Unlike the people up to that point, Beatrice-chan is quite intelligent, so it seems that she and Sabine-chan got along quite well… Even if they’re three years apart.

It’s unlikely that any child of the same age would be able to come between the two of them.
Because of their intellectual level, the others probably won’t keep up in conversation.



Once, Beatrice-chan thought that Sabine-chan had been taken by me, or I was taken by Sabine-chan, she was stunned or even appalled.
But, come to think of it, isn’t that impossible?

Like, if my lover becomes friends with my best friend and they both go hand in hand…

Oh hell, no!


Aahh, I’m so sorry Beatrice-chan, I’m so sorry……

I should probably make up for that time… so, let’s just call it an extensive service at the debutante ball.

It’s not a good idea to spoil a child too much!!

…Well, since her debutante ball ended and made her social debut, Beatrice-chan already became a splendid adult, huh…


And I, for one thing, am still considered a minor externally.

I’ve been this way for two years, so it’s about time for me to lose my husk, but…

…That’s right, I’m so thin!

Even so, no one can talk behind my back if I say it’s because I used a lot of my life force for this country!

Ha~a ha~a…….


Anyway, at the very least, there’s no force within the country that is hostile to “Sorority”… No, they can be hostile, I just don’t think they have enough power.

After all, in a normal country, all of the forces that would be at odds with each other in a power struggle (royalty, aristocrats, the religious symbol, and the national hero) are involved.

Moreover, many of the girls who are promising as domestic marriage partners belong to it.

……And that is that.

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it, my army?


Also, let’s select those who can be useful among the members, assign them jobs, and collect information.

…Somehow, I feel like I’m going overboard with Sabine-chan’s future entourage candidates, but well, I don’t mind it.

Sabine-chan acts as a liaison between ‘Sorority’ and the royal palace, and ‘Sorority’ acts as a support group for Sabine-chan.
It’s a give and take kinda thing…

If a marriage proposal that Sabine-chan doesn’t like comes along, I’ll crush it with the full power of “Sorority”!



Oh, by the way, there was a “Sorority”-esque circle in the Vanel Kingdom of the New Continent, called “Society”…

It’s essentially the same, but, well, it doesn’t matter.

The language is different, and in the first place, I don’t see that circle surviving until the beginning of the exchange between the two continents.

…I’m pretty sure it won’t last a year and will disintegrate in mid-air.


A social gathering where only those with power, connections, and money are gathered together, and not a single person is willing to contribute expenses or labor without compensation, where power relations and positions are determined by parental titles and factions.

I can’t imagine any girl in a lower position wanting to participate in such a thing.

Since the girls are from the middle to high class, the “lower position,” are considered as the daughters of Counts or something.
It’s hard to believe that those girls would put up with being jawboned by the daughters of Marquis and Dukes.

At first, they will be forced by their parents to participate, but they will soon refuse to come.

And once the lower ranks are gone, the middle-ranked ones will be treated as lower ranks by the higher ranks.

I wonder if they can keep it up for half a year.


And if exchanges with the New Continent were to begin a few years down the line, the Old Continent’s ‘Sorority’ and the New Continent’s ‘Society’ would form a sister organization and contribute to the goodwill between the two continents…

Yep yep, my dreams are getting bigger and bigger!

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