n advance, they will use a foot-operated machine that can produce a jet stream for a certain period of time…

The substitute currency tokens can also be used at other stores and facilities too…

Then there are training rooms, rest areas, restaurants, sweets shops, bars, and much more.

Prices are, of course, “touristy”.

Umumumu… Sounds lucrative.

The overall design should be considered in reference to Japanese super public bathhouses…

The building will be built with the technology here, and only a small part of the equipment inside will be made on Earth.

Of course, we don’t use rubber or plastic or anything like that, just leather, wood, and simple metal parts, so the repairs and such can be managed with the technology here.

I wonder if there’s a place that would take a job like that……

“…So, what’s the situation!” (Iris)

Ah, I was thinking to myself again.

But everyone in the Bozes family knows that I go into deep contemplation from time to time, so they won’t get mad at me.

“We are currently working on various internal facilities.
Please be patient……” (Mitsuha)

Yeah, the cosmetics are going well, so Iris-sama is not that much in a hurry to rush the construction of the super public baths.
I guess she just wanted to check on the status a bit since there has been no tangible progress.

The strong way to say it is… well, that’s just the way she is, I guess.

So if I explain properly, there’s nothing more to say.

Except when she’s in her rage mode, Iris-sama is not the kind of person to say anything too reckless or unreasonable.

“…And, as for rum and other alcoholic beverages…” (Marquis Bozes)

“That’s after the sugar cane cultivation gets on track!” (Mitsuha)

In a topic like this, Marquis-sama is more persistent than Iris-sama, who quickly steps back when he hears a satisfactory explanation…

I guess that’s not a bad idea, because I think about the management of the territory and the improvement of the lives of the people in the territory……

After all, the production of rum equals the production of sugar, and both smell of huge profit…

Well, let’s go little by little.
Yeah, little by little……


…One day, a letter of appeal arrived at General Trade Mitsuha.

I see, you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? Well, neither do I!

The poor, clumsy letters spelled out on a few wooden letters.

Although, no matter how much I want to call it a wooden letter…

Even though it’s not so cheap, paper is still prevalent there, parchment and all.
Nowadays, wooden letters are already obsolete…

And the content of the letter is…

“Hey, what’s this about?” (Mitsuha)

Naturally, when I asked the person who brought it…

“It’s a direct appeal that went through formal procedures.” (Courier)

“Eeeeeh? A direct appeal is a barbaric act that ignores the rules, where a lowly and timid person ignores the procedure and directly passes the appeal to a very high person, isn’t it? Anyone who does so will be sentenced to death…” (Mitsuha)

“Eh? What are you talking about?” (Courier)

“Eh?” (Mitsuha)


Thanks, I guess.
Although I’m not sure we’re on the same page.

“Anyway, I’ve certainly handed it over to you! Regarding the direct appeal, it’s forbidden to mention anything about the client.
Therefore, I can’t say anything.

I don’t need a signature to confirm receipt or complete the request.
That’s the way it is.
And whether you read it or throw it away, that’s up to you.

Now then!” (Courier)

After saying that, the courier heads for the door.

“Ah, hey, wait a second!” (Mitsuha)

I tried to stop him by saying that, but I don’t think he’ll really wait for me.

Well, it’s just a formality.


The courier stopped and turned to face me.

And then…

“Please help those children, Hime Miko-sama…” (Courier)

After saying that, he bowed deeply and ran away.

It’s no secret that I don’t like to be treated as Hime Miko-sama, spoken in honorifics, and ridiculously polite, so the courier spoke to me normally.

That was the last time I saw him……

And what should I do? This direct appeal…

Okay, when in doubt, call for help!

“Summon! The know-it-all, Sabine-chan!!” (Mitsuha)

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