoughtography, and Psychometry users to the police stations around the country.”

“Oh, Okui-kun, can we go with you?”

Koimai and the others step forward from among the students.

Standing on either side of Koimai were Maya Yamami, a petite, lovely girl with black hair pulled back in a two-sided updo, and Maria Arima, a tall, cool beauty with bluish hair pulled back in a chignon.

Yamami had the Detection ability, and Arima had the Thoughtography ability.

In the hands of these three women, any difficult case could be solved like twisting a baby’s hand. +

“Are? Who’s that beautiful girl over there?”

“This is the person the Director Sayuri was talking about.
She’s my bodyguard, the surveillance officer for me.”

“Eh!? A girl!?”

“I’m surprised too.”

“Everyone but me wanted to be a politician’s bodyguard.”

“I’m not popular, though.”

Well, if you were going to do the job anyway, you might as well do it with someone who could mount your classmates as much as possible. +

Guarding someone with the same abilities wouldn’t be something to brag about at school.

“Hmm? Would you have preferred that it wasn’t me?”

“No, you don’t seem like a bad person, so I’m rather relieved.”

It was uncomfortable to be stuck with a girl, but it was far better than being watched by a macho military man with sunglasses and a skinhead hairstyle.

“But, I just don’t like to be teased, so don’t do too many pranks on me.”

For example~?”

“Hey, you’re too close.”

“You’re blushing, aren’t you?”

In a very teasing tone of voice, Kiriha closed the distance between us.

Her ample breasts were a little squished when they touched my chest.

As I looked down and gulped at the sight of that, a sidestep came in.

“Do not approach Okui-san any further.
He is troubled.”

It was Maria Arima, the cool beauty, who raised her voice.

She was a cool beauty with bluish hair known as a color of a crow with wet feathers, which had been called the ideal beauty for Japanese women since ancient times, and was pulled into a chignon hairstyle as anime heroines often do.
Her mature beauty, full of noble dignity, was equally as good as that of Kiriha.

–Good one, Arima.
Keep on debunking this little devil with your adult insight.

Arima spoke calmly, but with a strong will, as if she was trying to teach her a lesson.

“From what I see, you are very beautiful and have ample breasts.”

–Yes yes….yes?

“If you approach him, Okui-san, who will turn 16 this year and has a voracious sexual desire, will have his hypothalamus stimulated, his sexual desire will increase, the frontal lobe, which controls reason, will slow down, and he may show the ugliness that comes from youthful impulsiveness.
So please stay away.
Right, Okui-san?”

She turned to me with a straight face and gave me a thumbs up.

I slumped my shoulders heavily in disappointment.

–You were an unreliable type with that face huh?

“If so, shouldn’t you stay away from Ikuo, too?”

Arima shook her head at Kiriha’s somewhat challenging tone.

“No, an unsociable woman like me would never attract a man’s interest.
I think it is women like you who are loved by men, who look good with a smile on their face.”

“Haha, that’s the first time I’ve ever been complimented like that.
You are a nice girl.
You smell just like Ikuo.”

–What? Am I in the same league as this unreliable girl?

“It’s nice to be compared to someone as well-liked as Okui-san”

–Is this the kind of popularity that comes with being teased?

“Hee~ as expected, Ikuo is trusted by everyone.”

–Which ones do you mean by “everyone”? I would like to ask what “everyone” means in these situations.

“Yes, everyone always talks about what a wonderful person Okui-san is, mainly Maiko-san.”

“Fuya!? Maria, don’t say that.”

Arima looked back over her shoulder at Koimai and gave her a thumbs up.

–What was that follow-up on Koimai’s part?

“And what is Yamami doing?”

Before I knew it, a small Yamami was tucked under Kiriha’s breasts a bit, lifting Kiriha’s lower breasts with the top of her head.

“They are so, so big.”

Her eyes lit up and she breathed a muffled gasp.

“Stop it.”

By teleporting, I forced Yamami to move to my side.


“Ah, come on, stop it.
Don’t kick my shin.
Don’t hit the same spot with pinpoint accuracy!”

–What is this? Are people with supernatural abilities all idiots?

“You, can you stop touching my breasts?”

“You, can you stop doing that and just touch my boobs?”

Yamami jumped at Kiriha in zero seconds.

“Is that what you want?”

“My job is to protect you.”

–What is that way of protecting me?

Koimai then bowed her head.

“I’m sorry, my friend is, um, Harikiri Kiriha-san.”

“Are? Did I tell you my name?”

“No, I’m a person with Psychometry ability.
I can tell a person’s name and ability just by looking at them without touching them.”

Koimai’s words triggered a smile to disappear from Kiriha’s face.

Koimai looked down with a gaze as inorganic as glasswork, which made her shrink.

So I quickly noticed and apologized.

“Sorry, Kiriha.
I should have told her.
Koimai, Kiriha’s ability is a secret.”

“Eh!? Is that so!? Sorry, I try not to use my abilities as much as possible, but I often use my vision to confirm their names.”

In a flurry of words, Koimai apologized.

Kiriha, on the other hand, looked terribly cold and took a breath.

“It’s okay.
It will all come out one day anyway.
I’ll explain it to you.”

Fiddling with the ends of her flaxen hair, Kiriha folded her arms and began to speak in a resigned tone.

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